When Your Toilet Keeps Running, Don’t Wait Around to “Catch It”


In our many helpful blog posts both past and present, we try to offer up views or methods to help you identify and even fix many plumbing issues. One constant throughout our suggestions and pointers is that in the case of any plumbing issue, time is not something you want to waste. In almost any plumbing appliance and with almost any situation, the longer you wait, the worse things are going to be. This brings us to the situation where your Toilet Keeps Running, seemingly non-stop. Even though it may just seem a noisy inconvenience, this too is something to not wait around on. Unless, of course, it’s a mess you are looking to create.

Moving on to our topic at hand. We have all at some point as homeowners noticed that “water running” sound. What exactly to do about it? Well, that’s what we are here to help you with. But as we allude to above, there’s one thing you for sure don’t want to do when you see your Toilet Keeps Running. That one thing is nothing.

“I think my Toilet Keeps Running or is that just the noise it makes?”

When a toilet is flushed, yes, we all know that the water and contents first flow out, and then the tank and bowl refill with fresh water. Sure, we all know this sound, and while it’s not too loud, it’s certainly one that can be heard. There is a difference though when your Toilet Keeps Running, and in that case, it most likely means you have some type of leak. 

Regardless of what type of leak is behind why your Toilet Keeps Running, you want to address it immediately. It could simply mean the flapper is not properly sealed. Possibly, you have a faulty fill valve. Or maybe the issue is a larger one and you need to replace the entire toilet. Any way you approach it, the longer you take in a fix, the more your problem will grow.

What’s the Worst That Can Happen if Your Toilet Keeps Running? 

A question that should never come out of anyone’s mouth for any plumbing problem is as follows. What’s the worst that can happen? But, if you must ask, we will address some possible issues. Below are three things that can unquestionably cause you bigger than necessary issues if your Toilet Keeps Running.

1- You Will Waste Gallons of Water

While your Toilet Keeps Running and thus, leaking, you are wasting serious amounts of water. With no leak what so ever, a properly running toilet accounts for almost 30 percent of your total home water usage on average. Thus, it doesn’t take much to figure out how quickly the amount being wasted increases when the Toilet Keeps Running non-stop.

2- You Are Wasting Money

Wasting water equals you wasting money. Plain and simple. It’s also not too hard to figure out that if your water bill is based upon the water usage in your home, then when a Toilet Keep Running, your bill keeps going up. Did you know a large toilet leak can actually cost you an extra $10 a day ? Thats about $300 a month if left untouched. So, why not just address the issue?

3- The Issue May Be Bigger than Expected

The noise you hear when your Toilet Keeps Running is annoying, no doubt. But that noisy toilet tank is also silently accumulating a pool of water around the toilet’s base. At best, this leads to a wet floor and possible mold or mildew. But having a toilet leak could also mean something major. It could signal your having either high-water pressure or even sewage buildup. These things can not only lead to this leak, but can begin causing irreparable damage to pipes, fittings, valves, and other equipment.

If you have noticed that familiar sound of when the Toilet Keeps Leaking, don’t wait. There is not one good thing that can come from not checking and being sure of what is causing the constant running. If you need a professional opinion or help with a toilet leak or any plumbing issues, call on the most trusted name in Raleigh plumbers for the past two decades, Poole’s Plumbing. To contact us, visit poolesplumbing.com.