Can You Save with High Efficiency Electric Water Heaters?

Just as the Poole’s Plumbing name has become the most respected and trusted name in Raleigh NC plumbing, they have also earned the reputation as the “go-to” for installation, servicing and repair of any type of water heater. Whether tankless or your conventional model, the experts at Poole’s have a “best price guarantee” on all of their water heater services, striving to save you more while providing the most efficiency possible.

High Efficiency Electric Water HeatersMany folks have tried in the more “modern age” of water heater technology to steer clear from the pricier and less efficient electric models that have historically been known to make one’s electric meter readings skyrocket. The term High Efficiency Electric Water Heaters may almost seem an oxymoron to some, however for those who aren’t aware, several years ago, there was a hybrid heat pump water heater introduced that has made the term High Efficiency Electric Waters Heaters no longer a fantasy.

Given the long standing tradition of your electric bill going through the roof due to having an electric unit, the first thing one may ask is, “How exactly do these High Efficiency Electric Water Heaters work?” At an average operating price of only about 60 cents per day, the once unthinkable High Efficiency Electric Water Heaters are at least worth consideration.

In actuality, most major water heater manufacturers do now make some type of High Efficiency Electric Water Heaters. How these hybrid heat pump type water heaters work is as follows: they pull hot air in, intensifying the heat and trnsfering to the water. In a nutshell, the heat pump does the work and helps heat the water before the electrical element even has to do any of the work. In many of the newer model High Efficiency Water Heaters, there is also smart controls that allow for you to create a schedule or the unit will actually do this on their own based upon the patterns of your usage.

While the initial cost of these High Efficiency Electric Water heaters can be a bit higher than other units, over a longer period of time, they can save you do to said efficiency. Whether this is the water heater option you wish to explore or whether you would like to look at the popular tankless models, Poole’s Plumbing is the number one water heater specialists

Conservation is Just a Flush Away with Sterling’s High Efficiency Toilets

With several models of High Efficiency Toilets to choose from, the most trusted name in Raleigh NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing can deliver exactly the water conservation that you have been looking for with the installation of a Sterling “Dual Force” toilet.

High Efficiency Toilets

Providing an unparalleled combination of water conservation and exceptional performance, the “Dual Force” technology of Sterling’s High Efficiency Toilets is exactly what you may be looking for in trying to keep the water usage down in your bathroom, while still getting the quality, look, and comfort you’ve come to know from any Kohler brand bathroom appliances.

Offering two separate models with its revolutionary “Dual Force” features, the Karsten and the Rockton, Sterling gives you the option on both of either having a round front or elongated bowl.

The Karsten model, is described at, saying that this model “excels at saving water without compromising tremendous bulk flushing capabilities.” Continuing on to speak of its stylish design, it explains, “The contemporary style of Karsten makes this toilet a perfect choice for baths inspired by sleek, streamlined decorating schemes.”

The website likewise speaks the praises of the Rockton model High Efficiency Toilets, complimenting this model for its “unprecedented water conservation and reliable performance” as well. As with the aforementioned model the Rockton also offers consumers a great design that “with a clean and understated aesthetic…compliments any bathroom décor.”

Both of these “Dual Force” High Efficiency Toilets are very user friendly and simple to operate. Utilizing a two-button actuator that is integrated into the id of the tank these High Efficiency Toilets flush either 1.6 gallons or .8 gallon. The .8 gallon “Dual Flush” option is for light waste or liquid is estimated to save the average household up to 25,000 gallons of water per year, while in being assisted by a flapperless valve and a large trapway for the removal of bulk waste in a single flush, the 1.6 gallon setting completely eliminates water being wasted by needing to repeatedly flush.

The most trusted name in Raleigh NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing, can offer you tips on water conservation in addition to installing your new High Efficiency Toilets like the Sterling models detailed above. For more details on “Dual Force Technology” and all the other great Sterling products, visit