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The plumbing issues we deal with around the house can trigger a variety of responses from us upon first sight. While some might not evoke a quick or much emotion in response, one that certainly will is an Overflowing Toilet.

We have all had that “Oh no” moment when we realize the toilet is clogged and being to back up. So, nobody wants the contents to pour from the bowl and on to their floor, obviously. But an Overflowing Toilet is an issue that we have all faced and probably will again. That, unfortunately, we really can’t avoid. However, what we can do in this post is to remind and tell you of ways to react and quickly stop your Overflowing Toilet.

Stop that Overflowing Toilet at the Source, If You Can!

So, you have been overcome with that feeling of urgency after seeing your Overflowing Toilet. What should you do? Well, again stating the obvious, you want to get that water coming to the toilet shut off as soon as possible. The best way to do this is to locate and turn off your toilet’s main shut off valve.

To shut off the main valve upon seeing the Overflowing Toilet, you first must know where it is located. Usually, the water line that runs from the bathroom wall to your toilet is visible. This is most times where you will locate the toilet’s main shut off valve and the key to stopping the Overflowing Toilet. If you find the valve, turn it off, and then you have as long as it takes to clear the clog and get that toilet running normally again.

Now, what if you could not find the valve. This could be the case if it is located inside the wall or under the flooring tiles. Likewise, this valve is not turned much, unless in the case of an Overflowing Toilet. So, the valve could be rusty or just really difficult to turn. So, if the only way to shut that water source off is with the valve, and you have an Overflowing Toilet, whatever will you do?

The Backup Plan, Look First to the Tank

So, we have an Overflowing Toilet and there is no shut off valve insight. There is no time to waste here, as the water rises toward the edge of the bowl. So, you want to lift the lid off the tank and take a look first at the flapper.

The flapper is the rubber disc covering a hole at the bottom of the tank if you were not aware of this. If you look and it is open, meaning not covering the hole, reach in and close it manually. This will stop your Overflowing Toilet.

There is still a chance though that this will not work. So, if the flapper is not open or if for whatever reason it will not stay closed, look for the float ball. This component of your toilet floats on the water’s surface in the tank. Reach in and manually lift the float ball to the top of the tank, and the water will shut off.

We Stopped the Overflowing Toilet! Now What?

Well, one way or another, you have put a stop to the Overflowing Toilet. However, your work here is not yet done. You still need to get to the source of what was making the toilet overflow. Obviously, to do this, you must clear the clog. A few good hits to the bowl with a toilet plunger should do the job.

In some cases, though, a plunger just cannot cut it, So, if you are not able to clear that clog, call us here Poole’s Plumbing and we will be happy to come by and pop that clog loose for you. To contact us, on this or any of your plumbing issues, visit poolesplumbing.com