The Leak Smart System: Getting to the “Heart” of the System

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In this, our second post introducing the Leak Smart System, we begin looking at how the system actually works. While some are intimidated by technology, you can rest assured, this is one system that’s as easy as can be with options to find just the right system for you. In addition to explain how the Leak Smart System “detects and protects,” we start looking at individual parts of the system. In this article, we discuss the “heart” of the system, the sensors.


The Leak Smart sensors can lead to bog saving and avoid a simple leak becoming a complex disaster.

Detection and Protection

At, it explains, that “the Leak Smart System features sensors, a smart valve, a central hub, and a mobile app.” It continues to say the following. “These components ‘talk’ to each other to protect your home and keep you in control, wherever you are.”

The same section of the official website for the Leak Smart System further explains. “Leak Smart is a smart home solution that detects leaks and shuts off a home’s water main in 5 seconds or less.” It concludes, “protecting your home and everything in it from the devastation of water damage.”

The “Heart” of the System: The Sensors

We will tackle the different “valves” in our upcoming third post on the Leak Smart System. However, in this post we continue our introduction to the “world’s most intelligent leak and flood protection system with the “heart” of the system, the sensors.


The Range Extender (pictured) boosts the sensors, allowing them to protect larger homes.

As also described at, the sensor is a main part of the system. “The compact, waterproof Leak Smart Sensor detects leaks and monitors temperatures at high-risk areas in your home.” For those with. larger homes, the Leak Smart System has a “range extender,” to boost signals from the sensors and allow protection for a range of up to 6,000 square feet.

The site goes on to detail the following features of the sensors.

Key Features of the Leak Smart System Sensors:

  • Detects leaks and monitors temperature
  • Signals your Leak Smart Cut-in Valve or Snap Valve Controller to automatically shut off water the moment it detects a leak
  • Triggers an audible alarm, flashes blue, and sends instant notifications via email, text, and push notifications
  • Configures detect mode (to notify)
  • Configures protect mode (to notify and shut off valve)
  • Sensors are waterproof and fit into tight spaces without shifting or sliding

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