In the final article of our three part series aimed at helping you cut back both on costly water bills and on being wasteful around the house, the Raleigh NC professional plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing will take you straight to the washing machine and give you a few pointers as a part of our Laundry Room Water Conservation Tips.

Much as with the initial two articles in this series which covered conserving in both the kitchen and the bathroom, our Laundry Room Water Conservation Tips more than anything are simply a matter of staying on top of how your appliances work and operate as well as being conscious of the amount of water being used in your household and limiting that amount to what is needed.

To begin with, running your washing machine only when it is full rather than washing smaller loads can save the average family from wasting about 1,000 gallons of water per month. Likewise, being aware and keeping an eye on the size of load that you are washing and matching your water level to that load is another way that you can save.

In actuality, you can start acting on these Laundry Room Water Conservation Tips before you even set foot back in your home when buying your washing machine. By thinking of the best ways to save and conserve water when shopping for a new appliance, checking for a model that has a variety of load size and water cycle adjustments will allow you to better monitor your water usage when doing a wash. Also, with the innovative new technology always being applied to make products more green compliant, purchasing a water saving washing mating for example one with the Water Sense label to be sure your new appliance is high efficiency.

These easy-to-do Laundry Room Water Conservation Tips provided by the most trusted name in Raleigh NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing are simple ways to be mindful of the amount of water usage going on under your roof on a daily basis. Keeping a watchful eye out when doing your laundry in addition to utilizing the tips provided in part one and two of our water conservation three-part series, both in the kitchen and bathroom, can have you on the fast track to saving and conserving in no time.