“I thought the job went well. They arrived on time and immediately went to work. I had the faucet and they installed it perfectly. They had to cut a hole in the adjoining bedroom but I knew that was going to happen. What surprised me was where they did the cutting of the drywall and piping there was no debris. My carpet and surrounding furniture were spotless. The pricing was very good. I had other estimates going from $250 to $800 for the same job. The plumber who estimated $250 never got back to me after 3 tries so I went elsewhere. I went to the home show on Sept. 28 and Poole’s was there, I spoke to the gentlemen and they gave me the price. The original price was $330 but I used a coupon for $25 they had posted. I have already gotten estimates for two more jobs for them to do. So far I am very happy with them.

– Carol C – Raleigh Home Owner