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I needed to replace my water heater, so i called Poole's and…
Steve Kent
20:58 30 Nov 22
We decided to replace our 11 year old gas hot water heater. Pooles Plumbings quote was lower than 3 other companies. They installed the new heater without incident, but we noticed a smell coming from the hot water. The service manager came out, agreed, and replaced the new water heater. We have had no issues since then. They are professional, responsive, and easy to work with. We highly recommend them
Vinetta Bell
14:18 30 Sep 22
Poole's Plumbing performs as the owner claims in television commercials, doing it right the first time. The service advisors were especially patient and kind, given my misunderstanding of the very clear telephone voice mail message which I misunderstood and then misrepresented. Nobody became belligerent or accusatory. Thank you for that. I value their competent, caring, professional manner. Kenny Hogg and his assistant were considerate (they wore foot coverings and greeted me with courtesy and kindness), quickly established a relationship of rapport, respect, and trust, and performed their work in a competent, caring, and considerate manner. I trust them and respect the work that they do. Thanks, Poole's Plumbing. I'll be using your services again and again, God willing.
BetsyJohn Grimes
02:23 31 Aug 22
Great office staff, knowledgeable plumbers, hardworking and dedicated throughout the appointment. Earl is thorough in his assessment of how to fix the problem!
Ellen Harlow
02:08 31 Aug 22
Great experience...professional and good quality! Earl is thorough and thoughtful in his approach to troubleshooting and fixing the problem!
Justin Galton
16:10 26 Aug 22
One of our first times using a plumber in NC, we have been here for ~6 years, and have a newer house. After our first experience w/Poole's Plumbing...we have no desire to look elsewhere for any plumbing needs. Great initial consultation and scheduling appt, extremely friendly, great understanding of what we needed to accomplish, and very quick availability (much better than most). On-time arrival for actual service appt...very friendly and professional staff...cognizant of hourly work and cost to customer(us) and kept us very updated on work-in-progress. End result matched our needs. Fast turnaround on all invoices and explanations of work. Great all-around experience. Why go elsewhere for plumbing needs?! Thank you!
Stephen Irwin
20:23 24 Aug 22
I had four separate tasks. All four were completed within a reasonable time with a plumber who got right on the job. We are very happy with the results. Poole's was recommended by a friend and I will recommend them too.
Ranjit Thomas
16:51 19 Aug 22
Henry and Kai did a good job changing the board and cleaning out the burners of my Rinnai tankless heater.
Raymond Tiffany
05:24 21 Jul 22
Both induviduals who installed my faucet and replaced the drain system were very efficient, personable, and careful. Their fee was very reasonable. I highly recommend Poole's plumbing!
Jyoti Saluja
20:52 15 Jul 22
Vishal Saluja:Crew was great. Punctual , courteous and professional. Poole' s did our plumbing for our new house. We got the free standing installation done. I am also having them come back for additional work.Thank you.
Russell Carter
14:05 15 Jul 22
Jere McKinley
12:20 14 Jul 22
Poole’s provided an excellent service repairing a leaking pipe and a faulty water heater expansion tank. Earl and his assistant provided outstanding customer service, thorough and explained what they were doing. Thank you.
Graham Hausfeld
17:47 08 Jun 22
Jason and Greg did a great job with my water heater replacement/installation! They were very friendly, talked me through everything, and worked quickly. The pricing was very competitive and I would definitely recommend Poole's Plumbing.
Mark Simmons
12:16 03 Jun 22
We had a very positive experience. They came early, explained what they were doing and answered questions to my satisfaction. I would certainly recommend them to friends and family.
Elaine E
16:15 18 May 22
Amy Mills
13:10 28 Apr 22
On time and the two service men were polite and professional. They did maintenance on my hot water tank. They left my laundry room clean and I would definitely recommend Poole's Plumbing for any of your plumbing needs.
Deepak Voora
16:32 20 Apr 22
Dorothy Weaver
23:12 12 Apr 22
Yesterday I had a new garbage disposal provided by and installed by Poole's Plumbing. The technicians (Henry and Corey) arrived on time, were very polite, and answered all my questions. I am totally pleased with the job they did. I highly recommend Poole's Plumbing.
