April 2018

Water Conservation in the Bathroom

by raleigh plumbers on April 14, 2018

Everyone would like to save on costly water and utility bills each month, and through several easy and simple checks and steps that can be done and followed for Water Conservation in the Bathroom, the professional Raleigh plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing can help you get on the path to saving.

Water Conservation in the Bathroom

The first area to touch upon to help with Water Conservation in the Bathroom is your shower and bathtub. To begin here, a simple check of your showerhead would be in order. Aiming the head at a one-gallon bucket and timing to see how long it takes to fill can tell you when it may be time for a replacement. If the bucket is filled in less that 20 seconds you will want to look at replacing it with a more efficient, low-flow showerhead. Not only are the low flow models great for Water Conservation in the Bathroom, they are inexpensive and easy to install, they can cut your usage by more than 500 gallons of water per week. This combined with keeping a close eye on the time you and other family members actually spend taking a shower and limiting it to 5 minutes can save on average another 1,000 gallons of water per month.

In the bathtub there are lso some very easily monitored step that can help you with Water Conservation in the Bathroom. For starters, using a plug before turning the water on as you adjust the temperature will help to avoid wasting water, as will having your very young children take a bath together rather than having to fill the tub and go through the entire process multiple times.

The toilet is an obvious spot in the bathroom where by just making sure all pieces and parts are operating correctly can get you on your desired path to Water Conservation in the Bathroom. The tank and flapper are both spots on the toilet that you want to check regularly to be sure they are functioning properly. The “food coloring” test is an easy way to be certain the tank isn’t leaking, as by putting a few drops in, you can tell it is leaking if the color seeps into the bowl. If there is a leak, it is an easy fix for the pros at Poole’s Plumbing and can conserve over 600 gallons per month. As for the flapper, checking on a consistent basis to sure it isn’t sticking will help with your Water Conservation in the Bathroom efforts. Also, if you hear a toilet flushing itself or constantly running, this also is more than likely an easily fixed leak and if not addressed could lead to wasting more than 500 gallons of water weekly. One last tip that may seem obvious, but can really help conserve is to put your tissues into the trash as opposed to flushing them down, as this also can add up with each wasted flush.

Water Conservation in the Bathroom

Lastly, monitoring your water usage at the sink can be another simple avenue to help with Water Conservation in the Bathroom. Again, these are common sense ways to save, as by just turning the faucet off while you brush your teeth, the average family of four would conserve about 200 gallons per week. Doing the same while shaving would save around 100 gallons a week as well. Much like recommended above with the toilets, when hearing a consistent drip from the faucet, having to problem rectified in a timely manner can also lead to big savings both with water and in your wallet.

Water Conservation in the Bathroom can be easily achieved and lead to you not wasting water or money unnecessarily. The plumbing experts at Poole’s Plumbing recommend these tips to you in beginning your conservation efforts and in Part Two of our water conservation articles will remind you of more simple ways to conserve water and money throughout the rest of the house.




Convenience and Style with Moen Kitchen Faucets

by raleigh plumbers on April 4, 2018

The most trusted name in Raleigh professional plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing, offers and installs the most innovative and highest quality products from your favorite brands, including the Moen Kitchen Faucets “Reflex” models, which give you a combination of convenience and style like no other.

Raleigh NC Plumbers


Advertised on the official Moen website as a product “Designed to Put Itself Away,” the “Reflex” model Moen Kitchen Faucets have a variety of features and are available in either “pull-down” or “pullout” faucets.

The “Reflex” Moen Kitchen Faucets feature self retracting action, as the hose once released after usage smoothly returns back and docks itself securely in its original position. The smooth and secure docking on these types of Moen Kitchen Faucets retracts from any angle or any distance, which you may use.

Through a thorough and extensive testing process actually done in the homes of real consumers, the designers and engineers at Moen arrived at the most easy to maneuver faucet that you could ask for. Additionally, the Reflex Moen Kitchen Faucets extend unlike any other faucets, making every day tasks much more simple for you, while never compromising the sleek design of either a pull down or pullout faucet that adds to the look of your kitchen.

The only real decision in selecting one of the Reflex Moen Kitchen Faucets depends on which style is right for you: Pulldown or Pullout? The advantages of each to help you in deciding which you’d like the Raleigh NC plumbing experts at Poole’s Plumbing to install are as follows:

Pulldown Faucets

  • Extra work space from the high arc spout gives you the most clearance for bulky pots
  • Available in a variety of style choices, including traditional, transitional and modern

 Pullout Faucets

  • Mid arc height clearance for filling large pots while still conserving space
  • Self-retracting and secure docking
  • A larger, ergonomic handle and aerated stream/spray pushbuttons at your finger tips

For a full listing and photos of the different choices in Moen Kitchen Faucets, visit their website at moen.com.