Energy Star Certified Products

Conserve and Save with Energy Star Certified Products

by raleigh plumbers on February 10, 2015


The professional and knowledgeable Wake County NC green plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing can help you conserve and save by installing Energy Star Certified Products in your home, helping you to lower your energy bills and not be wasteful of water usage in the process.

With a huge array of Energy Star Certified PEnergy Star Certified Productsroducts available from any of the many top names in plumbing whose products are offered through the Wake County NC green plumbers at Poole’s, your savings are simply an inquiry away. For example choosing an Energy Star certified dishwasher can get you great results while using less water and energy, and while only costing you $35 a year in operational costs. Likewise a clothes washer carrying the EnergyStar label will give you larger tub capacity, thus cutting down on the number of loads you wash, while utilizing 35 percent less water and energy than the common washing machine.

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