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How to Increase Well System Water Pressure

Many have never before relied on a well system for their plumbing…
January 21, 2021/by raleigh plumbers

Faucets with Smart Technology are Washing us Into the Future

Smart. Something we all aspire to be. This  one word can cover…
January 14, 2021/by raleigh plumbers

What Takes So Long for Water Heating Up

Regardless of the time of year, the weather outside, or the number…
January 7, 2021/by raleigh plumbers

Winter Plumbing Preparation: Be Ready to Avoid Getting Stuck in the Cold

As we have noticed here locally over the past two months, as…
December 17, 2020/by raleigh plumbers
signs-of-sewage-backups-Pooles Plumbing

Signs of Sewage Backups for Early Detection

A true plumbing emergency, sewage backup can not only be smelly…
December 10, 2020/by raleigh plumbers

What Water Heater Size is Right for Me?

This is a question that almost all homeowners who built a new…
December 3, 2020/by raleigh plumbers
overflowing-toilet-pooles plumbing

I Have an Overflowing Toilet! What Can I Do?

The plumbing issues we deal with around the house can trigger…
November 26, 2020/by raleigh plumbers

Five Places or Things to Look for to Identify Toilet Problems

Your toilet is one-bathroom appliance that you like to count…
November 19, 2020/by raleigh plumbers
new-homeowners-plumbing-checklist-pooles plumbing

New Homeowners Plumbing Checklist: Six Points to Be Sure of Before Closing

Buying or building a new home is one of the most exciting moments…
November 12, 2020/by raleigh plumbers
garbage-disposal-leak-pooles plumbing

Look, Identify, and Fix: What to do When You Have a Garbage Disposal Leak

The garbage disposal is a luxury we may at times take for granted.…
October 22, 2020/by raleigh plumbers

Why Do I Have Rusty Tap Water?

So, you are just up and out of bed. After a good night's sleep,…
October 15, 2020/by raleigh plumbers
sewer-line-clogs- pooles plumbing

Sewer Line Clogs: “What is the Cause?”

In our title is certainly a question you hopefully do not find…
October 8, 2020/by raleigh plumbers

5 Fall Plumbing Tips to Avoid

Many people who live in North Carolina would put enjoying four…
September 24, 2020/by raleigh plumbers

Let’s “Make it Clear”: 5 Ways to Improve Your Water Quality

One of the biggest worries that many have these days is the purity…
September 17, 2020/by raleigh plumbers

How Does Wake County Social Distancing Protocol Effect the Scheduling of Plumbing Services?

Since early March, many of you have seen your daily routine change…
September 11, 2020/by raleigh plumbers

Is There a “Correct” Hot Water Heater Temperature you Should be Set On?

Sure, most everyone knows the function and importance of a properly…
August 21, 2020/by raleigh plumbers
dishwasher-is-not-draining-Pooles Plumbing

What to Look for When the Dishwasher is not Draining

We have all had it happen before. You fill the racks up, set…
August 14, 2020/by raleigh plumbers

8 Handy Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools Everyone Should Have

At Poole's Plumbing, we are proud to earn the trust and a reputation…
August 7, 2020/by raleigh plumbers
Causes-of-a leaky-faucet-Pooles-Plumbing

Drip, Drip, Drip: What Could Be the Causes of a Leaky Faucet

Following up on our promise in the last blog entry, we continue…
July 23, 2020/by raleigh plumbers

Fixing a Toilet Leak With the 3 “R’s”: Remove, Replace and Reinstall

It has happened to us all. You walk into the bathroom and around…
July 16, 2020/by raleigh plumbers
Fixing-a-Toilet-Leak-Pooles Plumbing

To Plunge or Not to Plunge??? Uncovering the Myths Behind Liquid Drain Cleaners

Everybody that owns or rents a home for an extended length of…
July 9, 2020/by raleigh plumbers
Toilet-Paper-Alternatives-Pooles Plumbing

Toilet Paper Alternatives and More: What is Safe to Flush?

Toilet Paper. Two words that given the recent situation our…
June 30, 2020/by raleigh plumbers
Plumbing-Noises-Pooles Plumbing

We Ain’t Just Whistling: Beware of These Bad Plumbing Noises

Some minor "creaking" or a few noises are not necessarily that…
June 23, 2020/by raleigh plumbers
Plumbing-Emergency-Poole's Plumbing

To Call or Not to Call : What Exactly is a Plumbing Emergency?

For years, the friendly professionals at Poole's Plumbing have…
June 19, 2020/by raleigh plumbers
Pooles Plumbing-kitchen-water-conservation-tips

Kitchen Water Conservation Tips from Poole’s Plumbing

The most trusted name in Raleigh NC professional plumbers, Poole’s…
May 29, 2020/by raleigh plumbers
Traditional-Water-Heater-Pooles Plumbing

Should you go Tankless? Or Opt for the Traditional Water Heaters?

Should you go Tankless? Or opt for the Traditional Water Heaters?…
May 14, 2020/by raleigh plumbers

Water Bill Savings Await with A Few Easy Checkpoints

During these times of having to spend a lot more time in our…
May 7, 2020/by raleigh plumbers

Draining a Water Heater

It seems like an easy enough task. Draining a Water Heater. However,…
April 23, 2020/by raleigh plumbers

Extending Your Water Heaters Lifespan

When first purchasing a water heater, many factors can weigh…
April 16, 2020/by raleigh plumbers

Flushing Away the Issue: How to Stop a Running Toilet

In this our next series of helpful "at-home" plumbing tips, we…
April 9, 2020/by raleigh plumbers
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