Should I…or shouldn’t I, is the Tankless Water Heater question that most people ask. Surprisingly, there are different answers to this question, and your answer can depend on several variables. However, with Poole’s Plumbing being the Raleigh water heater experts, we can analyze and make an educated decision on if they are right for you.

In this first article in our series on water heaters, we will look at several of the benefits of “going tankless,” including the following advantages.

  • Using less electricity or gas to heat the water
  • A near “endless” supply of hot water
  • More compact size for convenience in your home
  • Only turns on when you need hot water, never need to wait for a tank to “heat up”
  • Average savings of 25-40 percent annually on hot water heating costs

Tankless Water Heaters Can Conserve in More Ways Than One


The most popular brand of Tankless units, Rinnai, details how the tankless heaters work in this photo above

The standard, tradition model water heaters usually consume large amounts of electricity or natural gas. This would be due to those type units heating dozens of gallons of water and then maintaining that temperature. On the contrary, where a traditional unit may store enough hot water for two or three showers, Tankless Water Heaters prevent the issue of running out.

Unlimited Hot Water and Easy Temperature Control

With the switch to Tankless Water Heaters, possibly the most convenient benefit would be enjoying an unlimited hot water supply. Unlike the traditional units, which heats dozens of gallons of water and then maintains, Tankless Water Heaters are simpler. They basically heat the water as it passes through the heating elements. Hence, you can get water at your desired temperature in seconds and if you really wanted could leave the hot water running constantly and not run out.

Size and Space Matters when Finding a Spot for Your Water Heater


The size difference between the tankless and traditional units is very significant in deciding what is right for you.

Whereas the traditional units take up quite a bit of space, Tankless Water Heaters are more compact. For example, a traditional water heater may take up and entire closet on its own. However, Tankless Water Heaters can be as small as two cubic feet. Also, since it does not store water, it is lightweight and can easily be mounted to a wall. Whether you opt to place the Tankless Water Heaters on an outside closet wall (so it can properly vent) or anywhere you desire, the size is certainly a plus with Tankless.

Energy Efficiency Equals Big Savings Annually

Energy saving tankless water heaters are incredibly efficient. Although they can use 15 to 30 kW of electricity, they actually end up using less energy than traditional water heater tanks. Remember that the tankless heaters only turn on when you need them. On the contrary, traditional water heater tanks can take hours to warm 50 gallons of water to the target temperature.

With their initial popularity, many shied away because of the price tag associated with these type units. However, manufacturing processes are improving, as all get more familiar with the product. As a result, over the past few years, they now cost just slightly more than some traditional models. However, the energy savings will quickly make up for any extra installation costs. Depending on your family’s hot water usage, you will save 25 to 40 percent off of your hot water heating costs every year.