How to Hide Plumbing for the Holidays

Holiday Festive Plumbing

Holiday Plumbing Tips don’t always have to be an issue. Plumbing decorations can add to your holiday decor in many ways – with easy-to-do crafts, disguising unsightly fixtures, or sprucing up hard to decorate areas of your home. Decorations like the ones shown above will make great additions for outdoor plumbing this holiday season. You can also do indoor bathroom decorations at home, and it’s an inexpensive way to make your guests feel welcome.

Here is still more inspiration for those seemingly never-ending places that could use a little holiday cheer! So, no matter what room in the house needs a little something extra, you’ll find some ideas here that will work perfectly for you!

Nothing will spoil your bathroom.

The first trick is to look for a place where it would be easy to add a hook or a shelf. The area around the toilet is prime real estate for adding little shelves or even a paper towel holder. Some places might surprise you; for example, the back of your showerhead can often support a little decoration or even a toothbrush holder. Of course, you should aim to make these decorations clear and elegant; nothing ruins the mood like a bathroom that looks like an overzealous junior high student decorating it.

Once you find a space where it’s easy to hang something, the next question is, “what?”

There are many different ideas for toilet paper holders that are shaped like trees or reindeer. Alternatively, you can use a tree or reindeer-shaped soap dish. Fortunately, there are many options just waiting for you to discover them — even in your recycling bin.

If you want to make your decorations out of something non-traditional, it can be as simple as using a permanent marker and paper. The best places to make decorations like this are:

  1. Around the edges of your mirror (be careful not to damage the mirror)
  2. On the back of your toilet tank
  3. Inside your medicine cabinet
  4. On the tiles surrounding your tub or shower

These are good spots for this type of decoration because they’re not easily seen by anyone who’s not in the bathroom — and they’re also unlikely to be destroyed by mishandling.

How cool is that?

There are probably a few fixtures or overflow plates you could do without. However, they will be easily solved with these ideas below from (Pinterest).

Stick a fake plant in them and make it look like the greenery is spilling out of the plumbing fixture! Clean, organic, and a super simple way to give your room’s hard surfaces some life. You can even use pretty rocks as filler instead of dirt if that suits your fancy better.

Joy to The World!

Enjoying running water during the holidays is part tradition and part practicality: emotions run high this time of year, and it’s nice to have something soothing going while everyone is getting ready. But what if your faucet is ugly and you don’t want to replace it? You can always put a decorative cover like this one on top to make it look prettier!

16 Outdoor decorative water faucet covers ideas – Pinterest › kilamassey › outdoor-deco

Here’s another idea for making those outdoor faucets festive without having to spend too much money. Hang some lights around the edges, add some beads along with the spout, and decorate with whatever holiday figures tickle your fancy, and there you have it! A quick DIY project that looks chic with minimal effort.

How about adding something stylish but straightforward to kitchen faucets instead? This way, they won’t be draining away money which can now go towards buying Holiday food.

Toilet plunger holders are already pretty cheap, but they don’t have to be with these step-by-step instructions for this project.

Toilet plunger and roll snowman. Super cute handmade gift! › … › Gifts › Gag Gifts

What about making your Bathroom more pleasant during the long winter months? You can decorate with holiday-themed TP rolls like these:

70 Cardboard/toilet paper tube Christmas Ornaments ideas › WhyILoveXMAS › cardboard

Or stick a few pinecones and twigs in an empty tissue box and display them on a shelf or table corner:

These ideas are great if you’re using your bathrooms, but what about those hard-to-clean areas that everyone seems to forget about?

How about old curtain rods decorated with fun Christmas ornaments and tinsel.

Or how about hanging some craft toilets from the ceiling with ropes and filling their bowls with fake snow? Yes, I said, turning toilets! It’s classic for a reason.


Finally, the essential part of decorating a bathroom is making sure that the decoration itself doesn’t ruin the mood you’re trying to create.

So, it may be very tempting to use your old Christmas-themed towels, but this can quickly become tragic if you leave them in the Bathroom when guests are over. It’s better to go with a non-Christmas theme or find a way to incorporate the holiday without ruining the mood. Our bathroom should be a relaxing place for you and your guests, so have fun and be festive! And just because it’s plumbing doesn’t mean it cannot be enjoyed.

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