8 Handy Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools Everyone Should Have

At Poole’s Plumbing, we are proud to earn the trust and a reputation for our quality work. Yes, in the case of many a plumbing emergency, you will not want to hesitate. You’ll want to call us to analyze and fix your problem. However, we do recommend you develop a basic knowledge of your plumbing system. Likewise, we can tell you several Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools that can come in handy in the event of an issue you can fix on your own.

Once again, to be perfectly clear, we do not suggest ever “getting in over your head” when it comes to plumbing. If you are not sure of the problem, call us and avoid taking a chance. Consequently, though, many issues are simple to resolve. Likewise, to have these Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools at your disposal can also save you, as they can be helpful when you can identify a remedy yourself.


The plunger is a tool that should always be readily available near the toilet.

Listed below are the 8 Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools that we suggest having and a brief explanation of why.

Helpful Wrenches and Pliers

  • Pipe Wrenches- Sure, one pipe wrench can be of assistance, but in full disclosure, two is better than one. This is so when you are to use these gripping tools, one can stabilize and hold while the other you turn. This is actually the most important of the Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools for leverage and loosening.
  • Basin Wrench- If you are not a plumber, you may not be familiar with a basin wrench. However, this is the perfect choice of Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools for gripping and turning in a tight area. With a spring-loaded, clamping jaw on this tool, both bolts and fasteners can be tightened easier in snug quarters.
  • Adjustable Wrenches- These wrenches are exactly what they sound like. They are inexpensiv and adjust to fit a variety of hardware sizes. It is a good idea to get a few different sizes of these versatile Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools. This helps in the case that you use one of two of them as clamps. This style wrench is also advisable for jobs like replacing showerheads or faucets.
  • Tounge and Groove Pliers- While we still have the subject of “clamping” on our brains, tongue and groove pliers are definitely a tool worth having. These Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools feature a “slip-joint” design. This makes it so the jaws of the pliers can open wide and grab on to larger things. This tool has other convenient traits also, like the long handles that are great for tightening or loosening.

Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools for Toilet Maintenance

  • Plunger- A plunger is a bathroom tool that pretty much everyone is familiar with. It’s nickname is  the “plumber’s helper” for good reason. It is a fairly safe bet that the plunger is the most used of all Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools. Obviously, keep this right in the bathroom and if not familiar with the “plunging” technique, just take a minute to learn.
  • Toilet Auger- The second of our suggested Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools for the toilet is the auger. When the plunger doesn’t “pop” the clog-free, it is then time to reach for the toilet auger. For those unfamiliar, the auger is a “hand-crank” tool that extends a metal cable into the toilet drain. It actually can be used in any drain that the cable will fit. An inexpensive way to knock free a stubborn clog at home.

Accessories to go With Your Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools

While not exactly “tools” per se, the final two of our Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools can both be a huge help in a pinch.

  • Plumber’s Tape- Anyone familiar with leaky threading of a joint can attest to the usefulness of “Plumber’s Tape. Sometimes referred to as “Teflon” or “thread sealing” tape, wrap a few layers on dry threads and wind the tape clockwise. The tape will help to make an airtight seal to stop leakage when you screw a fixture on.
  • Plumber’s Putty- Our final entry among Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools is known to some as  “jointing compound.” This accessory helps in forming a watertight seal. In many home plumbing repairs, from faucets to drains, a simple dab of “putty” can help keep parts in place and avoid leaks.

Get the Tools, But if Unsure Don’t Hesitate to Call in the Pros

Once again, just because you have the tools and some knowledge, in no way do we recommend tackling uncertain plumbing issues. However, having these 8 Do it Yourself Plumbing Tools and accessories on hand, can save you time and money.

In the case you do need help from the pros, you can contact us at