Patrick Craner
13:23 17 Mar 22
received 3 estimates for replacing water heater in attic. One company was almost twice what Poole's offered and the other was almost as much without the WH. Poole's came on time, put protective film on carpet, and did a Fantastic job within a few hours. Very professional and explained installation and operation. They gave me an estimate just from the photos I sent them and a few other details and were true to their price with NO extra charges.GREAT JOB
Sue Holleman
16:05 01 Mar 22
John Zeiner
16:50 28 Feb 22
As a first-time homebuyer we were quite concerned with a drain backup within our first few days of moving into our home.While we ultimately didn't end up using Poole's given scheduling constraints and the urgent nature of our issue, the other local father-son service they recommend were excellent. We had an extremely positive experience with the other business. I imagine our experience would have been the same with Poole's.I appreciate the professionalism and help they offered in solving our problem.I would highly recommend Poole's as a solution to any plumbing needs!
Kathy Nall
00:17 08 Feb 22
The folks at Poole Plumbing never disappoint. If we have a plumbing need we only call Poole's. They're professional, on time and provide exceptional service.
Donald Robinson
19:01 21 Jan 22
Excellent quality and service.
Robert Foster
17:27 19 Jan 22
The two technicians were amazing! They were punctual, nice and efficient when installing my new hot water heater and flood stop valve. They were transparent and explained things well. They provided excellent service and I would absolutely recommend using Poole's Plumbing, Inc for your plumbing issues and we will be a repeat customer!
Rebecca Thielemann
22:26 21 Dec 21
Bob Johnson
20:21 15 Dec 21
Just had a Rinnai tankless hotwater heater installed. Everyone I dealt with at Poole's(multiple people in the office, estimator, install team, inspection team) all great to work with. All hard working and attention paid to all of the details. Good work for a fair price.
Paul Dolan
17:09 13 Dec 21
From my initial call, to scheduling and addressing the problem, Poole's provided outstanding service.
Peter Pacchiana
19:59 09 Dec 21
Very happy with my conversion to a tankless water heater. They were on time and very professional and I am completely satisfied with the result.
Carla Johnson
16:11 06 Dec 21
It was private and some parking places.
Frank A
15:13 29 Nov 21
Poole's Plumbing has installed my water heater, repaired leaks and changed my PRV on 3 different visits. They are very responsive and provide great quality work. The plumbers that come out are always polite, professional and knowledgeable. They definitely stand behind their work! I know I got a great company for all my plumbings needs and wouldn't want to go anywhere else. I Highly Recommend them, they are AWESOME!
Gregory Richmond
01:49 29 Nov 21
I recently had a water heater replaced by Poole’s and was very impressed and satisfied by their work. The job was coordinated by Sabrina, Julie and Carrie, and the work was performed by Henry and Corey. Henry and Corey did a great job with the install and communicated updates throughout. They also took the time to walk me through the work performed at the completion of the job. Carrie also was great in explaining the inspection process and ensuring all logistics were taken care of.
Wayne Ivey
01:07 29 Nov 21
zach hall (camo)
07:03 15 Nov 21
Yousry Azmy
19:12 13 Nov 21
Efficient, courteous, and good customer service. Pricy, but you get what you pay for. Highly recommended.
Bill Heffelfinger
13:44 13 Nov 21
We awoke to no hot water on a Monday morning. Upon inspection of the water heater we found that it had a leak and that caused the pilot light to go out. Looking a little closer, we also noted the water heater was 18 years old so it seemed like it would need to be replaced.We called Poole's and worked with Carrie to see if we could get a replacement scheduled for that day - knowing this was a long shot considering the current state of affairs with everything taking a long time to get done due to the labor and appliance shortages. Carrie worked with us and got us on the schedule that afternoon. Woohoo!The team showed up as scheduled, verified my findings, and explained what all they would be doing, how long it will likely take, and what we can expect while they were working. They got right to it and about 3 hours later we had a brand new hot water heater installed and doing its job.I'm a bit particular when it comes to doing things of this nature. The crew from Poole's exceed my expectations with the quality of work done.Many thanks to Carrie and the team at Poole's. We'll be using you again.That shower Monday early evening never felt so good! :-)
Linda Clark
01:26 28 Sep 21
Excellent Service 👍
Vasudevan Sankaran
14:33 23 Sep 21
Install sump pump
ellen bennett
14:24 23 Sep 21
The technicians who came were professional, knowledgeable, friendly and solved the problem, all while being in the pouring rain. Very happy with the service!
