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The most trusted name in Raleigh NC professional plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing, have some helpful pointers to help you save money and avoid wasting water with these Kitchen Water Conservation Tips.

These Kitchen Water Conservation Tips are all simple actions that can be taken by anyone around the house. Just staying on top of these suggestions will help you and your family save.

Kitchen Water Conservation Tips: Is the Water Running?

One of our Kitchen Water Conservation Tips entails simply watching how long the faucet is running during several activities. This comes into play during several kitchen activities, one being, when washing dishes by hand. This simple conservation method is to fill both sides of the sink up, utilizing one as a wash side and the other to rinse. Thus, the continuous stream of running water you’d usually waste doing this is eliminated.

Soaking Instead of a Rinse or a Scrub Equals Saving

Next, in our simple Kitchen Water Conservation Tips is to have some patience, which in turn will allow you to conserve.  To start with, while cleaning your pots and pans, let them soak long enough to soften the debris. This will make for an easier time scrubbing for you. Likewise, you will not be wasting the water pouring and pouring out of the faucet over the pans as you scrub away. Therefore,  if you are washing fruits and vegetables, filling a pan to do this, cuts down on much waste, as well. Once again, this savings comes from not having the continuous stream coming from the faucet in cleaning these items. To take that process a step further in conserving, after you’ve washed the produce, use the water from the pan to water plants around the house.

Let Dishwashers and Disposals Do Their Job

The next appliance to focus on with our Kitchen Water Conservation Tips where you can greatly save is the dishwasher. First, by only running it when full the average household can save 1,000 gallons of water per month.

Furthermore, if you have a newer model dishwasher, they are powerful enough and made to clean more thoroughly. Thus, you can cut back on the time spent rinsing. The garbage disposal is another item that by utilizing our simple Kitchen Water Conservation Tips you can save in areas you may not even have realized you were being wasteful. Most obviously, simply use the disposal only when necessary. Composting with and using the peeling and trimming from veggies or fruit will save you from wasting gallons of water while running the disposal.

Your own consumption of water is the last item we touch on in our Kitchen Water Conservation Tips. For your own drinking purposes, fill a pitcher with water to keep in the refrigerator. This keeps you from constantly refilling at the sink. Also, use the same glass throughout the day. This avoids dirtying several glasses and thus filling up the dishwasher for more frequently.

These easy-to-do- Kitchen Water Conservation Tips from the Raleigh plumbing experts at Poole’s Plumbing can get you on the right path. Consequently, in doing so, it can also conserve water and save on your water bill, too.