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Everybody that owns or rents a home for an extended length of time is bound to face plumbing issues at some point. Surprisingly, some of the more common ones are where some serious and costly mistakes get made. Some of these mistakes can be attributed to being misled by a non- professional opinion that found in online searches. However, even long before every person behind a keyboard turned into a “certified expert,” one common mistake made was still; pretty consistent and confusing. This was whether or not one should use Liquid Drain Cleaners to unplug a clog.

Before we tackle the “myths” or “legend” behind the usage of Liquid Drain Cleaner, let’s be sure everyone knows what it is. One of the aforementioned “common” plumbing issues is a clogged drain. In this situation, as with any plumbing issue, most people will look for a way to fix the problem initially on their own if possible. Thus, given the many “name brand” and well-known Liquid Drain Cleaners would appear an obvious choice to turn to before picking up the phone to call in a pro. As we will now explore, however, this method can actually in many cases cause further damage to your pipes and even your health.

“I Saw the Commercial, Liquid Drain Cleaners Must be Safe for the Pipes, right?!”


There are many ways to clear a drain through without the use of dangerous chemical cleaners.

To start with we will take a look at the effect that Liquid Drain Cleaners can have on your plumbing system. More specifically, let’s discuss the potential damage that can be done to your pipes by Liquid Drain Cleaners. To look at this, first, we must explain how these types of products work.

Liquid Drain Cleaners, many times because of having hydrochloric acid as an ingredient, creates a chemical reaction inside your drainpipe. These reactions generate heat many thinks can clear a clog, and in some cases can. On the contrary, this heat that is supposed to “pop the drain clean” can often time cause irreversible damage to the pipes.
Where the damage can almost certainly happen to your pipes when Liquid Drain Cleaner is used is when it is not fully able to clear the clog. Thus, the chemicals sit atop the clog and are concentrated on just one small area of your pipe. In the case of plastic plumbing, the Liquid Drain Cleaners will melt and deform the pipe. While metal piping may be stronger initially, the heat will eventually weaken this too. Once weakened the metal can crack and leaks are then inevitable.

They Sell it Over the Counter, Can It Really be Harmful to My Health?

YES. To repeat, if this is a question you have, them YES is the answer. Just think if the chemicals in Liquid Drain Cleaners can do that to your pipes, what happens if you breathe it in? What happens when it gets on your skin or in your eyes? As you can imagine, these are not the only ways you  can be hurt by Liquid Drain Cleaners.
Now, of course, not all Liquid Drain Cleaners are made exactly the same. But it is pretty universal that to some extent all are harmful if ingested or in any way came in contact with. Sure, safety goggles and gloves can protect you. In a case that you “must” use these chemicals. (Does that situation exist?) However, if it does get on your skin it can cause serious burns. Likewise, Liquid Drain Cleaners in your eyes may result in serious burning and damage.

But can’t I Save Money Using Liquid Drain Cleaners?

In case you have not noticed a developing pattern here, it is safe to say the negatives of Liquid Drain Cleaners far outweigh the positives. Could there be a savings, money wise if the product does work? Sure, it is possible if the clog in your drain is a simple hairball or some grease buildup. Outside of those two issues however, it is unlikely the chemicals will even work.
In addition, by calling a professional plumber, they can actually analyze the problem. This avoids any guessing and blindly dumping harmful chemicals down the drain. You can be certain if there is a crack the pros will find it. In some instances the problem is deep in your drainage system. This would make  purchasing  Liquid Drain Cleaners  a complete waste of money.

Pop it Free the Old-Fashioned Way: Call on the Plunger!

Personally, if I notice a clog, the first thing I go to is the plunger. Just use proper plunging technique, and you may be able to pop the drain free. Even if you are unable to with this method, there is no harm in trying to plunge the drain open.
In the same vein as using a plunger, you may want to try a plumbing snake. There are many easy to use versions. Some will connect right to any electrical drill. While you won’t get the power of a snake like the pros would use, this still could avoid you making a call.
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