Drain Cleaning and Sewer Services Raleigh

Poole’s Plumbing offers complete Drain Cleaning and Sewer Services, Drain Cleaning Done Right the First Time and can make sure it’s completely cleared!

Residential drains and sewers will clog due to many reasons. A common reason for a Sewer Main line clog is a root penetrating a portion of the sewer line. This root will obstruct your drain and catch waste as it flows through. Over time, the root may eventually slow the drain, and even cause the drain to completely back up.

There are many causes for main sewer lines and drains to become clogged.

    • Roots clogging line
    • Grease being poured down drain line
    • Pipe has deteriorated and collapsed
    • Feminine products being flushed into drain line

No matter what is clogging your main sewer line Poole’s Plumbing has you covered. We can identify quickly what the cause of the clog is and fix it. Our staff of Service Technicians are extremely experienced in sewer drain cleaning and have seen almost all types of clogs. We also use Video Camera equipment to diagnose and to make sure that we have removed completely any blockages from your sewer line. There is no additional charge for the camera equipment, unlike most other plumbers who offer drain cleaning.

“Your drain is NOT clear until WE see it’s clear”

Raleigh Drain Cleaning

Poole’s Plumbing a Raleigh Plumber, offers second to none drain cleaning using the latest technology to make sure your drain is clear before we leave.

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Severe Root Growth Through Sewer

This is a sewer that has severe root growth right through it. This was after several hours of roddin…

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Clogs inside the home are commonly caused by grease, hair, and other forms of typical household waste. Our drain cleaning charge includes ANY equipment required to clear the clog. We do not typically use a camera for clogs inside the home.

Full Service Drain & Sewer Cleaning:

    • Camera Service & Inspection
    • Hydro Jetting Service
    • Sewer Cable Machine Service
    • Sewer Line Repair or Replacement
    • Commercial Property
    • Residential Property
    • Restaurant Property

What happens when you do NOT use a camera to see if the clog is completely clear