“We are delighted with Poole’s Plumbing! I know for a fact, that I flushed too many wipes down our commode. Poole’s found and cleared our immediate problem, but in the meantime, they discovered our sewer pipe had detached and separated from the main. They proposed a repair, and the price was fair enough, but beyond our budget at this time. But not to worry! The Poole’s professionals gave us lots of hints and ideas to keep our sewer flowing until the repair is in budget!

Thank you, Poole’s for helping us! We really appreciate your advice and counsel.
We’ll be back, and in the meantime, we will tell our friends how kindly we were treated!”

– Devorah Brehony

A survey done by Noritz America confirmed that the majority of Americans have expressed “shower frustration,” either due to a lack of hot water or low water pressure. Either of these issues can be easily rectified through consulting the Raleigh NC water heater specialists at Poole’s Plumbing on getting your home set up with a properly sized Tankless Water Heater.

According to the survey that Noritz conducted, the number one cause of frustrations among those polled is a lack of water pressure, which was cited by nearly one out of three (32 percent) respondents. 18 percent of those polled also expressed dissatisfaction with the length of time that their hot water lasts and another 18 percent showed displeasure with slow hot water.

Tankless Water Heater

Explaining why many with a conventional water heater as opposed to a properly sized Tankless Water Heater would be dealing with these frustrating issues, Noritz America marketing manager, Jason Fleming said, “Increased demand, such as frequent showers or simultaneous use of multiple hot water appliances, places a tremendous burden on conventional tank water heaters, which necessarily have a finite storage capacity to meet demand.” Offering a resolution to such issues, Fleming added, “A properly sized Tankless Water Heater, will never run out of hot water.”

In the same Noritz America survey, it was noted that the majority of Americans start their day with a shower lasting approximately 8 minutes, however, adding to the need for a consistent flow of hot water and the switch over to a Tankless Water Heater is the fact that almost a third of those polled stay in the shower for 13 minutes or longer.

Tankless Water Heater

Women are more likely to be taking a lengthier shower or bath than men are acoording to the data collected in the study, as it was found than about 19 percent spend over 16 minutes either in the shower or taking a bath. This was compared to only 11 percent of men taking 16 minutes or more for their morning showers. It was also noted that women are twice as likely to take a bath than a man would be in the same survey.

Also supporting a switch to a Tankless Water Heater was the fact that three out of five consumers surveyed expressed the fact that lowering their utility bills and saving energy would be the primary reasons for them considering replacing their water heaters. Considering a Tankless Water Heater on average can cut operation costs up to 40 percent as compared to the costs related to a conventional unit, if you are someone with “Shower Frustrations,” a call to the Raleigh NC water heater specialists at Poole’s Plumbing may be in order.

The most trusted name in Raleigh professional plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing, offers and installs the most innovative and highest quality products from your favorite brands, including the Moen Kitchen Faucets “Reflex” models, which give you a combination of convenience and style like no other.

Advertised on the official Moen website as a product “Designed to Put Itself Away,” the “Reflex” model Moen Kitchen Faucets have a variety of features and are available in either “pull-down” or “pullout” faucets.

The “Reflex” Moen Kitchen Faucets feature self retracting action, as the hose once released after usage smoothly returns back and docks itself securely in its original position. The smooth and secure docking on these types of Moen Kitchen Faucets retracts from any angle or any distance, which you may use.

Through a thorough and extensive testing process actually done in the homes of real consumers, the designers and engineers at Moen arrived at the most easy to maneuver faucet that you could ask for. Additionally, the Reflex Moen Kitchen Faucets extend unlike any other faucets, making every day tasks much more simple for you, while never compromising the sleek design of either a pull down or pullout faucet that adds to the look of your kitchen.

The only real decision in selecting one of the Reflex Moen Kitchen Faucets depends on which style is right for you: Pulldown or Pullout? The advantages of each to help you in deciding which you’d like the Raleigh NC plumbing experts at Poole’s Plumbing to install are as follows:

Pulldown Faucets

  • Extra work space from the high arc spout gives you the most clearance for bulky pots
  • Available in a variety of style choices, including traditional, transitional and modern

 Pullout Faucets

  • Mid arc height clearance for filling large pots while still conserving space
  • Self-retracting and secure docking
  • A larger, ergonomic handle and aerated stream/spray pushbuttons at your finger tips

For a full listing and photos of the different choices in Moen Kitchen Faucets, visit their website at moen.com.