John Woodyard
09:47 22 Sep 21
Excellent work.
David Morgan
19:20 15 Sep 21
We've used Poole's Plumbing services during the past five years. They're prompt and professional with no surprises. They explain what the issues are supported by pictures, and only fix what needs to be fixed. I'm a big fan of Poole's plumbing and will definitely recommend them to others.
Greg Peterson
15:48 15 Sep 21
I already recommend Poole's Plumbing to my residential real estate clients, so the fantastic personal experience I had was no surprise. The technicians fit me in the same day I called and helped to successfully diagnose and repair a water pressure issue along with a minor toilet repair. Professional, efficient and reasonable, Poole's is my plumber of choice.
Philip Palmeri
13:07 15 Sep 21
Same day service, quick repair, professional servicemen, reasonable price.
Silvia Pahola
00:27 09 Sep 21
The customer service at Poole’s plumbing is exceptional. Quick response time, friendly and professional. As far as I can tell, they did a great job installing my recirculation pump and also did a good job explaining the system to me. I will definitely have them come back in the future.
Thomas of NC
23:56 29 Aug 21
Project 1: Install tankless water heater.Highlight: Recommended by a competitor.We had four companies give us a quote for replacing our natural gas tank water heater with a tankless. One competitor told us that based on the complexity of the install, he would recommend Poole’s Plumbing. And that is who we used. The job consisted of removing the existing natural gas tank water heater, all of it’s venting and sealing all holes where the vent used to be (the old venting was no longer to code). Then installing a direct vent, condensing, non-recirculating new tankless water heater in a new location, installing a condensate pump, and rerouting the plumbing and gas lines to the new location. I would, and have, use them again.Project2: Install hot water recirculation pump in home that does not have a dedicated return line.Workmanship: “They do good work.” –City inspector.Results: From 3 minutes to 3 seconds.Previously, I had a traditional gas tank water heater in my basement. With it, it took 1 minute for hot water to show up at the furthest sink (laundry room) on the main floor and it took 1 minute for hot water to show up at the furthest sink on the top floor (master bath) of my three-story home.When I went tankless I did not want built in recirculation because I was not sure I needed that feature and also because those worked on timers and I would want an on-demand type of recirculation system, i.e. water was not recirculated until a remote is pushed or a motion sensor was activated.After my tankless was installed, the times went from 1 minute to 3 minutes. And these times were independent of each other. When I got hot water in the master bath and immediately went to the laundry room, it still took 3 minutes for hot water to show up there, and vice versa.To make a very long story short, when I contacted the tankless manufacturer about an under sink recirc pump, they said the model tankless I purchased cannot support recirculation. I relayed this information to Poole’s who in turn, without me asking, contacted the tankless manufacturer and got a totally different answer. The manufacturer even recommended a brand of pump to use. Poole’s then contacted the pump manufacturer (again without me asking), reviewed my home’s layout with them and came up with a solution. It consists of a no-timer, remote activated stainless steel flanged pump installed at the water heater, a 2 gallon expansion tank, insulating the hot water pipes where possible, stainless and brass thermal bypass values installed at the laundry room sink and another installed in the master bath, a wireless receiver and two remotes.The results? After pushing the remote button, letting the pump operate and opening the hot water on the faucet, I get hot water at both the laundry room and master bath in 3 seconds. Yes, 3 seconds.Many thanks to Bill and Tim for working with the manufacturers to configure a solution and to Henry and crew for the installation.
Gino Pazzaglini
19:35 17 Aug 21
We have now used Poole's 5 times over the past two years for a variety of plumbing projects, the most recent a toilet installation. From the moment you first call until the moment they leave your home, the people of Poole's are friendly, accommodating, and professional. Highly recommend.
Pamela R
18:48 11 Aug 21
From the time I contacted Pool's Plumbing to schedule a visit to getting the work done, Pool's was such a pleasure to work with! The plumber was excellent, courteous and great customer service. Thank you, again - I will certainly call should I have any further plumbing needs.
David Gaines
13:26 05 Aug 21
Poole's did an excellent job of diagnosing and repairing my Rinnai. They were very communicative throughout the process and answered all my questions thoroughly. I've used two other services; Poole's ranks well above the others.
