Common Sink Mistakes: 5 Things to Avoid Putting Down the Drain

In anyone’s home or apartment, one of the most commonly used appliances would be the sink. Whether just washing off a plate or our hands, cooking, or whatever the reason. A sink is an appliance you would not want to go without. Thus, it would make sense to brush up on anything that might be harmful or could cause a clog to your sink. Luckily for you, your friends at Poole’s Plumbing are here to help with Common Sink Mistakes that you will want to avoid.

In addition to remembering to avoid these items getting in your drain, simple and regular maintenance if the sink is recommended.. Regardless, below are five Common Sink Mistakes that you want to avoid from becoming mistakes of your own.

5 Common Sink Mistakes to Avoid Clogs

1) Coffee Grounds

We all start the day out with that nice, fresh, hot “cup of joe.” Well, at least someone in the household I’m pretty sure does. So, once done brewing a fresh pot, many times just a lack of thinking ca lead to this first of our Common Sink Mistakes.

Basically, the thought process here is that since coffee grounds are so fine and small, they just go right down the drain with no issues. While it may appear that way, this is not the case. Once the grounds are in, they turn to a sludge that clogs your pipes. Thus, coffee grounds should always be thrown in the garbage and not down the sink.

2) Pasta and Rice

These are very common side dishes that we all make at our homes from time to time. But lest we not forgot how these items are cooked and this can explain why they can become Common Sink Mistakes.

Now, both rice and pasta expand when they are exposed to water. Couple this with once cooked, they can become both sticky and mushy. For these reasons, it is best to clean the pasta or rice of all plates directly into the garbage.

3) Grease

This s one we all are taught early. Or, at least I believe we are taught this early…or possibly this is just common sense. Either way, grease of all kinds is a known substance among Common Sink Problems.

Sure, grease is a common byproduct of cooking. However, for those not in the know, grease solidifies. Thus, if dumped into the drain, it will then solidify there, causing a clog. We recommend pouring any excess grease into a jar of some type and once solid, throw the jar away.

4) Fats and Oils

Much like the number three entry to our Common Sink Problems, this is one that you should know. Fats and oils can coat the walls of more than just the drain, however. As a result, these items could cause an enormous problem.

Items in this grouping would include cooking oils, dressings, shortening, etc. The major problem these Common Sink Problems could cause is the coating of your pipes and the more buildup you have, the worse this issue could become.

5) Eggshells

Our fifth and final Common Sink Problems entry for the day is eggshells. now once and a while, you may get away with these down the sink…however, why risk the problem.

Normally, the issue with eggshells is that they stick in a drain or mix with other items to lead to bigger clogs. As we all know, bigger clogs lead to bigger problems.

Common Sink Mistakes: Only a Call Away

All five of these Common Sink Problems can become Common Sink disasters. Keeping each and all of these items out of your sink can eliminate any chance of a clog. If however for some reason you do develop a sink issue, Poole’s Plumbing is here and just a call away. To contact us, visit