Testimonials from Raleigh, Cary, and the surrounding area homeowners and business that use Poole’s Plumbing Plumbing services.

I wish that I had called you years ago.
I wish that I had called you years ago. Every year we got a lot of rain sewage would start bubbling up in the yard. I would call a plumber and they would refer me to the city and the city would tell me there was nothing wrong, The same thing was happening this time till your man Tim Carlin got involved. The city came the next day and replaced the line Thank you so much for all your help.
— Fred Clark

Poole’s found and cleared our immediate problem

“We are delighted with Poole’s Plumbing! I know for a fact, that I flushed too many wipes down our commode. Poole’s found and cleared our immediate problem, but in the meantime, they discovered our sewer pipe had detached and separated from the main. They proposed a repair, and the price was fair enough, but beyond our budget at this time. But not to worry! The Poole’s professionals gave us lots of hints and ideas to keep our sewer flowing until the repair is in budget!

Thank you, Poole’s for helping us! We really appreciate your advice and counsel.
We’ll be back, and in the meantime, we will tell our friends how kindly we were treated!”

– Devorah Brehony

Definitely trust Poole’s!

I first called Poole’s about replacing my aging water heater with a gas tankless version (the particular dealer connected the two of us). They came out, assessed my current setup and gave me a pretty good offer. At the time, my existing water heater still worked, so I was putting the project off for the time being (mostly to save up for this project).

Fast forward several months, and the existing water heater is literally on its last legs. I wanted to do my due diligence so I called some other companies to get competitive pricing. A LOT of other companies. Poole’s beat every single one of them on price. Some companies wanted 2x or 3x the amount that Poole’s quoted me, for an inferior product! It was worth the experience to know that not only was I getting a good deal, I was going to be working with knowledgeable professionals. Definitely trust Poole’s!

— Catherine Mears

Honest, great communicators and do good work.

Honest, great communicators and do good work. The person who came out to do the bid ‘sold’ me on this company because he gave me some good advice and was clearly high integrity. The crew that did the work did a great job, and was joined by a supervisor checking up on the work. Ever wish the contractors you hired felt like partners in the project? These plumbers made me feel like that.— Moira Ringo

It’s after 5pm on Friday…where else would you get a company to install a water heater other than Poole’s Plumbing…

“It’s after 5pm on Friday…where else would you get a company to install a water heater other than Poole’s Plumbing…just not gonna happen! After initiating the service at 11am, Ashley came by about 1pm to troubleshoot. Found defective water heater. He indicated they would install a new heater this afternoon…yea, right, and I’m a helicopter pilot! Not only do I have a new water heater installed by Tommy and Justin around 5pm, two very impressive gentlemen both in manners and professionalism, they cleaned up behind themselves.

Folks, that’s customer service in which all companies could learn from. Thank you so much for the expedient service. Oh, I give copter rides daily!

– Edgar – Fuquay Varina Homeowner

I always call Poole’s Plumbing.

Installed anti-siphon hose to dishwasher drain as requested by buyers

As always, these guys did a great job, quickly and were pleasant and professional to deal with. I always call Poole’s Plumbing. I don’t even think of calling anyone else. They deserve a Halo in my estimation.

– Sarah – Raleigh Homeowner

Cleared all the slow drains

Cleared all the slow drains. Replaced leaking sink faucet with one I supplied. Descaled thankless water heater. Removed and resealed leaking commode.

– Cass – Raleigh, NC Homeowner

I would give them a halo if I could

One of the tub faucets had gotten loose so Poole’s Plumbing had to come in and they addressed that.

He asked if we realized we had a leak under those 2 faucets. I thought it was just washing up out of the tub because it’s a jetted tub and I thought that caused all those water marks. He said to make sure it’s turned on all the way. Poole’s Plumbing put a new one in and the problem is solved. It was like a cylinder delta and they just took out the cartridge and put a new cartridge in, and it was fixed. They are great guys. I hire them for everything. We did a flip house where we buy the house and fix it all up. It’s not as easy as it looks on television. We had them come in and they took out the plumbing because we didn’t take out all the cabinets, sinks, and countertops. They came back and did the plumbing, and they were just fantastic. They are just wonderful guys. I love them at a great level. I could give them a halo if I could.

– Suzanne – Cary, NC Homeowner

Our experience with Poole’s Plumbing was very positive

“Our under sink (and 40 yr old) plumbing had collapsed while we were washing some dishes on the evening of 5/1 and the pipes needed to be replaced. We called the morning of Friday 5/2 and had an appointment set up for the following Monday. We were also having an issue with not getting much, if any, hot water out of the kitchen sink. We had purchased a new kitchen faucet and had the plumber install it since he was there anyway to fix the pipes. The pipes were replaced and the new faucet installed – correcting our problems. The tech also gave some great advice regarding plumbing in general and specific questions we had about future repairs or replacements we are thinking about. Overall, we were pleased with Poole’s Plumbing. Our experience with Poole’s Plumbing was very positive, and I will definitely call them again for any future plumbing needs.”

– Skye – Raleigh Homeowner

All I can say is wow……

“ All I can say is wow……start to finish I was very impressed with Poole’s level of professionalism, responsiveness, and workmanship.

