Grinder Pump

Residential Grinder Pump ProVore 380

by raleigh plumbers on July 8, 2013


Grinder pumps are waste management devices that collect waste from your home’s bathtubs, toilets, washing machines and other water-using machines. The waste water is stored in the grinder pump’s holding tank until the pump auto-senses a specific amount of waste water has been collected. The pump then switches on and grinds the waste down before disposing of it into your septic tank or city’s sewer system, although some grinder pumps have been known to struggle with certain synthetic waste solids. This isn’t so with the ProVore.

The 1 HP, 2 discharge ProVore 380 residential grinder pump excels in the break down of waste solids via its patented V-Slice technology, which provides power whilst decreasing size and electrical requirements. The V-slice cutter on ProVore models takes more difficult waste solids to task, cutting down and managing rags, towels, wipes and more with ease. These items would otherwise provide the potential for jams in pumps less equipped to handle their presence. Further, the ProVore 380’s QuickTree technology allows for swift removal of the unit’s float, increasing ease of servicing. Also, its compact simplex system is specifically designed for residential sewage applications, making the ProVore 380 an ideal candidate for household remodeling projects and bathroom additions.

Other features of the ProVore 380 residential grinder pump include:

    • 41 gallon capacity
    • heavy-duty polyethylene cover and basin; IAPMO listed
    • heavy-duty, integrated rubber gaskets on covers
    • ability to be installed below or above floor level
    • standard and secure 16 bolt cover
    • 3 year warranty