Raleigh Plumbing Service Testimonials

“It’s after 5pm on Friday…where else would you get a company to install a water heater other than Poole’s Plumbing…”

“It's after 5pm on Friday...where else would you get a company to install a water heater other than Poole's Plumbing...just not gonna happen! After initiating the service at 11am, Ashley came by about 1pm to troubleshoot. Found defective water heater. He indicated they would install a new heater this afternoon...yea, right, and I'm a helicopter pilot! Not only do I have a new water heater installed by Tommy and Justin around 5pm, two very impressive gentlemen both in manners and professionalism, they cleaned up behind themselves.

Folks, that's customer service in which all companies could learn from. Thank you so much for the expedient service. Oh, I give copter rides daily!

- Edgar - Fuquay Varina Homeowner

“I always call Poole’s Plumbing.”

Installed anti-siphon hose to dishwasher drain as requested by buyers As always, these guys did a great job, quickly and were pleasant and professional to deal with. I always call Poole's Plumbing. I don't even think of calling anyone else. They deserve a Halo in my estimation.

- Name - Raleigh Homeowner

“Cleared all the slow drains”

Cleared all the slow drains. Replaced leaking sink faucet with one I supplied. Descaled thankless water heater. Removed and resealed leaking commode.

- Cass - Raleigh, NC Homeowner

“I could give them a halo if I could”

One of the tub faucets had gotten loose so Poole's Plumbing had to come in and they addressed that. He asked if we realized we had a leak under those 2 faucets. I thought it was just washing up out of the tub because it's a jetted tub and I thought that caused all those water marks. He said to make sure it's turned on all the way. They put a new one in and the problem is solved. It was like a cylinder delta and they just took out the cartridge and put a new cartridge in, and it was fixed. They are great guys. I hire them for everything. We did a flip house where we buy the house and fix it all up. It's not as easy as it looks on television. We had them come in and they took out the plumbing because we didn't take out all the cabinets, sinks, and countertops. They came back and did the plumbing, and they were just fantastic. They are just wonderful guys. I love them at a great level. I could give them a halo if I could.

- Suzanne - Cary, NC Homeowner

“Our experience with Poole’s Plumbing was very positive”

“Our under sink (and 40 yr old) plumbing had collapsed while we were washing some dishes on the evening of 5/1 and the pipes needed to be replaced. We called the morning of Friday 5/2 and had an appointment set up for the following Monday. We were also having an issue with not getting much, if any, hot water out of the kitchen sink. We had purchased a new kitchen faucet and had the plumber install it since he was there anyway to fix the pipes. The pipes were replaced and the new faucet installed - correcting our problems. The tech also gave some great advice regarding plumbing in general and specific questions we had about future repairs or replacements we are thinking about. Overall, we were pleased with Poole's Plumbing. Our experience with Poole's Plumbing was very positive, and I will definitely call them again for any future plumbing needs.”

- Skye - Raleigh Homeowner

“All I can say is wow……”

“ All I can say is wow…...start to finish I was very impressed with Poole's level of professionalism, responsiveness, and workmanship.

Our water heater went out on a Wednesday evening and we called Thursday morning to talk to someone about our options. We had an idea of what we wanted but needed to get a better idea of the cost to upgrade from what we had (a traditional water heater) to a hybrid model. I called at 7:30 and the phone was answered by a real live person (not an annoying phone tree), and she put the estimator on the phone to talk options. My husband and I considered everything overnight and he called Friday morning to see when they would be able to do a formal estimate. Within hours Scott was at our house to do a formal estimate and see if the taller water heater would fit in our crawl space. We were amazed that they could get to our house on Friday, and that as soon as Monday we could have hot water again.

Install - our appointment was set for Monday after Noon but the install guys called at 11:30 to see if they could come early (??when does that ever happen??). Both Joe and Jamie were great - very professional and hard working. They arrived and got down to business and everything seemed to happen seamlessly. Once the unit was installed, almost as if 'on cue,' the electrician arrived and just like that we had hot water again.

Overall I am very impressed with Poole's level of customer service - other contractors should take lessons. Like I said above, Start to finish the experience was great…..if you have to get a new water heater or have plumbing needs call Poole's!

