WaterSense Products

The familiar blue and green “water drop” logo on WaterSense Products is seen on more and more items these days, whether it be shower heads, faucets, toilets, or a variety of other products. Although associated by many with being environmentally sound and appearing on products that will help to conserve water, the Raleigh NC green plumbing experts, Poole’s Plumbing offer you up an in-depth look at the savings and conservation that can be had by seeking out Water Sense Products.

Water Sense Products

According to the official website of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), WaterSense is “a partnership program which seeks to protect the future of our nation’s water supply by offering people a simple way to use less water with water-efficient products, new homes, and services.”

In an effort to protect the water supply through conservation efforts, the driving idea behind WaterSense Products is to promote the value of water efficiency, while providing simple methods for saving water as they encourage the company’s manufacturing different products that will bear their label to explore innovative ways that their item can save and conserve. As a result of this innovative manufacturing, the end result is that WaterSense Products will not only decrease your water usage, but also reduce unnecessary strain on infrastructure of these products and resources.

Water Sense Products

This EPA programs encouragement to provide a more efficient product alone does not result in the label going on WaterSense Products, as those adorning the “blue and green droplet” must first be certified as performing at least 20 percent more efficiently without compromising the performance expectations.

The Raleigh NC green plumbing experts at Poole’s Plumbing not only have Green Certification, but they can help to steer you in the right direction to make the right choices to fit your family’s specific needs when it comes to choosing and installing the right WaterSense Products. By upgrading to these more efficient items, you will not only save, but you also are helping to save and conserve billions of gallons of water in the United States every single year. To learn more about WaterSense Products and this entire EPA partnership program, visit www3.epa.gov.

Saving money, conserving water, and enjoying maximum comfort are all major factors to weigh out when deciding on a new showerhead, but by letting the most trusted name among Raleigh NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing, install any of the Kohler Showerheads or handshowers in their “Exhale” line, you can achieve all three of these.

Kohler Showerheads

Described at us.kohler.com as “The showering experience that will take your breath away,” the Exhale line of Kohler Showerheads offer unique and intense spray pressure to give you the ultimate in comfort in the shower, regardless of how much or little pressure you enjoy while rinsing off. There are actually four different spray options among the Inhale Kohler Showerheads, full-coverage, tense massage, and silk spray. Any of these choices gives you many options in spray pressure whether taking a relaxing shower at night or starting the day with an invigorating rinse to wake up.

Offering great convenience as well, the Kohler Showerheads in the Exhale line have a 360-degree continuous rotation feature that enables you to smoothly switch the pressure setting of the spray between the four choices above, changing every 30 degrees to the next setting. Helping to conserve water while you enjoy the unmatched comfort from a Kohler Showerhead, the popular “handshower” models in the Exhale line can also have a wall mount feature that has both an integrated water supply and allows you volume control while showering. Additionally, the soft silicone face on these Kohler showerheads and handshowers have no nozzles, making cleaning them far easier than a conventional showerhead.

Kohler Showerheads


On top of the easy cleaning, ultimate spray control, and convenient conservation features, the Exhale line of Kohler Showerheads also feature a water saving design that is sure to cut back on expensive water bills. The entire line is WaterSense certified and are engineered to utilize 20 percent less water than the common and standard 2.5 gpm showerhead models while still giving you all the quality features unique to the Kohler brand.

The Raleigh NC plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing are a certified distributor of Kohler Showerheads and all other plumbing products. To learn more about the Exhale line or all the other new and innovative plumbing products from Kohler, visit us.kohler.com.