TL Coyle
14:09 03 Aug 21
Prompt and professional, we have used Poole's services for many years and will continue to do so!!!!
Tony M
16:32 19 Jul 21
I use Poole’s Plumbing for all my homes plumbing issues. Unclogging a shower drain, leaking faucets,replacing my aging Bradford White water heater and the yearly maintenance. I’ve never been disappointedwith their work. Always knowledgeable, professional and on time, it’s the peace of mind knowing that the issue has been resolved correctly. I highly recommend Poole’s Plumbing.
Chris Kilpatrick
14:03 10 Jul 21
had to have dw removed for counter top work- then had to be reinstalled. company is always quick to respond. Technicians were friendly and professional. Showed up when expected. Definitely glad I found this company!
Linda Ornt
23:11 06 Jul 21
Andy did a great job cleaning our Rinnai hot water heater. Very pleasant young man and quite professional.
Linda Perry
23:07 23 Jun 21
I was very pleased with the professionalism, knowledge and courtesy of the Poole"s employees that I dealt with. A small issue arose and Poole's dealt with the issue very quickly and efficiently. I will definitely recommend Poole's to family and friends.
21:03 17 Jun 21
We are very satisfied first-time customers of Poole's Plumbing! Andy completed two minor rebuilds at our master bath and guest bath toilets replacing the fill valves, flappers and supply lines with great competence and professionalism. We will definitely be using their services for our future needs.
Wanda Moore
08:47 15 Jun 21
My experience with Poole's Plumbing was by far the best that I have ever had with any plumbing company. I got a same day appointment, and their prices are reasonable. I will definitely be using them again.
Monica Edwards
17:01 02 Jun 21
The new faucet was installed by another plumber and it leaked from day one and unfortunately did not notice it under the sink until it ruined the board under there as well as buckled the linoleum. After a second attempt at fixing this issue,.
Branden Gooch
13:23 01 Jun 21
T. Yilmaz
12:09 27 May 21
It was easy to reach out to them over the phone.It was easy to schedule them to come over for the repair.They were on time and also gave a call before they showed up.They provided me the repair details that have been completed previously.They replied back to my email in a timely manner to provide the invoice.Their team is kind, and professional.The technicians were respectful to my property, and wore shoe covers when they needed to get inside the house.The repair held up so far and I am hoping it stays that way. If not, I got the impression from my interaction with them that they will stand behind the work they completed, and honor the repair warranty.I highly suggest their business.
Otto Breitschwerdt
14:34 19 May 21
I called and got a live person on the phone right away who quickly scheduled the service. Crew arrived on time, repair was executed quickly and in a clean way. Excellent service!
Miiko Reed
14:08 14 May 21
Nathan Bell
23:51 12 May 21
We hired Poole’s to raise the pipes in our basement that we just converted from a tall crawl space. (Poole’s also did the original plumbing for the house, too). They quoted a great price, showed up on time, and the guys who did the work were professional and friendly. They even swept the basement floor when they were done. We are so pleased with the work and would hire them again in a heartbeat!
Dan Edwards
13:09 12 May 21
They installed a new septic garbage disposal and a water line for my refrigerator. They did a great job for a fair price.
B Ashley
13:16 10 May 21
I had a Recirculation pump installed on my tankless hot water heater. Poole's Plumbing did a fantastic job. I felt like their fees were in line with other companies I called and they gave us a military discount. The first man came out to look at the situation and get us a quote and then Sabrina worked with my schedule and was able to get me an install date that was very timely. Henry and Zach came out and installed the pump and did it in about 1/2 the time they estimated it to take, which was awesome. They were very thorough in explaining and installing. I will definitely use them in the future if the need arises.
Elliotte White
20:12 06 May 21
I had six downspouts that feed into black corrugated pipe that were completely stopped up. I called Poole's Plumbing and asked if they could help me and wow! Earl and Jose came out and did a fantastic job. They were so persistent in their work and I am extremely pleased!!
Nick Faber Jr.
11:30 01 May 21
Techs were on time, very professional, had the knowledge and tools to do the job.
Bayard Alcorn
02:30 29 Apr 21
Working with Poole's Plumbing was an excellent experience from beginning to end. I had a sump pump installed and chose Poole's after getting five quotes. The job was completed on time and efficiently. They made sure I was satisfied with the result. I highly recommend Poole's Plumbing.
