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We didn’t become one of Raleigh’s best plumbers by using no name products. Here you’ll find some of our most respected vendors and top-quality brands in the plumbing industry. We offer the best plumbing products from all your favorite brands, giving you peace of mind when selecting the right plumber. Call Poole’s today if you don’t see the brand you’re looking for.

  • Clogged Sewer Drains and How Tree Roots End Up in a Sewer Pipe

    As we move on from our "clogged sink drain" series, we will continue to discuss "clogs" but n a more severe level. There may be no bigger of a plumbing issue than when a problem arises with clogged sewer drains. In this the first post focusing on Clogged Sewer Drains, we will look at one of the main causes of this. 

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  • You Can Do It: Identify and Clear a Clogged Drain

    In this, the final entry in our series on clogged drains, we will once again advise on how to identify and Clear a Clogged Drain. Continuing where we left off in our second blog entry, these pointers from Poole's Plumbing can help achieve early detection and likewise, detect and Clear a Clogged Drain before there is a huge…

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  • Simple Unclogging Drain Home Remedies that Anyone Can Do

    Keeping the drain clear in your sink or bathtub  is important for many reasons and you can do this with very little effort. In addition to avoiding a mess, these tips below can help avoid running into costly and dangerous situations. The problems that could arise from a clogged drain range from unpleasant odors to getting…

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  • Avoid Costly Blockages: Recognize Top Clogged Drain Causes

    Following our two-part Fall Plumbing Tips series, the experts at Poole's Plumbing have decided to continue in educating our loyal customers. There are many areas which will be covered in our upcoming blog posts. However, one that is very simple to address at home and if not monitored can prove costly. Likewise, it can also…

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  • Outdoor Fall Plumbing Tips from Poole’s Plumbing

    The warmth of Summer officially gives way to the new Autumn season on Monday, September 23. With this seasonal change, the air slowly becomes brisker. Likewise, the days get shorter, too. Our Outdoor Fall Plumbing Tips can help you be prepared for the change in season.
    Following up our initial "Indoor Fall Plumbing Tips"…

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  • Indoor Fall Plumbing Tips from Poole’s Plumbing

    As the warmer weather of Summer slowly dips heading into the new season, there are many precautions you can take to avoid unneeded plumbing situations. While even the thought of "doing your own plumbing" seems preposterous, there are small measures that anyone can take at home. These measures and Indoor Fall Plumbing Tips…

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  • Poole’s Plumbing : For 20 Years the “Names” to Trust in Raleigh Plumbing Professionals

    In this, the concluding of our five-part 20th birthday celebration posts, we look at more customer memories of Poole's Plumbing. For a company that has prided itself on being "like family" with its customers, this final blog entry is fitting. In this post, we look back at work done so well that the customer thanked our…

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  • The Best Water Heater Price in Raleigh and the Best Work Too!!!

    In the past month, we have let the "customer do the talking" as it pertains to the efficient, quality work of Poole's Plumbing. We will continue in this post to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Poole's with actual customer reviews. However, even with customer reviews, we would be remiss if we didn't touch on the guarantee…

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  • Two Decades of Great Customer Service from the Raleigh Professional Plumbers

    As detailed in our initial 20th Anniversary post, Poole's Plumbing began with just two men and a truck. How does a company grow in the span of twenty years to be nearly fifty times as large? In the case of the Raleigh Professional Plumbers at Poole's, one could point to several things helping in their growth. Undeniably,…

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  • Raleigh’s Most Trusted Plumbers: For 20 Years, Much More Than a Slogan

    This week we continue to celebrate 20 years' of "Plumbing Done Right, by Poole's Plumbing. Once again, we will use the words of our actual customers to detail the work done by Raleigh's Most Trusted Plumbers.

    "Hard to Beat" and "Highly Recommended"
    The last article showed why customers call Poole's the "Raleigh Water…

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