On a side note, my neighbor's mother was out in her son's side yard trying to get rid (unsuccessfully) of some bamboo. The door to our crawl space is near his side yard, and when Joe saw her struggling he didn't hesitate to help. Such a nice thing to do.”

- Christina - Raleigh Homeowner

“Noticed leaking toilet on my way out the door to work”

“Noticed leaking toilet on my way out the door to work at 6am on a Friday. Not sure I could get someone out the same day and worried about going into the weekend. I left messages at 3 places - none called me back. Poole's Plumbing answered the phone at 7am and scheduled me for that morning. The repairman called to let me know he was on his way. He arrived when he said he would, quickly diagnosed my problem and let me know what the cost would be. The repair was made quickly and professionally. He cleaned up after himself. The cost was reasonable. I was extremely happy with the service I received and would definitely recommend them and use them again!”

- Jan - Raleigh Homeowner

“Great price, great service, very friendly & professional”

“Called Poole's Plumbing about replacing the main water line from the meter to under our house. They had someone come out the next morning to give us an estimate. We accepted their offer & a crew came out two days later. They were there at the promised time & were finished in less than two hours!!! Great price, great service, very friendly & professional and we would definitely choose this company again. Highly recommend this company. When the Wake Co inspector came out to approve the work he told me everything was PERFECT!!! Couldn't ask for anything more!”

- Jeanne M - Apex main water line replacement

“Faucet install… They arrived on time and immediately went to work”

“I thought the job went well. They arrived on time and immediately went to work. I had the faucet and they installed it perfectly. They had to cut a hole in the adjoining bedroom but I knew that was going to happen. What surprised me was where they did the cutting of the drywall and piping there was no debris. My carpet and surrounding furniture were spotless. The pricing was very good. I had other estimates going from $250 to $800 for the same job. The plumber who estimated $250 never got back to me after 3 tries so I went elsewhere. I went to the home show on Sept. 28 and Poole's was there, I spoke to the gentlemen and they gave me the price. The original price was $330 but I used a coupon for $25 they had posted. I have already gotten estimates for two more jobs for them to do. So far I am very happy with them.

- Carol C - Raleigh Home Owner

“There were no surprises”

“Tom and Joe were excellent. They were well prepared, knowledgeable, and informed me of how things would proceed. There were no surprises. Tom was kind enough to wait while I looked up and printed the Angie's List coupon. The last time I called a plumber it went nothing like this visit. Tom and Joe restored my confidence in being treated fairly by plumbers.”

- Brenda M - Raleigh Home Owner

“Click the easy button”

“We needed a toilet installed quickly. We called Poole's Plumbing, spoke with the nicest CSR, scheduled the appt and the next day it was done. The guys that did the install were nice, fast, and prompt. A salesman even followed up with us to make sure we were satisfied with all, which we most certainly were. Definitely a company to use and be able to trust. Prompt, courteous, affordable and fast makes Poole's Plumbing a no-brainer.”

- Rramey

“Clogged drain”

“Had a clogged drain that was flooding the basement. Set up an appointment for the afternoon. The guys called and got there early. Very courteous, and thorough. Highly recommend Poole's. ”

- Mick W.

“I will definitely recommend Poole’s”

“I made an appointment and they came on time, did a great job, and explained everything that they were doing. They made sure that everything was approved by me. They left everything clean. I hope I don't have to, but I will call them again when I need a plumber.”

- Dor

“Poole’s Plumbing – Awesome Work!”

“I had to get my kitchen faucet handle replaced as well as my bath room showeer fixtures replaced. Poole's was on time, professional even took their shoes off at the door. I would recommend Pooles in a heartbeat. Great job.”

- Cristi H.

“I was very pleased with Poole’s Plumbing”

“I was very pleased with Poole's Plumbing. They were on time and very knowledgeable about what they were doing. The price was reasonable and there were no hidden charges. The guys were very nice and cleaned up after the job. I was very satisfied with the work done and would recommend them to anyone who needs a plumber.”

- Anne R.

“Very happy with the service…”

“Very happy with the service I got with Poole's Plumbing. There prices were competitive and the service techs were impressive. For anyone looking for a hassle free plumber, call Poole's.”

- Bill D.