Kat Hale
14:06 26 Apr 21
This was a maintenance call for cleaning my Tankless Water Heater and the service people were excellent. They went above and beyond in explaining my system to me and even assisted me in setting up the timer so my system isn't running all day and all night.I was referred by a friend who thought Poole's was very good when she had them out and I am pleased that the service was still good a year later.Thank you.
Gordon Bolt
13:24 14 Apr 21
I have been very happy with Poole's plumbing for the Rinnai tankless water heater installation and service. They listened to my specific requests and followed through on a proposal that met my needs. The system has worked great for the first year. Jason just walked me through the annual descale service so I can do it myself next year. They are a professional and friendly company.
Ryan Noble
14:45 09 Apr 21
Worked very hard to diagnose and ultimately replace our tankless water heater. Great responsiveness. Called when they were on their way. Technicians were very friendly and helpful to answer our questions. Will recommend in future!
Andrew Kozak
18:37 08 Apr 21
Pooles did an absolutely outstanding job on a new rinnai tankless. They arrived on time and followed up for the inspection too. I could not have asked for a better job. After the job was over they registered the tankless and they sent me rebate information I was unaware of. They even provided me with all the data about the tankless. Made filling out the forms a breeze
Gail Ingram
12:06 08 Apr 21
Have used Poole's Plumbing twice now over the last few years and have been very satisfied with their service. It took a few less-than-satisfactory jobs with other companies before finding Poole's, but am now happy I have a reliable plumbing contractor to work with!
Sylvia Williams
21:57 05 Apr 21
Poole's did a great job on our faucet repair and water heater replacement. I would definitely use them again. The office was very responsive and organized. All of the employees we encountered were knowledgeable and professional.
Michael Rubin
16:06 02 Apr 21
We had a serious infestation of mites coming from the base of our toilet. Poole's crew had never seen anything like this before, but they were able to get rid of the nest, totally clean out the underside and install a new wax seal (which add been partially eaten through). They were timely snd effective!
Brenda Glover
15:04 26 Mar 21
Honest and reliable.
Dawn Burtt
18:29 10 Mar 21
We had a shower faucet that was difficult to turn off completely. I was able to get an appointment just a few days out. The technician arrived on time, was courteous and professional. Had the problem solved in less than an hour. The shower works like new, with nice water pressure, and easy shut off. Thank you!
Gary Lawrence
19:08 23 Feb 21
Done the jobs ok but did not go above and beyond. A little bit expensive too.
Eric Bostic
19:19 05 Feb 21
We had Poole's install a new tankless water heater at our home. Their price was better than the few other firms I called. The crew arrived on time, explained the process well, and they were very considerate regarding COVID protocols. Would recommend them to anyone.
Josephus Brown
19:13 22 Jan 21
Plumbers were professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. Wonderful demeanor with a great sense of humor, which I value. Answered all of my questions pertaining to the installation.
Christopher Sauerbrei
19:13 20 Jan 21
We needed a 22 year old water heater replaced. I had 3 companies quote a tank water heater and tankless water heater. In both cases, Poole's plumbing was the lowest quote. In fact, we ended up selecting the tankless water heater and the installed quote was about $600 lower than the other two companies. So on price, Poole wins.On availability, from the time to quote to time to install, it was less than a week. Far less time than the other companies quoted. So on timing, Poole wins.On professionalism, all three companies were very professional, so I was very pleased.On installation, Poole did a great job. Finished the job in about 6 hours when I was expecting 8-10 hours. The service techs Henry and Chris wore covers on their shoes in the house, explained the steps that they were going through as they went through them, after installation went through a thorough explanation of how the water heater works, and informed me that they will be back on Friday for the city inspection. On installation, could not have gone any better.On customer service, Julie was superb. Professional, timely, even sent me the Dominion Energy $150 rebate one day later after install.I have stored Poole plumbing in my phone as my go to source for plumbing needs going forward.Job well done!Chris
Jeff MacIver
19:09 09 Jan 21
Solid service.
