Sulfur Smell in Your Drain is Nothing to Joke About

The smell is horrible. The comparison many give to it smelling like rotten eggs is pretty close, but it’s even worse. If you have that terrible Sulfur Smell in Your Drains permeating throughout your home, you will want it gone in a hurry.

The first item of business is answering why there is a Sulfur Smell in Your Drains. The obvious follow up to that is what is causing the smell. Luckily, the Raleigh area plumbing experts, Poole’s Plumbing is happy to help you address and figure out these types of issues. Consequently, we can help you get rid of that Sulfur Smell in Your House.

Sulfur Smell in Your Drains? Or is it From the Water Itself?

A valid question once you think there are Sulfur Smells in Your Drains is, is it for sure the drains? It could also be coming from your water itself. Thus, to test and see what the source is, you can follow the two steps bullet-pointed below.

  • Pour a glass of water from your sink that you have smelled the sulfur in.
  • Take it outside and smell it

Now, if you don’t smell anything from the water, the issue is definitely a Sulfur Smell in Your Drains. However, if you do smell it in the water, pour a second glass, but use a different sink. If both glasses have that awful odor, the issue is probably in the water. If only the water from the sink you initially smelled keeps the odor, you are probably looking at the drains.

What Exactly is Causing this Smell?

The Sulfur Smell in Your Drains can be from several things. First, and most common cause is a clogged or partially clogged drain. When. sinks become clogged, the drainage is much slower, and bacteria can build up in the p-trap and create hydrogen sulfide gas.

Likewise, the issue can come from a drink that has not been in use. This happens if the water in the p-trap dries up from it not being used, gas from the sewer line can rise out of the sink.

Another common offender (and we do mean offender if you had smelled this…) is a dirty garbage disposal. This one is on you people! Keep the food and bacteria out of the disposal or at least keep it clean.

What Can You Do About the Sulfur Smell in Your Drains?

Luckily, there are several things that you can do to prevent this awful stench from emitting in your home. First, always keep clean garbage disposal. Run it often and run either a disposal cleaner or ice cubes in it from time to time to keep the blades clean. Some lemon wedges or orange peels can help to emit a more pleasant scent from your disposal, too.

If the Sulfur Smell in Your Drains is coming from the bathroom sinks, one way to get rid of it and to eliminate the clog causing it. Pour a half-cup of Baking soda down the drain. Follow this with a full cup of vinegar, and then continue to flush with hot water. If this has not eliminated the smell, it’s time to call in the pros.

So, in conclusion, if you have the scent of rotten eggs or Sulfur Smells coming from your drain, it may be a simple fix. But if for one second you think it’s more serious, contact us at We will be happy to advise and lead the way to eliminate these odors for good!