Water Efficient Delta Shower Heads

As an authorized dealer, the Raleigh professional plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing can help you to experience pure indulgence in your showering experience, while being conservative too by installing the H2Okinetic line of Water Efficient Delta Shower Heads.

Known for “staying ahead of the curve,” and introducing the most innovative and technologically advanced plumbing products, the Delta H2Okinetic line offers and experience in the shower like no other shower head can. With an internal system in all models to control the movement, speed, and size of the droplets spraying out, these Water Efficient Delta Shower Heads create the illusion that more water is coming from the head, when in reality it is not using any more water at all.

Describing the technology used and the operation of these Water Efficient Delta Shower Heads at deltafaucet.com, “H2Okinetic Technology is Delta Faucet’s proprietary method of utilizing the science of fluidics to deliver water in motion. It works by controlling the movement and droplet size of water, which creates the feeling of a high pressure shower experience.”

Setting the Water Efficient Delta Shower Heads in the H2Okinetic line apart from a standard shower head would be the “science of fluidics used by the Delta models to both design and control the feeling of the water as opposed to the more convention model shower heads delivering a stream of water through the spray holes in the faceplate. The H2Okinetic process is described in detail at the Delta website, explaining that, “Water comes in the shower head, and H2Okinetic® Technology directs the water out as an oscillating stream to create a fan of water with larger droplets.”

What makes the H2Okinetic line of Water Efficient Delta Shower Heads so efficient is the design, which allows through the size of the droplets released giving you the feeling of more water being released than the traditional models, when in reality it is flowing at the same rate. So, you are conserving water, while the revolutionary H2Okinetic design is creating a velocity and a unique water pattern to blanket your body in a luxurious showering experience never seen before.

To read more detail about the Delta H2Okinetic shower heads visit www.deltafaucet.com or contact the best in Raleigh NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing at poolesplumbing.com to get the best in Delta products installed at your home or place of business today,.