Keep Your Shower Drain Unclogged with These Four Simple Gadgets

Of course, it is always a helpful skill to understand and know how to unclog a shower drain. We have all been to that point, where the buildup has got so bad that the water level is just rising and rising as we try to take a rinse. As noted, being able to pop that drain clean, even though at times gross, can certainly be a big help in these spots. But, what if there was some way, or in this case ways, to keep your Shower Drain Unclogged and not have the worry of popping it clear? What if with very minimal investment and by just remembering a few things before you stepped into the shower you could stop this issue from occurring altogether? Well, in this post, we will show you how this is possible with the usage of four simple gadgets that can change the way you shower.

Now, we cannot guarantee that you will never again have any type of clog or backup in your shower drain, obviously. Also, we realize that at times due to time constraints and other circumstances, we can all hurry and forget. It’s going to happen, we realize this. However, we think once you’ve read through these items below, that you’ll wholeheartedly agree it will not take much for you to keep that Shower Drain Unclogged.

Four Gadgets to Keep That Shower Drain Unclogged

In addition to you being excited about keeping that Shower Drain Unclogged, we also think you will be pleasantly surprised with how simple these items are that can help with the fix. Below are the four “magic” items to get you on the way to a faster flowing drain!

1) A Drain Screen

Well, this one should come as no big surprise. It’s even got the name of what we are fixing right in its title. But no matter how obvious a choice this would be to keep your Shower Drain Unclogged…you just have to use it. A drain screen can be picked up for purchase for next to nothing and especially for those households with members sporting long hair, they can go a long way towards helping.

This simple, screen like item just gets set over the shower drain when you go in and turn on the water. That’s all. Sure, it’s a little gross to pick up and empty into the trash after each usage. But it is certainly far less appalling than the buildup of months and months of the same residue being left behind to the point that it clogs…right?

2) Hair Brush

Another real innovative and new product we have here…am I right? Hey, if it helps and it works, it doesn’t necessarily always need to be some pricey, new innovative gadget. We are looking here to keep that Shower Drain Unclogged, and most households do have a hair brush, so let’s go with it!

Even if you don’t have a hair brush, like the drain screen above, you can get one for a minimal investment. But, getting to how the brush can help keep the Shower Drain Unclogged, it’s even simpler than using the screen if you can believe that. You see, and many may not think of this, but when you get in the shower and shampoo, then rinse, the condition then rinse, the hair that we find causing these type clogs basically is from what you lose in doing that.

Thus, before you get in the shower, take your brush and give a thorough brushing back of your hair. Yes, you will lose some in the brush and need to put that in the trash. However, instead of the hair that normally would go into the drain starting to accumulate, it is in the trash instead.

3) Shower Caddy

A lot of people already have one of these, but if you don’t, once again, a shower caddy can be easily located for purchase and is very inexpensive. Now, we don’t know for sure what you place on this “in-shower shelf-like item.” But, contrary to what our first two gadget descriptions have you. thinking, hair is not the only thing making you not keep that Shower Drain Unclogged.

In actuality, equally as much of an issue with clogged shower drains as hair, is soap. Solid pieces, or when the bar has dropped and gets soaked and some slides into the drain both can cause a problem. So, in addition to your shampoo, razors, shaving items, and whatever else goes on your caddy, be sure to have a spot for the soap. This way, you can help to be certain this is not going to cause anymore clogs.

4) Outdoor Pet Shower/Rinse Off

Ok, now we are not saying you need to get into major construction here. This is not a call to build  some type of luxurious “pet spa.” What we are saying is that you give your dog or other pets a bath. This is essential and we would never say to not clean your animal. So, if you do have extra money to somewhere outdoors install a small “pet shower,” that is great, and can help immensely in keeping your Shower Drain Unclogged.

For those without the extra funds for a small shower install, we understand. So, when warmer months are upon us, using a kiddie swimming pool that is near, a hose can work in the same way. This way, there is no chance that the fur and hair from the animal can get inside the shower drain. Whether you have a small shower installed or use the kiddie pool method, it’s tougher to bathe the animals in an outdoor setting in the cold of winter, regardless.

So, when the temperatures drop, and bathing your pet indoors is a must, just lay a washcloth over your drain before pulling the plug. Yes, the water will take longer to drain, but this traps all the hair and fur off the animal. It also allows it to wind up in the trash instead of the drain.

Keeping Your Shower Drain Unclogged is All Up to You

With usage of these very simple items and tips, and just a little thought prior to jumping in the shower, ou can significantly raise the chances of keeping the Shower Drain Unclogged. Once you get into the swing of things and used to checking on each of these four items, they will become equally as much a part of your shower as the shampoo and hot water.

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