“Problems addressed and solutions offered”

“I had the following plumbing issues: - Hot water heater needed to be connected to drain pipe - Kitchen water pressure weak - Guest Bath fixtures not secure against shower enclosure - Master Bath hot water pressure weak; mixet shower valve not working properly Corrections made on the spot by Poole's Plumber: - Kitchen Water Pressure - removed build up - Installed fastener through enclosure opening securing guest bath fixtures (avoided having to cut into wall) - Fixed master bath pressure (valve was not all the way open) and replaced faulty mixet valve Proposed solution made by Poole's Plumber: - Install flood stop w/alarm. Avoids pulling up subflooring (much cheaper) I was very pleased with the work performed and the expertise offered.”

- Gary C. - Cary Homeowner

“No better choice”

“Very helpful. Always on time. Very professional. Always clean up after themselves. Always willing to answer questions or do more tasks than the original call. Wouldn't call any other plumber!”

- Copamundial - Raleigh Homeowner

“Poole’s plumbing saves my day and probably my home”

“Woke up on a recent Saturday morning to water running. Could not find in the house, and went outside to check the crawl space, and sure enough it was like a shower under there. Called Poole's plumbing's emergency # and Joe responded. It was at our house in 30 minutes and had the leak and pipe replaced within the hour. And it was on the otherside of crawl space with about 18" of clearance. Joe was amazing and it was a blessing just to speak to him afterwards. God Bless you guys. ”

- Chuck S. - Raleigh Homeowner

“Top Notch Organization”

"An exceptional organization. Larry and Tom arrived at my home promptly. They made sure not to track mud into my house. They were enthusiastic, professional and very courteous. They diagnosed the problem with my shower, fixed the malfunction, and my shower has never functioned better. Their prices are quite reasonable. I will not hesitate to utilize their services again. Highly recommended!"

Conrad D.

“Great solutions using a great product!”

Poole's was the only quote out of three I received for a tankless water heater that gave me better options of where it could be installed. They were able to install it in the crawl space closer to the water source giving us quicker hot water and no more worries about tanks in the attic. Estimate and installation was done by the same technicians who knew what they were doing. Great experience!

- Graph Raleigh Homeowner

“Very pleased with people and service”

I had used Poole's Plumbing in the past to replace old faucet fixtures with new ones. I was so pleased with the people and service that there was no question who to call for my latest plumbing needs. They didn't let me down and I won't hesitate to use them again.

- Sam Raleigh Homeowner

“I have HOT Water”

I asked Poole's Plumbing to come out and see how I can get hot water quicker to my master bathroom. It was taking two minutes for hot water to reach the bathroom. We discussed different ideas and ended up going with the Grundfos Comfort System. This system is working great. It circulates the water so I have immediate warm water at in my master bathroom. The service techs were very polite, knowledgeable, and did an excellent job.

- J. Adams Raleigh Homeowner

“Gary & Kevin did an excellent job with the plumbing repairs”

“Just wanted to say that Gary & Kevin did an excellent job with the repairs they did. Gary explained everything that needed to be done, included a rough estimate that was on target, and did an excellent job. Both my wife and I were pleased at their customer service. Thanks for sending out 2 smart and knowledgeable plumbers. Happy Holidays!”

- Michael Hauser - Homeowner

“I will definitely use their services for future plumbing projects”

“Showed up to do the wok a promised. I was fully informed of the cost of the job. The two workers did the job quickly and neatly. They were extremely pleasant. I will definitely use their services for plumbing projects in the future.”

- Helaine T. in Cary, NC Homeowner

“Great Experience!”

I needed to replace my water heater, so i called Poole's and the customer service was awesome! They were very helpful in determining what water heater i needed and gave me a quote over the phone for half the price of other companies i called. I got on schedule for the next day and the service techs that came out were very polite and able to answer all my questions. I would definitely recommend Poole's Plumbing to anyone who wants to have a professional job done for a competitive price.

- Raleigh homeowner

“Raleigh Install, Repair or Replace Plumbing or Fixtures”

Great service and great plumber too! He really knew what he was doing and the price was very reasonable too.

- James H.