Shirley Honeycutt
00:17 20 Dec 20
As a driver they unload really fast
Kelley Wekheye
23:40 19 Dec 20
We had Poole's Plumbing install a Rinnai tankless water heater. They were the 3rd company we had provide an estimate for a tankless water heater and the company we ended up selecting. Bill, the estimator, was very thorough in his process, even with determining the best location for the water heater. The estimate provided was the lowest of all 3 companies and seemed the most reasonable. The estimate provided was detailed and comprehensive. Once we decided to move forward with the work, Poole's was able to fit us in the very next day. We were very grateful as we had been without hot water for 2 weeks by that point. The team arrived the very next morning. Henry was very polite and had a calm demeanor. He explained in detail the process and was patient to wait until we were finished using water before cutting it off. He assisted in providing a better solution for wiring that was needed that would not disrupt the integrity of the exterior of our home. Part of the drywall in the lower part of our house had to be cut into for some wiring. The person who did the wiring was nice enough to write down the supplies (and costs) of items needed to fix the drywall and detailed how we could do it ourself. After everything was completed, Henry took the time to walk us through everything that was done, including recommending flushing the water hear annually and showing us how we could do it ourself. We really appreciated this extra step, considering it had already been a long day for the team in completing the installation. I would highly recommend this business!
14:48 16 Nov 20
Brian Yamamoto
04:27 08 Nov 20
On time and did really nice work in a tough situation.
K Tucker
15:21 10 Sep 20
We hired Poole's Plumbing for their Hydro-Jetting service to clear some landscape drain lines that run from our gutters. The service cost is pretty steep ($375 for the first hour), but it's using specialized equipment so I was fine with it. The initial contact with the business is very professional with Carrie in the office. The first crew came out to work on our issue and were on time and professional and friendly. Unfortunately, we still had an issue that we found existed after they left. However, this is where Poole's shined. When I called back to say that I needed them back out, Carrie informed me that typically would cost another service call, at a somewhat discounted rate, since it's a non-warrantied item. I wasn't thrilled with that, but I needed it done and they're one of the few companies I can find to do it. She scheduled Tim, the service manager, to come out with another crew. They came back out today, again on time, and worked diligently for the entire time to fully resolve our issue. At the end, Tim indicated we wouldn't be charged for this 2nd visit. This is good business and will get me to call Poole's again the next time I need work done. They recognized an issue wasn't resolved properly the first visit and didn't make me foot the bill. Outstanding customer service from start to finish.
Freda Brittain
20:13 03 Sep 20
Great company! Very pleased with quality of repair and expertise of employees.
Woody Johnson
11:22 03 Sep 20
Called and spoke with woman on the phone she answered all of me and my fiance questions about a certain inquiry. Thanks poole keep up the great work
Cait Gorevin
19:58 27 Aug 20
Henry and Tom came out to our house Sunday for an emergency call and were amazing. We have to have further work done in a month or so and when we do, I'll be calling here to schedule.Edited 08.27: Henry and Andy came out this morning to complete the work I mentioned above and they did the work of champions. They busted their butts in the hot sun to break up concrete underneath our house and get new, unbroken piping laid down and were polite, on-time, and amazing to work with. Still really pleased with my choice to use this company. Additionally, Hayley and Carrie in the office are both lovely to work with when scheduling services.
Earl Tewksbury
19:47 21 Aug 20
meena wanas
01:56 22 Jul 20
I recently relocated my tankless water heater fromy attic toy garage. Tim from Poole's plumbing and his crew were amazing. They came in and knew exactly what they were doimg. The install was flawless, their service was nothing less than amazing. They are honest and effecient. They made the system up to code and was approved by the city of Raleigh. I highly recommend them.
Tim Simpson
16:37 29 Jun 20
Great speedy service. Price is reasonable too
Viswas Purani
18:25 22 May 20
Poole's Plumbing replaced our hot water heater yesterday. The entire team right from the sales person to scheduler to technicians were very nice, prompt and professional. They provided great service, were competitively priced and I have no hesitation in recommending them!
Melissa Clites
12:28 07 May 20
Thank you so much! My husband used to work plumbing and when our upstairs toilet quit filling with water and it wasn't the flapper, he decided he didn't want the hassle and to call someone. I'm so glad I found Poole’s Plumbing, Inc.. They came out same day (week day) and within 15 minutes had correctly diagnosed and replaced the hose that supplies water to the tank. We suspected the valve was the problem but they saved us so much headache being able to determine it was just the hose! They were on time, knowledgeable, friendly and adhered to social distancing requirements. Great service at an average price for plumbing repair. Highly recommend.
