Why is No Cold Water Coming from the Shower?

This post is somewhat of a reversal from a plumbing question that seems to be asked more often but is very similar. Often times you see a plumbing blog discuss to do if there is no hot water coming into the shower. Not so much, however, do you see articles the other. way around. This is in spite of the fact that both can cause serious inconvenience. On the contrary, in this piece, we will examine what to do in the case there is No Cold Water coming out of your shower.

Now, of course it is terrible when you would go to take a shower and the water is ice cold. But, roles reversed, it is equally as bad to have No Cold Water at all, and scalding, hot water only. The cause of this is usually due to a valve located in a cartridge, that is actually fairly easily fixed. Below, we will look at all possible causes, and discuss how to fix the issue at home.

There is No Cold Water in the Shower? Why?

Upon discovering that you have No Cold Water coming from the shower, it is time for a bit of troubleshooting. To do this, simply check your faucets throughout the house. If these also have No Cold Water we can begin to identify the problem. First, check the valves wherever your main water supply is. There is the possibility that a valve was somehow shut off by accident. If this is the case, you are in luck. Problem solved. However, if there is No Cold Water and there are no valves shut off, give us a call and the pros from Poole’s Plumbing will have to take a look

Now, if the other faucets all do have cold water, a pressure-balancing valve is probably your issue.

What is the Pressure-Balancing Valve and Why Would it Fail?

The pressure-balancing valves in your shower regulate both the water pressure and the ratio of cold and hot water from the showerhead. These cartridges over time can see corrosion and mineral buildup, which will eventually ruin the cartridge.

To replace a failing pressure-balancing valve is not a very hard task. Actually, removing the old cartridge is the most difficult part of getting your No Cold Water issue solved.

Replace that Cartridge and Get cold water back!

Step one of the replacement process is to purchase a new cartridge. The easiest method here is to remove the old one and bring it with you to a hardware store. To remove, it is easiest to use a cartridge puller. Speaking of tools, bullet-pointed below is a list of six tools that will make this a much easier task. Likewise, these tools will be the beginning of the end of having No Cold Water.

Tools Needed for Shower Cartridge Removal

  • Cartridge Puller or tap with matching 4-6 in. bolt
  • Flathead and Phillips screwdriver
  • Allen wrenches/Hex keys
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Silicone or Plumber’s Grease
  • Locking pliers

10 Steps to Saying Goodbye to No Cold Water

In actuality, this is 10 steps to replace your broken shower cartridge. But that being said, once fixed you will be back in business on the cold and hot side of the faucet.

Follow these ten steps in order and you’re well on the way to cold water in the shower once again.

1) Turn off the water supply to the shower.

2) Place a towel on top of the drain so no screws are lost or fall in

3) Remove the faucet handle and any metal covers or trim plates

4) Remember to take a picture of the inside of the faucet body. This is to have for reference when we go to reassembly.

5) Back inside the faucet body, remove other parts

6) Any dirt or mineral deposits are to be dissolved with a commercial cleaner

7) Using the needle-nose pliers, pull the retainer clip out of the faucet body.

8) Remove the cartridge using the “puller” that you purchased.

9) Use plumber’s grease or silicone, and paying close attention to the orientation, reinstall your new cartridge.

10) Likewise, reinstall the valve stem, retainer clip, and faucet parts. (Remember the photos you took! Aren’t you glad we had you take them!)

Oh, wait, one last thing once all is reassembled. Turn on the water supply and enjoy balancing out that hot water and say goodbye to having No Cold Water.

No Cold Water? No More!!!

Ok, we realize this is a pretty ambitious “do-it-yourself” project. So, if these steps and this type of work is some you are not confident in doing yourself, it’s understandable. Feel free to contact us at and the most trusted name in Raleigh plumbing will be happy to be at your service!