Spring Plumbing Tips

Following Spring Plumbing Tips Can Help Avoid a Costly Fix

As the colder weather here in the Triangle area starts to secede and give way to the warmer temperatures of a new season, the trusted Raleigh NC plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing want to remind you that there are many things to remember as you check around the house and look for possible repairs that may need to be done as part of our Spring Plumbing Tips.

By simply going through your bathroom, kitchen, appliances, and plumbing equipment in your home’s common areas and following these Spring Plumbing Tips early on in the season, you can avoid or at least lessen the likelihood of major and potentially costly repairs.

With the increase in rainfall that we are already experiencing one thing you for sure want to check up on is that all drains, gutters and downspouts are clear of any debris. Likewise, on top of the list of Spring Plumbing Tips and check points should be to make sure all vents and plumbing pipes are clear as they could be hindered or clogged from leaves, sticks, bird nests, or a host of other items after the winter “thaw out.”

Spring Plumbing Tips

Another very important item on your Spring Plumbing Tips checklist should be checking your hose bib. First look at the faucet to be sure there are no leaks. This is a somewhat common problem after the colder months when a hose has been attached to the hose bib for the entire winter. If it was hooked up for the winter, it could have lead to the water supply pipe freezing at some point and this in turn may have seen the pipe expand and crack. If you do discover this is the case, call your trusted Raleigh NC plumbers at Poole’s and have the pipe replaced before major water damage can occur.

Keeping your plubming system safe should be a top priority during any of the four seasons, but the most important Spring Plumbing Tip you can follow as the winter cold turns to the warmer months is to make sure your sump pump is ready to endure some hard work in the upcoming season. Checking this is as simple as pouring a few buckets of water into the sump pit for starters. It should then start up with in a few seconds and then after the water flows, it should turn itself off automatically. If this does not occur once again, you should contact the professionals at Poole’s Plumbing to come and see your sump pump first hand before it burns out completely and once again requires a much more costly remedy.

Taking just a little time to go through and around the house to check on these items and follow up on each of these Spring Plumbing Tips as the cold air begins to warm with the change of the season could be the difference between major plumbing issues and water damage at your home, not to mention some unnecessary damage to your wallet. In part two of our Spring Plumbing Tips, we will discuss some other simple ways around the house to conserve heading into the Spring.

Tips from the most trusted Raleigh NC Plumbers to Avoid Winter Plumbing Issues

Raleigh NC PlumbersWith the temperature in the area beginning to drop as the fall months wind down and the cold of winter approaches, the most trusted Raleigh NC Plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing have some tips that can help you to not only conserve but also to be sure to avoid issues that are somewhat common in the colder weather.

Some of the more frequent plumbing issues that come about in the winter months are running out of or having no hot water for showers, flooding, leaks, broken radiators, and frozen or cracked pipes. In this first of two parts on avoiding winter plumbing issues, you can follow the easy tips listed below by the Raleigh NC Plumbers at Poole’s, to help avoid and at minimum make these problems less likely to occur as the temperature outside drops.

Clogged Drain Prevention

There are a few ways to help avoid your drains getting clogged and thus avoid extra strain on them as the winter months bring about the possibility of freezing. The first way is to treat your tub and sink drains using a mixture that can easily be made at home on a regular basis. Use 1 cup of baking soda, mixed with 1 cup of salt, and a ¼ cup of cream of tartar. Follow this mixture by pouring two cups of boiling water in each drain. Another thing to remember in keeping drains unclogged, especially around the holidays with all the extra cooking around the house is to avoid the dumping of any oils and grease or stringy object down your drain or into the garbage disposal. Likewise, run cold water through the disposal for 15-20 second both before and after using it and always turn it on before putting any food or debris in.

Insulate your Pipes

Using foam padding sleeves or insulation tape, this is a simple way to help avoid both your hot and cold water pipes from freezing up. Using a space heater that is set at a safe distance from any exposed fixtures or pipes to keep them warm is another way to avoid them from freezing up. Also, check basement and not often used pipes throughout your home regularly for ice or frost accumulation once the temperature has hit freezing to be sure they have not started cracking.

Running Water

This one is very simple. Be sure to run water from all valves and spigots in your home regularly throughout the winter. Especially in the case of those not used so often, this can avoid the issue of them freezing up.

Unattach Outdoor Hoses

Remember to unattach garden hoses that are outdoors before the temperature drops to freezing levels. Also, be certain to drain any residual water from the outside spigots and hoses and close the shut-off valve on any pipes leading to these.

Spreading out Showers

This is somewhat self explanatory, but having at least 10-15 minutes between showers helps to maintain proper pressure and consistent hot water levels. When the temperature outside drops, you may want to increase the temperature level on your water heater as well, but never put it higher than 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

These simple tips from the Raleigh NC Plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing are ones that you can do personally in your own home to help stay away from plumbing issues and possible disaster this upcoming winter. In the follow up to this post, we will continue to discuss how to protect your pipes as the cold weather hits, in addition to the steps to take in the case that your pipes do freeze, burst, or crack this winter. To view that post, check back here to the blog section at www.poolesplumbing.com.



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