Plumbing Facts

Plumbing Facts, plumbing wis an essential part of any functioning home or business. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to do the many everyday things we take for granted, like flushing a toilet, shower, or washing dishes. Unfortunately, there are some plumbing truths that only some know about, and they can cause problems if neglected. Here are some hard-hitting facts about plumbing that all homeowners should know:

Top Plumbing Facts

  1. Clogs happen – You may have heard that flushing certain items down the toilet will cause clogs in your pipes. This is true!
    Other than human waste (toilet paper) and water, nothing else shouldn’t be flushed as it can cause severe blockages that require professional help.
  2. Regular maintenance is critical – Have your plumbing system in your homes or offices inspected and adequately serviced by a professional every few years to ensure it functions optimally. This could save you from costly repairs and replacements down the line!
  3. Pipe problems can be hidden – Many homeowners don’t realize it, but pipe damage and leaks can occur without visible signs or symptoms. Leaks can appear behind walls or in other hard-to-reach areas, so regular inspection is essential to catch them before they become serious problems.
  4. Pipes freeze in cold weather – It’s essential to understand that pipes can freeze if temperatures drop too low for an extended period. Ensure your pipes are appropriately insulated and exposed to minimal cold air to prevent this.
  5. Be careful with DIY plumbing – Attempting to make repairs or installations on your own may be dangerous and could lead to injury and even illegal, depending on where you live. Unless you have the necessary expertise, it’s best to leave these tasks to a professional plumber who can do them safely and efficiently.
Plumbing system

By understanding these common plumbing truths, you can maintain your home’s plumbing system better and avoid costly problems down the road! However, if there are any questions, please get in touch with Raleigh’s number-one trusted plumber,

Fun Plumbing Facts:
Did you know that around 90%of toilet clogs can be fixed by simply using your plunger?
Did you know the average American can use 150 gallons of water daily?
Did you know your dishwasher uses around 10 gallons of hot water daily?
Did you know that we waste 4 gallons of water every time we leave the water running when brushing our teeth?
Did you know the number of leaks in a home can fill up a swimming pool? Each leak can produce up to 10,0000 gallons of water per year.

Do you know who invented the first flush toilet?
It was Sir. John Harrington made two, one for himself and one for his godmother Queen Elizabeth.