“Install, Replace or Repair a Main Sewer Pipe”

"They came out and quoted the job the day after I contacted them and were ready to start work the next day. They showed up on time and had the sewer main repair work done before lunch. I had another company tell me how difficult the job was going to be to repair, Poole's came in and made a difficult job look easy. Everyone was professional and knew what they were doing. I will hire them again for any plumbing needs I may have."

Russ M. in Apex, NC

“THANK YOU To Whom It May Concern,”

We wanted to contact Poole's Plumbing management to praise the service my we've received from Poole's. We had a new gas water heater installed by Poole's about a year ago or so and the level of service, expertise, professionalism, and courtesy extended to our family during the install process was second-to-none. We also utilized the weekend service phone today and we spoke with someone named Todd. We had just a couple of easy questions that Todd was able to answer for us. Todd was an absolute pleasure to speak with. Again, VERY professional, VERY courteous, and VERY friendly. Professionals in every sense, thank you for continued great service Poole's Plumbing and an extra special 'thanks' to Todd for a few minutes of his time today. Sincerely,

- The Masseth Family

“Toilet Switch Out”

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with your company! This is the first time we used you guys and not only were you great in getting in touch quickly but your plumbers today were wonderful! They worked hard and were very friendly and thorough! If we ever need a plumber again we will definitely use you guys as well as recommend to others! Thanks so much!

- Brandi Krichbaum

“Great Water Heater Replacement, Apex NC”

After receiving insane bids from other plumbing companies to replace our water heater, we were pleased to find Poole's Plumbing through ServiceMagic. They were available, on-time, friendly, and reasonably priced without sacrificing quality of product or service. In fact, they came in about 1/2 the price of other local competition. They have my business for life.

“They were wonderful!”

"The two men you sent out to fix a nasty leak just left. They were wonderful! They came promptly, called a few minutes before to let me know they were on their way. They worked fast and efficiently, very pleasant and reassuring. And the bill was very reasonable, too. Thank you."

- Don Taylor, (Raleigh, NC)

“Excellent service!”

Excellent service!
On Thursday night,June 3rd,we discovered we had a back up in an "out-flow" line. Kitchen water/food particles were coming out of a sink in our downstairs bathroom! With out of town guests using that bathroom, we had to do something quick!

A call to Poole's Plumbing early the next day resulted in a prompt response. The two technicians were very thorough,courteous, and professional! They found the problem, and fixed it in a manner of minutes!
Thank you Poole's Plumbing!

Sincerely, Byron Hornaday

“Chuck and J.T. were courteous and knowledgeable”

"Chuck and J.T. were courteous and knowledgeable they had the clog cleared and the leaking shower drain fix in short order and at a reasonable cost."

- David C.

“I noticed a leak near my water heater”

"I called Poole's Plumbing because I noticed a leak near my water heater. I had been living in my house for over three years and never had a problem with my plumbing. Since Poole's installed the original plumbing in my house, I thought it best to call them. A service technician arrived promptly the next day as scheduled and fixed the problem within the hour. The technician was polite and friendly, and after completing the job he asked if there were any other issues that he could check. The leak has not recurred since. I would recommend Poole's Plumbing without reservation."

- J.D. Sinanis - Homeowner

“Installed our new Rianni water heater and they did a great job.”

Installation of Rianni R75LSi "TJ & Geoff installed our new Rianni water heater on 8/20/09. They did a great job. Even though there were many problems they overcame them and did get the job done. I would like to thank them for the job they did and if I need any plumbing work in the future I will be sure to get back to Poole's Plumbing. They really did a professional job and explained everything to me as they went along. Again, thanks for the great job.

- Michael - Homeowner

“Great Job!”

your help in sending the product information, and organizing the visits to measure and install so quickly. You gave us GREAT customer service and I will certainly call you again if we need plumbing service in the future. Thanks again! Great Job!

Mike N.

“Punctual and very professional”

"Punctual and very professional. They quickly identified the problem and went right to work on it. I've already recommended them to several of my friends and family."

Jim R.

“They did excellent work.”

"Poole's Plumbing knew exactly what I needed and was able to install the very next day. They did excellent work."

- Michele S. - Homeowner

“Courteous, professional, knowledgeable and efficient”

I just wanted you to know that the staff you sent to my home for my repair call were excellent. They were very courteous, professional, knowledgeable and efficient. I just wanted you to know that you are being very well represented!!! GREAT JOB!! I will without a doubt only use your company for all my plumbing needs and will happily refer customers to you. Thank you!!

