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In this, the concluding of our five-part 20th birthday celebration posts, we look at more customer memories of Poole’s Plumbing. For a company that has prided itself on being “like family” with its customers, this final blog entry is fitting. In this post, we look back at work done so well that the customer thanked our employees by name. Thus, showing that Poole’s Plumbing has truly been the “names” to trust in Raleigh Plumbing Professionals


The team at Poole’s Plumbing always follows the “Customer Code of Ethics.”

20 Years of Raleigh Plumbing Professionals and 20 Years of Dropping Names from the Office to the Field and all Points Between!!!

In these our fist two reviews, we look at the Raleigh Plumbing Professionals experience with Poole’s and two customers who enjoyed that experience. From their call to the office until they said goodbye to the on-site workers, these Poole’s customers wanted to recognize all involved.

“We have been more than pleased with our experience with Poole’s.” The first reviewer continues, “From Carrie, who has communicated with us for all the scheduling, to Henry and the other teams who have been out to our house for the install and inspection, they have been professional, kind, timely, and an absolute joy to work with. Thank you!”

The second happy Poole’s customer echoed those sentiments. “I am very satisfied with my experience. Tim and Scott did a great job with the estimate and sales process. Allen and Henry did a great job with the installation of a tankless water heater.” He added, “Very professional, polite and high-quality work. I would use them again.”


The Poole’s Plumbing staff always enjoys opportunities to meet the customer and inform them , like the Raleigh Home Show (pictured) and similar events.

Raleigh Plumbing Professionals so Good, You Call them by Name

The Poole’s Plumbing “way” since 1999 has been to always put the customer first. This is detailed at in the Customer Service section. But it is an undeniable relationship between a company and the customer when they know the Raleigh Plumbing Professionals by their actual name. Certainly, by taking a look at the Poole’s Customer “Code of Ethics” that they have built their brand on, the customer review to follow would be no surprise.

  • The customer is the most important aspect of our company.
  • Listen to the customer and Identify as well as anticipate their needs.
  • Clearly, communicate all options available to the customer.
  • Accurately document all aspects of work being performed.
  • Always strive to go above and beyond the customers’ expectations.
  • Handle complaints and follow up to make sure they are resolved.
  • NEVER let a customer go to voicemail (during normal business hours).
  • When required, transfer customers to the proper person and make sure that person is aware they are being transferred.
  • Do the work we said we were going to do, for the price we said we were going to do it for, in the time frame we said we were going to do it in.

20 Years of “Exceptional” Service

Obviously, the “customer code” was followed by the Poole’s team who did the work on our next reviewer’s shower. They were “exceptional” to the point that he recalled them by name.  “An exceptional organization,” he begins the review. “Larry and Tom arrived at my home promptly. They made sure not to track mud into my house. They were enthusiastic, professional and very courteous.” Her continues with praise, “They diagnosed the problem with my shower, fixed the malfunction, and my shower has never functioned better. Their prices are quite reasonable.” In conclusion, he gives a nod of approval. “I will not hesitate to utilize their services again. Highly recommended!”

So Good We Have to Put Them on Speed Dial!

In this our final of our 20th anniversary, customer review themed posts, we will wrap things up with one that epitomizes the “Poole’s way.” This customer obviously satisfied from the initial call all the way through the end of the job. When you deal with the number one Raleigh Plumbing Professionals, we would have it no other way.

“Outstanding service all around, from the call back to the tech and even the billing,” the customer begins. “They also advised us how to eliminate the problem with the drain in production. I am putting them on speed dial for future reference.”


Poole’s Plumbing thanks you, the customers for 20 great years.

A Special Thanks for 20 Years…and Looking Forward to 20 More and Then Some!!!

Here at Poole’s Plumbing, it has been our distinct pleasure to bring you our best for the past two decades. We have seen our company grow to heights that did not seem possible at first. However, we have you, our customer to thank for the past twenty years of success. We look forward to giving you the customer service and the quality work synonymous with the Poole’s brand for the next 20 years and beyond. Likewise, we look forward to remaining the Raleigh Plumbing Professionals who get “plumbing done right.”


In the past month, we have let the “customer do the talking” as it pertains to the efficient, quality work of Poole’s Plumbing. We will continue in this post to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Poole’s with actual customer reviews. However, even with customer reviews, we would be remiss if we didn’t touch on the guarantee that made them the success story they have become. The guarantee that made them the “most trusted name in Raleigh plumbers.” We speak of course of the Poole’s Plumbing Best Water Heater Price in Raleigh Guarantee.


The Poole’s Plumbing “Best Water Heater Price in Raleigh” guarantee” says that they will beat the price of any Raleigh NC plumbers on all water heater installation and replacements

A Bold Statement? Too Good to Be True? Not if You’re Truly Seeking the Best Water Heater Price in Raleigh

A bold statement…for sure. But you don’t become the most trusted plumber in the Triangle for the past 20 years without making good on your promises. As it states on the official Poole’s website, “Poole’s Plumbing will match ANY competitors price.” Immediately following this statement it just gives simple guidelines to follow to receive the Best Water Heater Price in Raleigh guarantee.

Poole’s Plumbing ‘s “Guarantee Guidelines”

  • Must provide written estimate from a competitor
  • The competitor must be licensed & insured
  • Scope of work must be done to NC plumbing code
  • Must include same or equivalent model water heater
  • Must have permit fee included if applicable

Poole’s Plumbing is Raleigh’s licensed and authorized “water heater experts.”

