Plumbing Experience

Plumbing Experience! Could You Ace a Plumber’s Interview? A Homeowner’s Game Show Challenge

Plumbing Experience! Welcome to the ultimate homeowner game show challenge! You might be used to asking the questions when hiring a plumber, but have you ever considered what it would be like on the other side of the interview? As you stand in the hypothetical candidate’s shoes, we’ll find out if you have the chops to answer the tough questions a plumber might face. Put on your thinking cap and grab your wrench; it’s time to play “Could You Ace a Plumber’s Interview?”

Round 1: Plumbing Experience

We all start somewhere, and for our first round, we’re zeroing in on experience—something every seasoned plumber should have under their belt. Imagine you’re the one donning the overalls.

Question 1: “Could you walk us through the most complex plumbing project you’ve ever tackled?”

Possible Homeowner Answer: “Uh, does unclog the toilet with a plunger count?”

Question 2: “What’s your experience with different types of piping materials?”

Possible Homeowner Answer: “There’s more than one type?”

The reality is, as a homeowner, your plumbing experience may boil down to some DIY fixes. That’s why you hire the professionals, right?

Round 2: Problem-Solving Scenarios

This round is all about thinking on your feet. Here we go!

Question 3: “A client calls complaining of a ‘phantom flush‘—their toilet seems to flush by itself. What could be the cause?”

Possible Homeowner Answer: “Is that like a ghost? Should I call Ghostbusters?”

Question 4: “How would you address a sudden drop in water pressure throughout a house?”

Possible Homeowner Answer: “Check if someone forgot to pay the water bill, maybe?”

Its explicit problem-solving scenarios can get tricky. With the right know-how, your best guess might cut it in a room full of plumbers.

Round 3: Knowledge of Building Codes

Building codes keep our water flowing and our homes safe. How well do you know them, the homeowner?

Question 5: “Do you know and can you explain the difference between a vent stack and a stack vent?”

Possible Homeowner Answer: “One’s a stack, and the other’s a… vent? Do I phone a friend?”

Question 6: “What specific codes pertain to water heater installations?”

Possible Homeowner Answer: “They need to be… installed correctly?”

Yikes! This round might show that some things are best left to the experts.

Final Round: The Lightning-Fast Code Trouble-Shoot

Think fast—these rapid-fire questions won’t wait for anyone!

Quick Question 1: “What is a P-trap, and why is it important?”

Quick Question 2: “Define ‘sweating a pipe.’ What does this involve?”

Quick Question 3: “What would you use a plumber’s snake for?”

Phew! Did you keep up, or did the questions wash you away like a burst pipe?


Well, how did you do with your plumbing experience? Maybe you discovered you’re a plumbing savant, or perhaps you found newfound respect for the pros with all the answers. Remember, no matter how well you fared in our mock plumbing showdown, it’s always a safe bet to leave it to qualified plumbers when natural leaks spring.

So, knowing which questions to ask and understanding the answers for those plumbing issues beyond your trusty plunger’s powers is just as important. You may not be ready to don the plumber’s toolkit, but being an informed homeowner—that’s a win in any book.

3 Fun Takeaways for Non-Plumbers

Plumbers have a wealth of knowledge that spans beyond tools; codes and problem-solving are part of the daily dance.

Experience matters, but as a homeowner, knowing how to hire the right help is just as crucial.

You might not be ready to join the ranks of professional plumbers, but understanding the basics can help you better communicate your issues—and appreciate the solutions they provide!