Plumbing Services Raleigh New Construction

Our complete turn-key New Home Construction, Remodeling and Light Commercial plumbing process and services. Serving Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Garner and the Clayton Area of North Carolina since 1999.

Trun Key Plumbing Services

Residential / Light Commercial “Turn-Key” Construction Services

Poole’s Plumbing provides its’ clients with a complete turn-key process that is advantageous for both the client as well as Poole’s Plumbing. The basic process for this is broken down in a few simple steps.

The client delivers the plans and specifications to us in person or via snail mail, fax, or email (We encourage the use of electronic copies).

We will then put together a turn-key stipulated sum contract amount with a complete spec sheet for your approval.

When this is signed off on and sent back to us all you have to do at that point is call when you are ready to schedule the job (Always keep in mind to schedule jobs as soon as possible to avoid any scheduling conflicts)

1-Day Rough / 1-Day Trim Advantage = Cycle Time Savings = Increasing Your Bottom Line! This process is why we challenge you to ask yourself this question. What is a day worth to your company?

1-Day Rough in Plumbing on New Construction

Our 1-Day Rough In and 1-Day Trim Out Process

Poole’s Plumbing, Inc. offers a system that is designed specifically to accommodate the modern day construction schedule. In these trying economic times, building companies find themselves maintaining an aggressive construction schedule in order to keep costs down and stay one step ahead of the economy.

We understand the importance of cycle time and provide a One Day Rough In and a One Day Trim Out service.   The average plumber takes two or more days to rough a standard 2 1/2 to 4 bathroom home.  Providing a one day Rough In saves up to 2 to 3 days per house!   Our one day trim-out service will save an additional one day per house, for a total of up to 3 to 4 days of cycle time per house! It also enables the builder to confidently schedule the next trade.

New Construction Warranty Services

All of our work comes with a full 1 year warranty on materials and labor. We have dedicated staff on hand specifically to handle new home warranty service. Simply call 919-661-6334 and ask to schedule a service call.  After Hour Warranty Services are also provided for the following scenarios:

  • No Hot water.
  • Leak on a fixture that could possibly damage the cabinet, flooring or a ceiling.
  • Sewage back-up that would keep the customer from being able to use plumbing in the other parts of the house.
  • Sewage back-up that effects the whole house.
  • Water leaking in such a way that it will damage house.