Debbie Garner NC, Plumbing Repair Service

“Stand behind their work”

"Poole's Plumbing has always been able to meet our schedule, finish on time, give us a quality product, and stand behind their work. In new construction, these are the most important qualities for our subcontractors and Poole's has delivered every time. I have also recommended them to co-workers who needed work done on their personal home and got glowing reviews on the timeliness and quality of the work.'

- Cindy - Design Compliance Manager

“We had a tough clog”

"We had a tough clog and they stayed with it till they got it." "We had a tough clog and they stayed with it till they got it." - Alan T. (Raleigh, NC)

“Special thanks for the professional service offered by Scott”

Bob, I want to thank you again for the quick turn around on the replacement of my water heater. Special thanks for the professional service offered by Scott. His ability to quickly evaluate what was needed and to install the tank in a timely manner. Little wonder that Poole's Plumbing is able to live up to it's slogan . "plumbing done right the first time "

Chris Cathcart, Raleigh, NC

“One of only a few companies willing to do a truly free estimate”

"One of only a few companies willing to do a truly free estimate. Duane came out and gave my husband and I two estimates. The options were dependent on the type of pipe in our yard (ie. If they did option A which was cheaper, but needed to do Option B, then they would not charge us for both options- only Option B). Duane was very professional and was able to answer all of our questions on the spot. On the day of our repair, the workers found a small pinhole leak in our non-copper line. They were able to quickly repair it and they were significantly UNDER their estimate (estimate was ~$550, actual $162). Would definitely recommend!"

Julia W.

“Job well done including the cleanup and removal of previous water heater”

Courteous and knowledgable installers, and they worked late to finish the installation on a Friday evening. Job well done including the cleanup and removal of previous water heater.

- Ben Maree (Raleigh, NC)

“Replaced a leaking Hot Water Heater in my crawl space”

"Poole Plumbing responding in one day and replaced a leaking Hot Water Heater in my crawl space. They did a professional job and over came the little obstacles that are presented in any project. They managed to get the old water heater out of the crawl space and took it away. Thanks Poole Plumbing"

– Bowen R.. - Homeowner

“Excellent job. Clean. Careful. Competent.”

"Excellent job. Clean. Careful. Competent."

- David Melgar (Raleigh, NC)

“Prompt service yesterday on my water heater installation”

Excellent Service - Thank you so much for the prompt service yesterday on my water heater installation. From the lady that answered the phone, (Rhonda) to the installers, the service was excellent. When I called at 8:30, Rhonda was knowledgeable and helpful which was the deciding factor on my hiring you to do the work. When the installers came and the whole job was over with by 11:30 a.m., I was overjoyed. Best service I have ever had! Thank you.

- Mildred Faye Andrews - Homeowner

“Your people were courteous; did very good work”

Tim, I wanted to touch base with you today to say thanks for your efforts to coordinate the plumbing aspects of our natural gas conversion. Your people were courteous; did very good work and were extremely efficient when it came to completing tasks. When I started this process, I'm not sure I fully comprehended what it would take to get to a good final result. Maybe it is a good thing I did not know at first. I think our project went pretty smoothly overall and the reason it did was because you and Matt Koehl worked so well together. I am sure I will be seeing you around the neighborhood as other homeowners in our subdivision bite the bullet and sign up with PSNC. If you do, don't hesitate to stop by and say Hello.

Best regards, David - Raleigh Home Owner

“I appreciate the great pricing, but more importantly, the outstanding service.”

Joe, Thanks for having your crew installed my new hot water heater. I appreciate the great pricing, but more importantly, the outstanding service. Your guys were quick, clean and courteous. It was certainly nice to take a hot shower this morning! While I'm confident David Phillips can handle any needs you may have, please don't not hesitate to reach out to me if I can assist you with anything.

