What is the Cause of My Slow Filling Toilet?


It has happened to us all. All of a sudden you notice after a flush that it is seeming to take your bowl longer than usual to fill back up. This is not a real uncommon problem. Likewise, it does not need to be something that turns into a huge problem., This of course all depends on how quickly you detect and address your Slow Filling Toilet.

Now, if you just read that and thought, “oh no, how can I tell what’s causing my Slow Filling Toilet,” it’s ok. Your friends at Poole’s Plumbing have got your back! Below we will give you three main issues to look for that could be the source of the Slow Filling Toilet. Remember, it usually takes the toilet about one minute to refill. Any longer than this you should keep an eye on the following things listed below.

Possible Causes of a Slow Filling Toilet 

As we note above, these are three possible reasons behind a Slow Filling Toilet.

Problem #1 – Water Supply Valve

Just to be clear, the water supply valve is the knob coming out of the wall just below the toilet tank. What purpose it serves is to control the water flowing into your toilet. If this is in any way closed or not functioning right, it may not be able to deliver the needed amount of water at the speed to fill it correctly. This would result in a Slow Filling Toilet.

Another possible problem could occur with the valve if debris of some type has built up. This can also make the filling speed slower due to the water flow being restricted.

Troubleshoot Tip #1 for Slow Filling Toilet

 If you check the valve and it is completely open, and still not producing enough water to fill the tank, call Poole’s Plumbing. We will give a check for debris buildup.

Problem #2 – Your Float Ball is Water Logged

The float ball is pretty self descriptional. For those not familiar, it is the ball inside your tank that sits on top of the water. Its function is to control the amount of incoming water. If this ball becomes waterlogged, it will not allow the tank to fill correctly.

Thus, the water may either fill at a slower rate or the correct amount may not enter the tank. This would also create a Slow Filling Toilet situation.

Troubleshooting Tip #2 for Slow Filling Toilet

 Check your tanks’ water level. First, remove the tank’s lid to check. Then if you can see that it’s not full or that the ball is not floating at the top, it may be waterlogged. As with the first two problems, if this happens, you could see a Slow Filling Toilet.

This is not the worst news however, as replacing a float ball is simple. Just pull the old one from the arm and put a new one in its place. Of note also though is that a float ball is somewhat dated technology now when it comes to plumbing resources. You may want to get more modern components for your replacement if the ball is no longer working.

Problem #3- Issues with the Fill Valve Tube

Your fill valve tube is inside the toilet tank as well. Quite simply when you look in the tank, it is the tube attaching to the fill valve. The tube’s function is to control the tank’s water level. Over time, with any toilet, the fill valve can start wearing down. Likewise, they can move out of alignment or become clogged as well. If any of those three problems are occurring with your fill valve tube, it can stop the tank from properly filling up.

Troubleshooting Tip #3 for Slow Filling Toilet

If you rule out the water supply valve and a waterlogged float ball, you should look at the actual fill valve. Look for any signs of wear and tear of it being in an incorrect position. It should be on the left side of the tank. Likewise, it should have a tailpiece that extends through the tank’s bottom where it attaches to the supply tube or shut off valve.

So, if you happen to notice you have a Slow Filling Toilet, this is no reason to fret. Calmly, coolly, and assuredly just take a look at each of the possibilities above and analyze. If there is an issue that you are uncertain or uncomfortable in fixing personally, give us a call! Here at Poole’s Plumbing, we are the number one name in Raleigh plumbers for over 20 years. To contact us, following the link to our “Contact Us” section at poolesplumbing.com.