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Many people who live in North Carolina would put enjoying four distinct and separate seasons as one of the perks of living in the Tar Heel State. No question, the changing of temperatures and weather experienced is certainly unique to each season in NC. However, with the difference in precipitation, and the switch from warm to cold temperatures, some household preparations must be made as the seasons change. By following the five Fall Plumbing Tips provided below, you can do your part to see that plumbing issues will not be a concern.

Looking at our Fall Plumbing Tips, these will help prepare both inside and outside of your home. We all know, that with the seasons changing can come unpredictable conditions. Thus, by doing each of these simple tasks and staying alert to give them a check periodically, you could be saving yourself both financially, and from an unnecessary mess!

Five Fall Plumbing Tips to Get You Ready for Season’s Change

Drain, Unhook, and Put Away the Hoses!

Of course, with dropping temperatures comes less and less lawn and yard maintenance. Thus, the first of our Fall Plumbing Tips will be putting away an item used almost exclusively in Spring and Summer, the garden hose.

Obviously, when the summer winds down, you will want to keep your hose for another year, so proper removal and storage is recommended. Likewise, you will want to make sure the hose is fully drained and then placed somewhere that it will not freeze as the Fall and Winter’s colder temperatures arrive.

If detached and allowed to freeze, the hose could expand and break. Even worse though in the case you hadn’t removed it from the outside faucet, the freezing process can lead to a much bigger problem. So, let’s remove, drain, and store properly before we move on with Fall Plumbing Tips.

Turning Things Off: Possibly the Most Important (and Easy) Entry of the Fall Plumbing Tips

A common thread you may start to notice here is how important it is to avoid anything from freezing at all costs. Nothing good in the way of plumbing is going to come from a water source, supply, pipe, etc. becoming frozen.

Your inside water supply and hose bibb are both main areas to be certain are shut off properly. In the case of the hose bibb, the first step is our above entry on the Fall Plumbing Tips. That being, remove the hoses. Next, check thoroughly all outdoor faucets for possible leaks. 

When sure there is no leakage, this is when we move to the inside water supply. Shut this down, and then return to the outside faucet, turn it on and drain any remaining water. Lastly, for extra protection, consider a hose bib cover or even a “frost-proof” hose bibb to be sure and eliminate any chances of a “freeze up.”

Staying on top of Your Sewer System

Whether most realize it or not, all three months, fall, winter, and spring can each have ill effects on a sewer system. A variety of issues can occur that are directly related to the colder temperatures and then eventually thawing out after the cold.

If you have ever experienced any sewer system issues, this is potentially a bi and costly enough issue that you may want to consult one of our specialists at Poole’s Plumbing actually. A discussion or visit from us to look at preventive maintenance or even an inspection could eventually save you big time in the long run.

Properly Maintaining Your Water Heater 

This is a part of our Fall Plumbing Tips, obviously, however, it also is a good idea to follow up on this year-round. Simple at-home maintenance and remembering to check for proper functionality can help you get the most from your water heater.

Water heaters normally tend to have anywhere from an 8-12-year lifespan. However, if you keep up on regularly flushing the unit this will both increase its efficiency and save you some money on bills as well heading into the Fall.

Last, But Certainly Not Least for Fall Plumbing Tips: Inspect Your Sump Pump

Usually found in your basement, the sump pump basically functions as a way to send water away from your home and to a place where it is no longer a problem. Thus, you can see how this is such an important entry among our Fall Plumbing Tips. 

Given the amount of precipitation we expect to see with the changing of the season each year, simply keeping watch that the sump pump is working correctly should seem a no brainer. If for some reason while monitoring, you notice it is not working, a call to your friends at Poole’s Plumbing can help you get the unit back working. Consequently, all you really need to do here is watch and in the case of a problem call immediately. Either way, with a little effort, this is a disaster you can avoid and a costly one at that.

The most trusted name in Raleigh are plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing understands that even if you follow our Five Fall Plumbing Tips, you still may have an issue. Likewise, you may simply want the peace of mind that a pro took a look at everything and you have no worry of becoming soaked or broke due to your plumbing this Fall. To contact us, visit



One of the biggest worries that many have these days is the purity and cleanliness of water. More specifically the water that is coming out of their home faucets and being drunk by one’s own family. Likewise, whether watering plants, bathing, or really in any usage, you are always looking to Improve Your Water Quality.

In the following post, we will detail five ways in which you can do just that. Any of the methods below should leave you feeling safe in knowing that your family and you can enjoy a glass of water. Consequently, in taking any of these steps you should unquestionably be able to Improve Your Water Quality.

5 Simple Ways You Can Improve Your Water Quality


1- Test Your Water Quality

This should be an obvious choice for where to start when looking to Improve Your Water Quality. The easiest way to go about this task is to pick up a test kit.

These user-friendly kits can indicate for you any contaminants in your water. Likewise, it will tell you if the water is safe to use or if more is needed to Improve Your Water Quality. If the tests do find the water to be unsafe, you can consult with your friendly plumber at Poole’s Plumbing. This way, you will know what additional steps you need to take to Improve Your Water Quality.

2- Boiling to Improve Your Water Quality

Yes, boiling will remove bacteria and harmful parasites and can make contaminated water safe to consume. However, if you need to boil your tap water, this is only a short-term resolution to your issue at hand.

That being said, if you are going to “boiling” route, you will want to first filter it through a clean cloth or coffee filter. Once filtered, bring the water to a rolling boil for at least a minute. Of note, though, is the fact that if you do need to boil your water, you should contact a water quality professional. They can then analyze and help you with finding a home filtration system.

