February 2015

Innovative Plumbing Products from Poole’s Plumbing

by raleigh plumbers on February 20, 2015

Specializing in bringing you the latest and most innovative designs to help you find the look you desire and to help you cut costs,  Poole’s Plumbing, the most trusted name in Wake County NC plumbers, can offer you the finest new Innovative Plumbing Products from Moen for your kitchen, bathroom, and any spot in your home at a great price.

Innovative Plumbing Products

The Moen brand is one of the most well-known and trusted manufacturers in the industry, and using the latest in plumbing technology, their Innovative Plumbing Products in the kitchen, such as the “Motion Sense” and “Reflex” faucets can bring you added convenience with a great look. With the “Motion Sense” model, turning on the faucet is made easy, as it detects the movement of your hand, while the “Reflex” unit increases your range of motion while also offering a great self retracting feature as well.

Adding to making life around the house a bit easier, are Moen’s latest finishes on their Innovative Plumbing Products, such as the “Spot Resistant Stainless Finish” on its faucets. This finish resists both water spots and fingerprints, and the “Microban” models feature antimicrobial protection, with both of these faucet types giving you less of a need to clean and this more time to do the things that are important to you.

Shower innovation is another Moen specialty, as the popular “ioDIGITAL” unit, will find you using a remote to turn your shower and bath into a personal spa. The “Halo” shower head design offers the ultimate in both comfort and coverage, while the “Immersion” head is untouched when it comes to a full body shower experience.

These latest products and others that can be seen at Moen.com are just a few of the new and Innovative Plumbing Products that Wake County NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing specialize in installing that can make your life a bit easier and more relaxing in any room across your home.

Conserve and Save with Energy Star Certified Products

by raleigh plumbers on February 10, 2015


The professional and knowledgeable Wake County NC green plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing can help you conserve and save by installing Energy Star Certified Products in your home, helping you to lower your energy bills and not be wasteful of water usage in the process.

With a huge array of Energy Star Certified PEnergy Star Certified Productsroducts available from any of the many top names in plumbing whose products are offered through the Wake County NC green plumbers at Poole’s, your savings are simply an inquiry away. For example choosing an Energy Star certified dishwasher can get you great results while using less water and energy, and while only costing you $35 a year in operational costs. Likewise a clothes washer carrying the EnergyStar label will give you larger tub capacity, thus cutting down on the number of loads you wash, while utilizing 35 percent less water and energy than the common washing machine.

For more information on Energy Star Certified Products like these, which are carried by the Wake County NC green plumbers at Poole’s, visit energystar.gov.

Cutting Energy Costs with Hot Water Recirculation

by raleigh plumbers on February 3, 2015

The Raleigh commercial and residential plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing specialize in the installation of many hot water systems that can help with Cutting Energy Costs. One option that is worth your consideration when looking to save money is a hot water recirculation system.

There are several types of recirculation systems, with the demand hot water system working in such a way that when this unit is started, cooled water that has been sitting in your hot water line is pushed back into your water heater through the cold water line, thus, saving you’re the time and waste of running that water until it is warm. This saves you energy and water, as with this system, the pump simply turns off once your water’s temperature reaches its desired level.

In an integrated loop system, your hot water is recirculated intermittently. This type of system returns the unused hot water to your water heater through the cold water pipes, again conserving your water usage.

Many of the pros and cons of a hot water recirculation system can be seen at energystar.com, and if these systems are the right fit for you to maximize your time and help you with Cutting Energy Costs, the Raleigh Plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing are the only choice for installation.