March 2015

The latest and most efficient method in Drain Cleaning, Sewer Line Cleaning and maintenance that can save you money in the long run is Hydrojetting. Raleigh certified plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing specializes in this method, which actually uses the force of water to not only open clogs and buildup in your lines, but also scours the interior of the drain piping which restores full to the sewer or drain line.

A simple three step process by the Raleigh certified plumbers at Poole’s can have your sewer line flowing freely and cleaned out like no rooter possibly could do. By utilizing the Hydrojetting process, you will be getting a much longer lasting maintenance option, as whether you are at a commercial or residential location you will not need this clearing process done as frequently. Also, instead of just punching a hole through the build up as a cable-type rooter would do, Hydrojetting utilizes its water stream to scour the sewer line and remove debris and sludge, opening up more capacity within the line. While the initial process may cost a bit more, Hydrojetting will save you in the long run as you simply will not need to have a Drain Cleaning or Sewer Line Cleaning as frequently as you would using the conventional rooter method. On average, the typical time before the next required maintenance to a sewer line is around four times longer than with cable-type rooter services. Another advantage to hydrojetting over using a rooter is that by jetting you simply clear out more debris from the line. While it isn’t a permanent solution, the powerful stream will get rid of anything from grease buildup to tree roots which cause your line to flow slowly.

The next time you need aDrain Cleaning or Sewer Line Cleaning, whether at your place of business or at your home, be sure to ask the expert Raleigh certified plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing about the next generation of drain cleaning, hydrojetting.

Raleigh NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing specializes in bringing you the latest innovations for all of your plumbing needs, using the newest product from the most trusted names in the industry, including Kohler, which has introduced many convenient and efficient advances in their huge line of faucet choices for your home.

A great kitchen faucet can help you to get the small things you need done and move on to the things that really matter, and with some of the new features on a variety of the latest offerings from Kohler can get you on your way to an easier time in the kitchen. On new feature is Kohler’s “Sweep Spray.” According to, this features “specially angled nozzles that create a forceful blade of water designed to sweep away stuck-on food from your dishes. With the push of a button, your faucet’s standard stream spray transforms to a powerful stream that makes kitchen clean up a breeze.”

Kohler-Faucet-Innovations- Poole's Plumbing

Another great new feature on many Kohler model faucets, available through the most trusted name in Raleigh NC Plumbers,  is the “DockNetik Magnetic Docking System.” This is described at their website as “pull-down kitchen faucets that have specially positioned magnets within the faucet body. These magnets securely lock the spray head into place when you are not using it, preventing the spray head from dropping.”

The Raleigh NC plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing are a licensed dealer of all Kohler faucets and products in addition to the latest innovative items from many other of the most trusted names in plumbing. For more information on faucets featuring the “Sweep Spray” and “DockNetik Magnetic Docking System,” as well as the models that these features are available on check out their website at under “Faucet Innovations.”

Repair or Replace your Water Heater

by raleigh plumbers on March 11, 2015

Best in the area for water heater repair and installation, the Wake County NC water heater specialists at Poole’s Plumbing can get you going in  the right direction whether your current unit needs to be fixed or you need a brand new heater, but many may question how they know whether it’s time to Repair or Replace your Water Heater.

ultra_rucMost water heaters have a life span of about 10-13 years, and if there is a need for repair at that point, it may be wisest to replace the older unit, as the latest models are around 20 percent more efficient and can actually save you in the neighborhood of $700 annually. If your tank has not quite reached that age, some things to look for that may have gone wrong and would call for repair are your burner or heating element, the thermostat, or valve sticks. Also, you may see the circuit breaker on an electric heater trip or the pilot light could go out.


The Wake County NC water heater specialists at Poole’s can fix any of these issues for you at the best price in the area and in short order. Likewise, if there is the need for replacement, they can certainly direct you that way, too, with countless options for either tankless water heaters or conventional tank-type units for you to choose from. So, whichever way you discover is the best route for you, the Raleigh Plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing can help you to professionally decide whether to Repair or Replace your Water Heater.