Best, Brian - General Manager

“Would you recommend Poole’s Plumbing, Inc. to a friend or colleague? Yes”

Would you recommend Poole's Plumbing, Inc. to a friend or colleague? Yes

Describe Your Experience with Poole's Plumbing, Inc.:
I received a reply from POOLES plumbing immediately and the plumber was here the next morning. Both the customer rep and the workers were polite,pleasant,and very proffessional. The plumbers were neat and clean. I was very satisfied with the job and their employees. – (Raleigh Homeowner)

“Installers were very knowledgable and courteous.”

"Installers were very knowledgable and courteous. They worked late on a Fiday evening to complete the installation so that we would have hot water for the week-end. Did a marvelous job of cleaning up and discarding the old water tank."

- Greg B.

“Integrity which is emulated by all of the employees.”

I've met Bob Poole at a Carolina Hurricanes game of all places. He has seats near me. A very nice man with his personality clearly imprinted onto his employees. Said differently, he sets an example of professionalism & integrity which is emulated by all of his employees.

His employees were all terrific--caring & concerned about making us happy . From the receptionist who took the call to the 2 plumbers who came out, everything was great. They were on time(2 different days), cleaned up after themselves, did the job that our homebuilder (Toll Brothers) never would fix/correct.

While they came out to fix my sump pump (they had to replace it and recommended a higher power unit than the builder was telling us we needed) and were very fair in their pricing.

On their 'way out" I mentioned a leak on my pool filter when they asked if there was anything else they could do and while I was just asking them if they had an "O ring" which I knew would do the trick, they insted upon not just giving me the ring but also fixed the filter for me AT NO CHARGE!!!

Good people, good service and highly recommended by me.
Mr. Poole is a class act and it was obvious his employees like him very much and are happy in their jobs.

RC - Replaced sump pump in basement and fixed leaky pool filter

“Beyond our expectations”

"The service provided by the Poole's team was beyond our expectations. Our organization was met with a consumer service challenge which required collaboration with an organization - long distance. Your organization stepped up, delivered on it's commitments, and provided great service to our end customer. By doing this our consumer is very pleased with our ability to deliver on our commitments as well. Our team will keep your organization in our book for any and all future business in your area, and wish all experiences were as thorough."

Sherry B.

“Fast, friendly, and reasonably priced!”

"Fast, friendly, and reasonably priced! I had a leaky bathtub faucet that needed fixing which was beyond my plumbing experience, so I called these guys. Two guys showed up and fixed the problem (a faulty cartridge) in about 30 minutes. They were friendly and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend them to anyone else, and will use them in the future."

- Jonah B. (Raleigh, NC)

“Prompt service, timely phone calls.”

"Prompt service, timely phone calls, they showed up in the established time-frame, friendly people."

- Ben Maree (Raleigh, NC)

“They treat our clients fairly and with respect.”

Quality Design & Construction has been using the services of Poole's Plumbing for many years. They operate a business using ethical standards and practices. They treat our clients fairly and with respect. It is without hesitation that I give this great company this referral.

Quality Design & Construction - Unsolicited Referral

“They consistently worked quickly, carefully, respectfully.”

Testimonial from Angieslist.com - Have used them several times in the recent past. Had a plumbing leak in polybutylene pipe. Had many estimates for repipe of the entire house. All the estimates were close in price, but Poole's came in a little less and I had been happy with their prior work. Repiping a whole house is tough because it involves cutting into drywall attempting to route new pipe throughout a finished house. In our case, we had a manifold system with lots and lots of pipes criss crossing the house.

In general, the work they did was excellent. 4 folks working all day, 8:30am till 7:30pm. Tough, long day, lots of work. They consistently worked quickly, carefully, respectfully. Miguel in particular did an excellent job trying to figure out how to run new pex throughout the house, almost always accurately mapping out the structural intricacies of the house.

There was some variation in experience level. Some damage was caused to a fiberglass shower, but Poole's quickly sent someone out to repair it. There were some stains left on the carpet where some folks hadn't removed shoes despite being asked. But that cleaned up pretty well. There were a few unexpected drywall cuts that will be expensive to repair, but I can't fault them as I couldn't see a better alternative. Some holes drilled in joists could have been better placed (more centered).

Overall, they did good work at a fair price.

David Melgar

“Satisfactorily completed on the day scheduled”

"Tenant reported that the work was satisfactorily completed on the day scheduled. Work was completed in a timely fashion."

