Shut Off Valves, Being Prepared Early and Knowing Where to find Yours To Avoid an Emergency

Shut Off Valves, so we realize that there are situations involving your plumbing that can appear with no warning. Things can go from unnoticed to destroyed in pretty short order. Again, there is no way to predict the future and plan for a surprise plumbing failure. However, by getting familiar with certain parts of your plumbing system and knowing where certain things are located could be the difference between a calm and timely response and a serious mess. Maybe the most important locations to know and be familiar with to avoid a big mess is that of your various Shut-Off Valves.

Knowing where your Shut-Off Valves are once you think about it, is a pretty obvious necessity. This is especially true in case of an emergency of a potential flood situation. Knowing how to get to and shut off the valves, cuts the water off from continuing to run, and allows for time to get the actual plumbing problem addressed.

Finding Your Shut-Off Valves, Your First Stop to Shut Things Off

shut off valves

Sure if you notice a leak, you are thinking you better pick up the phone and call the pros at Poole’s Plumbing. This is a move you should for certain make. But it should be the second move that you make. The first, once you notice the leak is to find and turn off your Shut-Off Valves. But to do that, you need to know their location.

Finding your Shut-Off Valves, in the case you are not sure where they are should not be difficult. This is why we implore you to become knowledgeable of its location long before there are any problems to even deal with. Seeing that every home that is connected to a municipal water supply has Shut Off Valves, by turning these off you will stop all water flow in the house to any pipes, appliances, or fixtures.

Locations of Water Meter and Shut Off

As we just said, all who are connected to a municipal water supply have a shut-off valve. But the water meter in one’s home isn’t always an obvious find. It could be located outdoors. Possibly on the side or attached to a short above-ground post. But there are often times that the Shut-Off Valves cannot be found. This could be in part due to often times these being hidden underground.

If you cannot find the valve, remember that it can be hidden. In this case, look around the house a small hatch or metal cover. If you find one of these labeled water, BINGO, you have found the water meter and thus, the shut-off valve.