Don’t Take Our Word For It…What the Customers Say About the Best Water Heater Price in Raleigh

It is easy to make a logo and say you will beat any price on a water heater. Consequently, the final say is that of the customer. Once again, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Poole’s we now use the actual words of our customers.

“After receiving insane bids from other plumbing companies to replace our water heater, we were pleased to find Poole’s Plumbing.”

This satisfied client continued, “They were available, on-time, friendly, and reasonably priced without sacrificing the quality of product or service.”

Backing the Best Price on a Water Heater in Raleigh guarantee, she concludes. “In fact, they came in about 1/2 the price of other local competition. They have my business for life.”

Best-Water-Heater-Price-in-Raleigh-Poole's Raleigh Plumbing

The Best Water Heater Price in Raleigh guarantee has been a Poole’s specialty for years.

The Search, the Recommendation, the Guarantee…

Yet another of our countless customers was thrilled to give a review of Poole’s’ handling of their water heater issues. Likewise, this happy client it seems too benefitted from the Best Water Heater Price in Raleigh.

“After 8 years in our home, our 50-gallon hot water heater was leaking over the weekend.” The reviewer went on to say. “I started calling around on Monday morning. I did get several estimates, most of which were higher then Poole’s. Poole’s recommended to me by our Heating/AC service company.”

“So, I called Poole’s on Monday around noon and they were here and had it replaced within 24 hours.” Adding to the list of customers pleased with the price, quality, and Poole’s experience, he concluded.  “They were competitive on the price and they were fantastic with service. They even called today to follow up with me. Wonderful experience. I would use them in the future every time! they did a fantastic job!”



As detailed in our initial 20th Anniversary post, Poole’s Plumbing began with just two men and a truck. How does a company grow in the span of twenty years to be nearly fifty times as large? In the case of the Raleigh Professional Plumbers at Poole’s, one could point to several things helping in their growth. Undeniably, however, if there is one factor that stands out among the others, it Poole’s unparalleled customer service.

Raleigh-Professional-Plumbers-Customer Service

From the first call to our office to our meticulous attention to detail, customer service is “king.”

In continuing our celebration of Poole’s 20th year of being number one among Raleigh Professional Plumbers we will again turn to our customers. We will let their words following a job done by Poole’s, “do the talking.” In describing their personal experiences with us those two words will be constant…customer service.

Communication is The Key For Raleigh Professional Plumbers

There are many steps in receiving the “perfect” experience when calling the Raleigh Professional Plumbers. From the initial phone call to getting an estimate, to receiving quality work. As explained by our first customer review, with Poole’s Plumbing, we like to have all the areas covered.

“We have been more than pleased with our experience with Poole’s, ” the reviewer begins. “From Carrie, who has communicated with us for all the scheduling, to Henry and the other teams who have been out to our house for the install and inspection,” she went on. “They have been professional, kind, timely, and an absolute joy to work with.”


Honesty to our customer. Integrity in doing the best possible job we can at a fair price. All the while building trust with customers has made us the number one Raleigh Professional Plumbers.

Honesty is Always the Poole’s Policy

The Raleigh Professional Plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing has seen our company soar to its current state. With owner, Robert K. Poole always stressing customer service first, two items would be imperative in addressing this. The highest quality work, of course, is one and the other being honesty.

Our next customer recollection touches on just that. The honesty that all have come to expect from the benchmark in Raleigh Professional Plumbers. Making our customer feel they are “part of the team” in every situation is essential. We think you’ll agree that is exactly the case with the following situation.

“Honest, great communicators and do good work,” was how this customer began to describe Poole’s. “The person who came out to do the bid ‘sold’ me on this company because he gave me some good advice and was clearly high integrity. ”

The review continues, “The crew that did the work did a great job, and was joined by a supervisor checking up on the work.” He concludes, “Ever wish the contractors you hired felt like partners in the project? These plumbers made me feel like that.”


The team at Poole’s is always looking to find the most efficient and honest way to serve the customer.

Top to Bottom Putting the Customer First

How exactly does a company grow by leaps and bounds as the Raleigh Professional Plumbers at Poole’s have? One may say through relationships with the customer. Another piece is, of course, the attention to detail and top-notch quality work. These both certainly are important. But as noted above, it is crucial that each step and every person in contact with the customer lives up to the expectations.

The third customer reviewer in this post obviously felt they did get that treatment from Poole’s Plumbing. He recalls his experience with the Raleigh Professional Plumbers fondly.

“Outstanding service all around, from the call back to the tech and even the billing.” The reviewer continues, “They also advised us how to eliminate the problem with the drain in production.” He concluded, “I am putting them on speed dial for future reference.”

The Most Important Part of the Raleigh Professional Plumbers Team…Is You!!!

For two decades here at Poole’s Plumbing we have been dedicated to performing at the highest of standards. True to our humble beginnings, being honest and fair in building customer relationships remains a top priority.

From your first call to our office to the initial on-site estimate to the final billing process. The one constant and what has allowed us to reach our current heights is our customers.

Becoming the top company among Raleigh Professional Plumbers has been a twenty-year journey. That journey would not be possible without you. We look forward to continuing to grow and improve our customer service practices over the next twenty years and beyond.

We also look forward to taking you along with us for the ride. For more information on how to contact Poole’s Plumbing, visit