- Leo J - Homeowner

“I highly recommend Poole’s Plumbing!”

Jerry & Pedro you guys are the best! Thanks for A1 service! Ron & I highly recommend Poole's Plumbing!

– Ron & Kathy

“Great job at a reasonable price to install”

"Great job at a reasonable price to install. Very courteous and friendly. Would use them again." - Patrick L - Homeowner

“Consistently one of our best and most reliable subcontractors”

"We have been using Poole’s Plumbing for over 9 years, and they are consistently one of our best and most reliable subcontractors. I would highly recommend their services"

- Dave - Division Presidents

“I’m glad your service rep had enough experience to realize the problem so quickly.”

just wanted to say thanks so much for the prompt and courteous service this morning. It was a tremendous relief to realize we didn't have a broken pipe, or anything else of a serious nature. I'm glad your service rep had enough experience to realize the problem so quickly.

Diane M. Raleigh Home Owner

“Overall very pleasant experience!!”

"Quick response, service people were great, service manager was good to work with! Overall very pleasant experience!!"

- Tom N. - Homeowner

“Robert’s expert description of the symptom…”

Great Service!
Just a note to let you know that I'm extremely satisfied with the water heater installation performed by your crew. Your guys were timely, courteous, and professional. Here's the series of events: I called on Monday 03/28/11 and a crew arrived that same day, Robert diagnosed the problem (faulty jacket), contacted the manufacturer (who declared the unit had failed while under warranty due to Robert's expert description of the symptoms), and installed the new water heater the following day (installed by Kenny). Again, great job and I will contact your company for all of my plumbing needs.

Michael Taylor

“They were on time, fast and super over all.”

You guys rock,
Just wanted to let you know I appreciate how awesome your guys were. They were on time, fast and super over all. Thanks so much. I will be calling more and will tell anyone how super your company is.

Lauren Kovacs

“The experience was especially reassuring…”

Yesterday, Josh and his assistant returned to our home to reinstall our powder room toilet after the flooring finally dried out from a leaking wax seal. In doing so they went far beyond the minimum requirements by installing shims at the base to stop the toilet from rocking, the root cause of the leak. They also caulked between the base of the bowl and the floor. The experience was especially reassuring, considering that Josh's explanation as to the cause of the leak was a reflection of my own.

– Howard (Raleigh Homeowner)

“At Habitat for Humanity we absolutely love Pooles Plumbing!!”

“At Habitat for Humanity we absolutely love Pooles Plumbing!! They offer high quality plumbing work at an affordable price. They are always on schedule, pass their inspections and stand by their work! Each job is confirmed by their great office personnel and they always help if we get into a pinch! Their crews are professional and always leave the site tidy! In this economy, they have risen above and that truly says a lot about their company leadership. I highly recommend using Pooles if you want a plumbing job well done!!”

- Karey Liptok - Director of Construction

“Pleasure to work with Poole’s Plumbing for since 2004”

“It has been my pleasure to work with Poole’s Plumbing for since 2004. They have proven themselves time and again to be detail & quality oriented, conscientious and reasonably priced. I believe their corporate philosophy flows naturally from the owner, Robert (Bob) Poole, who has always made himself available to me & my staff to answer questions, to provide information on products and services, and to resolve any challenges or disputes that occur on the complex and challenging projects that we have faced together. I look forward to continuing to work with them to maintain & improve the quality and performance of the new homes and remodel/addition projects that we will surely encounter in the future.”

- Richard Glass, President

“Excellent service from first home visit”

"Tank-less hot water heater was installed and old tank was removed. Excellent service from first home visit for estimate to final visit for approval by town inspector. Installation was done the next day in about 5 hours. All employees involved were friendly, courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. The project came in at the estimated cost which was also the low bid. "

Sincerely, - John G.

“Would you recommend Poole’s Plumbing, Inc. to a friend or colleague? Yes”

Would you recommend Poole's Plumbing, Inc. to a friend or colleague? Yes

Describe Your Experience with Poole's Plumbing, Inc.:
Everyone was very professional and courteous. When I received a call after we emailed for a quote, the initial contact was a very sweet, capable and polite women. Jeff installed our new gas line and we found his professionalism refreshing. Seemed very happy to work in our home and appreciated our business.