Our water heater went out on a Wednesday evening and we called Thursday morning to talk to someone about our options. We had an idea of what we wanted but needed to get a better idea of the cost to upgrade from what we had (a traditional water heater) to a hybrid model. I called at 7:30 and the phone was answered by a real live person (not an annoying phone tree), and she put the estimator on the phone to talk options. My husband and I considered everything overnight and he called Friday morning to see when they would be able to do a formal estimate. Within hours Scott was at our house to do a formal estimate and see if the taller water heater would fit in our crawl space. We were amazed that they could get to our house on Friday, and that as soon as Monday we could have hot water again.

Install – our appointment was set for Monday after Noon but the install guys called at 11:30 to see if they could come early (??when does that ever happen??). Both Joe and Jamie were great – very professional and hard working. They arrived and got down to business and everything seemed to happen seamlessly. Once the unit was installed, almost as if ‘on cue,’ the electrician arrived and just like that we had hot water again.

Overall I am very impressed with Poole’s level of customer service – other contractors should take lessons. Like I said above, Start to finish the experience was great…..if you have to get a new water heater or have plumbing needs call Poole’s!

On a side note, my neighbor’s mother was out in her son’s side yard trying to get rid (unsuccessfully) of some bamboo. The door to our crawl space is near his side yard, and when Joe saw her struggling he didn’t hesitate to help. Such a nice thing to do.”

– Christina – Raleigh Homeowner

Noticed leaking toilet on my way out the door to work

“Noticed leaking toilet on my way out the door to work at 6am on a Friday. Not sure I could get someone out the same day and worried about going into the weekend. I left messages at 3 places – none called me back. Poole’s Plumbing answered the phone at 7am and scheduled me for that morning.
The repairman called to let me know he was on his way. He arrived when he said he would, quickly diagnosed my problem and let me know what the cost would be. The repair was made quickly and professionally. He cleaned up after himself. The cost was reasonable.
I was extremely happy with the service I received and would definitely recommend them and use them again!”

– Jan – Raleigh Homeowner

Great price, great service, very friendly & professional

“Called Poole’s Plumbing about replacing the main water line from the meter to under our house. They had someone come out the next morning to give us an estimate. We accepted their offer & a crew came out two days later. They were there at the promised time & were finished in less than two hours!!! Great price, great service, very friendly & professional and we would definitely choose this company again. Highly recommend this company. When the Wake Co inspector came out to approve the work he told me everything was PERFECT!!! Couldn’t ask for anything more!”

– Jeanne M – Apex main water line replacement

Faucet install… They arrived on time and immediately went to work

“I thought the job went well. They arrived on time and immediately went to work. I had the faucet and they installed it perfectly. They had to cut a hole in the adjoining bedroom but I knew that was going to happen. What surprised me was where they did the cutting of the drywall and piping there was no debris. My carpet and surrounding furniture were spotless. The pricing was very good. I had other estimates going from $250 to $800 for the same job. The plumber who estimated $250 never got back to me after 3 tries so I went elsewhere. I went to the home show on Sept. 28 and Poole’s was there, I spoke to the gentlemen and they gave me the price. The original price was $330 but I used a coupon for $25 they had posted. I have already gotten estimates for two more jobs for them to do. So far I am very happy with them.

– Carol C – Raleigh Home Owner

There were no surprises

“Tom and Joe were excellent. They were well prepared, knowledgeable, and informed me of how things would proceed. There were no surprises. Tom was kind enough to wait while I looked up and printed the Angie’s List coupon. The last time I called a plumber it went nothing like this visit. Tom and Joe restored my confidence in being treated fairly by plumbers.”

– Brenda M – Raleigh Home Owner

Click the easy button

“We needed a toilet installed quickly. We called Poole’s Plumbing, spoke with the nicest CSR, scheduled the appt and the next day it was done. The guys that did the install were nice, fast, and prompt. A salesman even followed up with us to make sure we were satisfied with all, which we most certainly were. Definitely a company to use and be able to trust. Prompt, courteous, affordable and fast makes Poole’s Plumbing a no-brainer.”

– Rramey

Clogged drain

“Had a clogged drain that was flooding the basement. Set up an appointment for the afternoon. The guys called and got there early. Very courteous, and thorough. Highly recommend Poole’s.

– Mick W.

I will definitely recommend Poole’s

“I made an appointment and they came on time, did a great job, and explained everything that they were doing. They made sure that everything was approved by me. They left everything clean. I hope I don’t have to, but I will call them again when I need a plumber.”

– Dor

Poole’s Plumbing – Awesome Work!

“I had to get my kitchen faucet handle replaced as well as my bath room showeer fixtures replaced. Poole’s was on time, professional even took their shoes off at the door. I would recommend Pooles in a heartbeat. Great job.”

– Cristi H.

I was very pleased with Poole’s Plumbing

“I was very pleased with Poole’s Plumbing. They were on time and very knowledgeable about what they were doing. The price was reasonable and there were no hidden charges. The guys were very nice and cleaned up after the job. I was very satisfied with the work done and would recommend them to anyone who needs a plumber.”

– Anne R.

Very happy with the service…

“Very happy with the service I got with Poole’s Plumbing. There prices were competitive and the service techs were impressive. For anyone looking for a hassle free plumber, call Poole’s.”

– Bill D.