Since early March, many of you have seen your daily routine change significantly. Your commutes to work have turned into a “work at home” situation. Children are also at home for schooling. This results in a full home for you,  seven days a week. With your full more often some apparatuses in your house will see an increase in usage. This includes all facets of your plumbing system. But, with the COVID-19 situation looming, it is reasonable that you wonder, “is  my local plumber scheduling services while still following Wake County Social Distancing regulations?” The answer from Poole’s Plumbing is a resounding YES!


To help set the minds of our customers at ease, we are here to assure you that Poole’s Plumbing’s services you have grown to rely on in the past 20 years are fully operational. Likewise, we are taking every precaution to ensure that we rectify your plumbing problems as always. But, during anxious times, we have put a great emphasis on our customer’s safety as well.


Procedures Initiated by Poole’s Plumbing to Ensure the Safety of the Customer and Our Staff


At Poole’s Plumbing, much like you, we are “playing with a new set of rules” since this outbreak appeared. Our staff’s normal routine has been modified. This is to keep observant of Wake County Social Distancing regulations on service calls. However, we have also instituted many new “in-house” regulations to be followed by our employees. This will ensure that both client and staff are fully protected against exposure to COVID-19.


With your safety in mind, Poole’s Plumbing, in accordance with Wake County Social Distancing protocol and those in Johnston County as well, are strictly enforcing our own guidelines too. It is mandated that our employees follow these guidelines at all times while on the job.


Poole’s Plumbing’s Required Daily Hygiene Habits


  • Employees must wash their hands often, using soap and water for at least 20 seconds. If soap and water are not available, alcohol-based  hand sanitizer will be provided


  • Any unnecessary touching of the eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands is prohibited.


  • All  employees must stay away from and remain out of contact or near any sick persons


  • Coughing or sneezing is to be done into a tissue, which is to be immediately disposed of


  • Frequently touched surfaces or objects are to be cleaned and fully disinfected frequently


  • If employee feels sick, they must stay at home and seek appropriate medical care.


  • Poole’s employees must avoid gatherings of more than 10 people. We ask they do not visit restaurants or bars unless adhering to Wake County Social Distancing regulations.
  • No air travel whatsoever is permitted.


In Addition to Following Wake County Social Distancing Regulations, What Other Safety Mandates Has Poole’s Plumbing Implemented?


The above headline asks a very reasonable question. We feel keeping you safe when coming to give plumbing services is imperative. Thus, on top of following all Wake County Social Distancing regulations, we have initiated our own safety guidelines also.


The ambiguity of the current situation we aren’t taking lightly. We had to learn what steps can be taken to best ensure safety and cleanliness in defense of COVID-19 while providing plumbing service. Hence, in implementing the safety guidelines below, we followed the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC).


Poole’s Plumbing’s Company Mandated Safety Procedures


  • Soap, water, and alcohol-based hand wipes are available throughout the workplace


  • An employee with any type of acute respiratory or illness symptoms must stay home. Symptoms of this type illness include coughing, shortness of breath, and similar traits. If an employee comes to work and becomes ill after arrival, they will have to be separate from all other staff members and sent home.


  • Staff members running a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, must also stay home. They cannot return to work until they have been free of the fever for at least 24 hours.


Going Above and Beyond Wake County Social Distancing Protocol for You


On top of the regulations above, we still feel we could never be too careful of ensuring your safety. Thus, we personally are monitoring our employees daily. Employees follow these regulations daily.


  • Upon arrival at work, all service employees have their temperature taken


  • All employee uniforms are clean and fresh daily


  • Supervisors monitor all service technicians and helpers to ensure they are not showing any symptoms of COVID-19


  • All employees entering a customer’s home will wear a mask that covers both the nose and rubber gloves.


  • Prior to entering a customer home, we contact and verify that there are no COVID-19 symptoms present in that household.


No Matter the Situation, You Can Trust in Poole’s


Poole’s Plumbing appreciates the business and relationships we have forged across Wake and Johnston County in our 20-plus years of service. The same trust that we earned from you through our honesty and quality work, we want to emphasize that even in these uncertain times, you can still count on. Poole’s Plumbing founder, Robert K. Poole assures you that “We take the health of our clients and employees very seriously.”


Mr. Poole goes on to affirm that the company “Will continue to monitor the outbreak and update our guidelines appropriately.” For more information on Poole’s Plumbing or to contact us, visit