Noel Anderson
18:27 06 May 20
My electric tank water heater went out in the spring of 2019. A friend that works in the residential construction industry suggested that I call Poole's. They responded quickly and advised me on my options. I ended up going with a tankless water heater. It has been a great decision. They come right on schedule, are reasonably priced and give good advice throughout the process. Yesterday, they came out for the one year service of the new water heater. They showed me how to clean & descale the unit so I can do it myself next time. I highly recommend these guys.
Laura M. Sayre
12:06 04 May 20
Travis and Garrett arrived on my non-emergency appointment in Durham on time and friendly as they could be. I had given a list of issues. They addressed each one with care and professionalism, even advising when continuing to work at an issue might create a larger problem. I definitely recommend them highly.
Amish Shah
15:36 26 Apr 20
We had our water heater broken, and Poole's plumbing gave us a reasonable quote (better than others in our area), were prompt in service, and were very cooperative. The staff from taking the order, giving estimate to installation, all the way through was a great experience, and will keep them in mind for our future needs.
Fawad Tariq
13:51 03 Apr 20
Bruce Tyndall
22:57 27 Mar 20
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Bob Johnson
Bob Johnson
20:19 15 Dec 21
Just had a Rinnai tankless hotwater heater installed. Everyone I dealt with at Poole's(multiple people in the office, estimator, install team, inspection team) all great to work with. All hard working and attention paid to all of the details. Good work for a fair price.👍
Glenn Neargarder
Glenn Neargarder
18:32 08 Oct 21
As someone in the home service business (flooring) I rarely write reviews for other home service businesses unless I have an exceptional good or bad experience. Unfortunately this company's conduct was unprofessional and borderline inappropriate. I was in a meeting when they arrived because they only provided a 20 minute notice even though I always ask for 1 hour so I can rearrange my meetings to accommodate them. They had to wait for 30 minutes until I was out of my meeting and said they had to charge me for those 30 minutes, the rate was $375 / hour. I said no because they only gave a 20 minute notice (they called at 12:55 pm and 12:57 pm and showed up at 1:15 pm, I met with them at 1:45 pm. The technicians were professional about it and called the office but the office told them to leave. So I called the office and ask why they are leaving over 30 minute difference and the woman was shockingly rude and upset. If anyone should be upset it should be myself for having to pay $187... there is no reason why they can't provide a 1 hour notice and there is certainly no reason why they couldn't try to work out the difference instead of leaving and being rude and expressing anger by raising your voice is inappropriate in almost any situation and certainly this situation. This experience speaks to the mentality of the company so don't be surprised if you have any issues and they aren't willing to make it right or work with you. I've coach other home service owners from this 'It's all about the money' mentality to a 'customer service' mentality so I recognize it when I see it. If you use them be very clear about your expectation up front and don't expect a favorable resolution if something goes wrong. Best of luck.
BfXenon Headlights
BfXenon Headlights
18:28 08 Oct 21
As someone in the home service business (flooring) I rarely write reviews for other home service businesses unless I have an exceptional good or bad experience. Unfortunately this company's conduct was unprofessional and borderline inappropriate. I was in a meeting when they arrived because they only provided a 20 minute notice even though I always ask for 1 hour so I can rearrange my meetings to accommodate them. They had to wait for 30 minutes until I was out of my meeting and said they had to charge me for those 30 minutes, the rate was $375 / hour. I said no because they only gave a 20 minute notice (they called at 12:55 pm and 12:57 pm and showed up at 1:15 pm, I met with them at 1:45 pm. The technicians were professional about it and called the office but the office told them to leave. So I called the office and ask why they are leaving over 30 minute difference and the woman was shockingly rude and upset. If anyone should be upset it should be myself for having to pay $187... there is no reason why they can't provide a 1 hour notice and there is certainly no reason why they couldn't try to work out the difference instead of leaving and being rude and expressing anger by raising your voice is inappropriate in almost any situation and certainly this situation. This experience speaks to the mentality of the company so don't be surprised if you have any issues and they aren't willing to make it right or work with you. I've coach other home service owners from this 'It's all about the money' mentality to a 'customer service' mentality so I recognize it when I see it. If you use them be very clear about your expectation up front and don't expect a favorable resolution if something goes wrong. Best of luck.