3- Filtering and Purifying Your Water

Filtered water. Purified Water. Water filtration. Water purification. There are many ways to say these and when talking of trying to Improve Your Water Quality, you will hear them a lot. But do you know exactly what this means or entails? Let’s take a look to be sure.

If you have installed a good water filtration system to your home, it will remove all sediment from your water. Likewise, if you have a water purification system to Improve Your Water Quality, it will remove chemicals, metals, and microorganisms from your water. A water filtration/purification system for the whole house will certainly protect you and your family from poor water quality.

However, if it is only certain taps in your home that are of concern, a filter for individual faucets may serve your purpose.

4- Get a Water Softener

When you conduct your initial water test, if it reveals your problem is minerals, a water softener can help. Installation of a water softener will Improve Your Water Quality, by removing iron, calcium, and magnesium.

Your move to install a water softener will not only provide safer and better-tasting water but can even help extend the life of your appliances, too.

5- Improve Your Water Quality by Taking Care of Your Pipes

Our fifth and final suggestion is another that may seem obvious but is certainly worth a reminder. By maintaining and keeping your pipes in good condition the chance of harmful chemicals and bacteria getting into your water supply is greatly lessened.

If you do notice damage to your pipes, contact us at Poole’s Plumbing and we can get someone out to take a look and get you on the right path to Improve Your Water Quality.

To see more about the number one trusted name in Triangle are plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing, visit


Since early March, many of you have seen your daily routine change significantly. Your commutes to work have turned into a “work at home” situation. Children are also at home for schooling. This results in a full home for you,  seven days a week. With your full more often some apparatuses in your house will see an increase in usage. This includes all facets of your plumbing system. But, with the COVID-19 situation looming, it is reasonable that you wonder, “is  my local plumber scheduling services while still following Wake County Social Distancing regulations?” The answer from Poole’s Plumbing is a resounding YES!


To help set the minds of our customers at ease, we are here to assure you that Poole’s Plumbing’s services you have grown to rely on in the past 20 years are fully operational. Likewise, we are taking every precaution to ensure that we rectify your plumbing problems as always. But, during anxious times, we have put a great emphasis on our customer’s safety as well.


Procedures Initiated by Poole’s Plumbing to Ensure the Safety of the Customer and Our Staff


At Poole’s Plumbing, much like you, we are “playing with a new set of rules” since this outbreak appeared. Our staff’s normal routine has been modified. This is to keep observant of Wake County Social Distancing regulations on service calls. However, we have also instituted many new “in-house” regulations to be followed by our employees. This will ensure that both client and staff are fully protected against exposure to COVID-19.


With your safety in mind, Poole’s Plumbing, in accordance with Wake County Social Distancing protocol and those in Johnston County as well, are strictly enforcing our own guidelines too. It is mandated that our employees follow these guidelines at all times while on the job.


Poole’s Plumbing’s Required Daily Hygiene Habits


  • Employees must wash their hands often, using soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, alcohol-based  hand sanitizer will be provided


  • Any unnecessary touching of the eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands is prohibited.


  • All  employees must stay away from and remain out of contact or near any sick persons


  • Coughing or sneezing is to be done into a tissue, which is to be immediately disposed of


  • Frequently touched surfaces or objects are to be cleaned and fully disinfected frequently


  • If employee feels sick, they must stay at home and seek appropriate medical care.


  • Poole’s employees must avoid gatherings of more than 10 people. We ask they do not visit restaurants or bars unless adhering to Wake County Social Distancing regulations.
  • No air travel whatsoever is permitted.


In Addition to Following Wake County Social Distancing Regulations, What Other Safety Mandates Has Poole’s Plumbing Implemented?


The above headline asks a very reasonable question. We feel keeping you safe when coming to give plumbing services is imperative. Thus, on top of following all Wake County Social Distancing regulations, we have initiated our own safety guidelines also.


The ambiguity of the current situation we aren’t taking lightly. We had to learn what steps can be taken to best ensure safety and cleanliness in defense of COVID-19 while providing plumbing service. Hence, in implementing the safety guidelines below, we followed the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC).


Poole’s Plumbing’s Company Mandated Safety Procedures


  • Soap, water, and alcohol-based hand wipes are available throughout the workplace


  • An employee with any type of acute respiratory or illness symptoms must stay home. Symptoms of this type illness include coughing, shortness of breath, and similar traits. If an employee comes to work and becomes ill after arrival, they will have to be separate from all other staff members and sent home.


  • Staff members running a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, must also stay home. They cannot return to work until they have been free of the fever for at least 24 hours.


Going Above and Beyond Wake County Social Distancing Protocol for You


On top of the regulations above, we still feel we could never be too careful of ensuring your safety. Thus, we personally are monitoring our employees daily. Employees follow these regulations daily.


  • Upon arrival at work, all service employees have their temperature taken


  • All employee uniforms are clean and fresh daily


  • Supervisors monitor all service technicians and helpers to ensure they are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19


  • All employees entering a customer’s home will wear a mask that covers both the nose and rubber gloves.


  • Prior to entering a customer home, we contact and verify that there are no COVID-19 symptoms present in that household.


No Matter the Situation, You Can Trust in Poole’s


Poole’s Plumbing appreciates the business and relationships we have forged across Wake and Johnston County in our 20-plus years of service. The same trust that we earned from you through our honesty and quality work, we want to emphasize that even in these uncertain times, you can still count on. Poole’s Plumbing founder, Robert K. Poole assures you that “We take the health of our clients and employees very seriously.”


Mr. Poole goes on to affirm that the company “Will continue to monitor the outbreak and update our guidelines appropriately.” For more information on Poole’s Plumbing or to contact us, visit