“I had the following plumbing issues:

– Hot water heater needed to be connected to drain pipe
– Kitchen water pressure weak
– Guest Bath fixtures not secure against shower enclosure
– Master Bath hot water pressure weak; mixet shower valve not working properly

Corrections made on the spot by Poole’s Plumber:

– Kitchen Water Pressure – removed build up
– Installed fastener through enclosure opening securing guest bath fixtures (avoided having to cut into wall)
– Fixed master bath pressure (valve was not all the way open) and replaced faulty mixet valve

Proposed solution made by Poole’s Plumber:

– Install flood stop w/alarm. Avoids pulling up subflooring (much cheaper)

I was very pleased with the work performed and the expertise offered.”

– Gary C. – Cary Homeowner

“Very helpful. Always on time. Very professional. Always clean up after themselves. Always willing to answer questions or do more tasks than the original call. Wouldn’t call any other plumber!”

– Copamundial – Raleigh Homeowner

“Woke up on a recent Saturday morning to water running. Could not find in the house, and went outside to check the crawl space, and sure enough it was like a shower under there. Called Poole’s plumbing’s emergency # and Joe responded. It was at our house in 30 minutes and had the leak and pipe replaced within the hour. And it was on the otherside of crawl space with about 18″ of clearance. Joe was amazing and it was a blessing just to speak to him afterwards. God Bless you guys. ”

– Chuck S. – Raleigh Homeowner

An exceptional organization. Larry and Tom arrived at my home promptly. They made sure not to track mud into my house. They were enthusiastic, professional and very courteous. They diagnosed the problem with my shower, fixed the malfunction, and my shower has never functioned better. Their prices are quite reasonable. I will not hesitate to utilize their services again. Highly recommended!”

Conrad D.

Poole’s was the only quote out of three I received for a tankless water heater that gave me better options of where it could be installed. They were able to install it in the crawl space closer to the water source giving us quicker hot water and no more worries about tanks in the attic. Estimate and installation was done by the same technicians who knew what they were doing. Great experience!

– Graph Raleigh Homeowner

I had used Poole’s Plumbing in the past to replace old faucet fixtures with new ones. I was so pleased with the people and service that there was no question who to call for my latest plumbing needs. They didn’t let me down and I won’t hesitate to use them again.

– Sam Raleigh Homeowner

I asked Poole’s Plumbing to come out and see how I can get hot water quicker to my master bathroom. It was taking two minutes for hot water to reach the bathroom.

We discussed different ideas and ended up going with the Grundfos Comfort System. This system is working great. It circulates the water so I have immediate warm water at in my master bathroom.

The service techs were very polite, knowledgeable, and did an excellent job.

– J. Adams Raleigh Homeowner

“Just wanted to say that Gary & Kevin did an excellent job with the repairs they did. Gary explained everything that needed to be done, included a rough estimate that was on target, and did an excellent job. Both my wife and I were pleased at their customer service. Thanks for sending out 2 smart and knowledgeable plumbers. Happy Holidays!”

– Michael Hauser – Homeowner

“Showed up to do the wok a promised. I was fully informed of the cost of the job. The two workers did the job quickly and neatly. They were extremely pleasant. I will definitely use their services for plumbing projects in the future.”

– Helaine T. in Cary, NC Homeowner

I needed to replace my water heater, so i called Poole’s and the customer service was awesome! They were very helpful in determining what water heater i needed and gave me a quote over the phone for half the price of other companies i called. I got on schedule for the next day and the service techs that came out were very polite and able to answer all my questions. I would definitely recommend Poole’s Plumbing to anyone who wants to have a professional job done for a competitive price.

– Raleigh homeowner