Jan Jackson Yates
Jan Jackson Yates
19:45 11 Jun 20
Highly recommend! They got me on the schedule quick and were earlier than expected on the day of my appointment. The gentlemen were polite and respectful of staying socially distant. It did not take them very long to replace and fix the outdoor water faucets. They explained what they needed to do and it did not cost near as much as I was expecting! Very pleased with my service!
Chris Kilpatrick
Chris Kilpatrick
19:59 30 Jan 20
Sorry if this posts twice. Poole's was recommended to me last night to replace a hot water heater. I called @ 7:10 this morning and spoke with Carrie. She was able to give me a quote on the phone after I sent pictures to her. The installers were here @ 11:20 to work. Blake and Cory were super nice and helpful- they answered my MANY questions!! The price was way better than the first company I contacted and the job was finished in half the time I was quoted from the other company. So glad to find a reliable plumbing company!
Judy Gunter Baumbach
Judy Gunter Baumbach
19:18 28 Feb 19
Our hot water heater blew late one night in mid January. I had just seen an ad in TV that week for 2 plumbing companies. I called first one and the background sounded like a lot of people (telemarketing hub?) which made me very uncomfortable. My thought was, if there’s a problem who’s going to fix it?? I call the next number which was Poole’s Plumbing and what a difference! They’re a local company which was a huge plus! Everyone I had contact with, from phone conversations to in-person installation personnel were absolutely fantastic! Everyone was knowledgeable, professional, and very friendly! Thank you to everyone at Poole’s! I highly recommend to anyone for high quality product and service, as well as a great friendly and knowledgeable staff, call Poole’s Plumbing!
Grier Allison
Grier Allison
23:45 22 Feb 18
Had these folks install a new hot water heater in my home. Has been a fantastic experience. The sales guys and install team were both very through. Great craftsmanship, and worked within the time frame I was given. They even went out of their way to reschedule inspections so the job would be done faster. I got a fair price versus similar outfits, and PSNC. PSNC was actually the cheapest, but salesmen never sent me a quote. Plus, let’s face it, utility company will do half a** work.
Mar Smith
Mar Smith
15:57 07 Jun 17
Hayden Breckenridge
Hayden Breckenridge
13:34 02 Jun 17
Please look elsewhere, I DO NOT recommend.

Just bought a home in Garner, NC and we needed a plumber to look at a leak in the crawl space. First of all, I was told they would arrive at 8am but they did not show up until 8:30am (small inconvenience). The power was disconnected during the appointment due to the account change between the previous owner and myself (was not expecting this to happen during the appointment). I was told I would have to pay $125 for them to show up and then $125 when they came back with the power on. I was not expecting to pay $250 for just a diagnostic... So I called their office and was directed to Robert Poole (the owner). I was hoping he would work with me as I was planning to give him all of my business. Had I had a good experience, this review would have been the complete opposite. But Robert told me he could reduce that visit to $80 and we could call them back for the diagnostic which would still be $125 (thanks Robert...). I literally paid $80 + tax for the guys to come by the house for 10 minutes and you want me to call them back out... I cannot comment on the quality of their work because they didn't do anything. And if you have to speak with the owner, be prepared to be extremely disappointed in the customer service.
Tim Carlin
Tim Carlin
21:50 19 May 17
Paul Bridgers
Paul Bridgers
14:41 22 Jun 14
Kimberly Sanders Gwynn
Kimberly Sanders Gwynn
20:00 17 Mar 14
Great company and staff!! Thanks for all you did for us and working through the sleet and rain!!!
Anita Morris Stancil
Anita Morris Stancil
15:42 15 Jan 14
Sheila Hunley
Sheila Hunley
14:24 19 Nov 13
John Snyder
John Snyder
01:39 07 Nov 13
Linwood Jermain Jones
Linwood Jermain Jones
16:27 02 Nov 13
Five star babe , I work here an loving it ! Staff , company an all of my co workers are awesome also !
Scott Seaman
Scott Seaman
00:29 31 Oct 13
Randy Hill
Randy Hill
22:19 01 Aug 13
Lisa Wise Herndon
Lisa Wise Herndon
13:48 26 Jun 13
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