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Always ahead of the field with the latest plumbing innovations, Moen Kitchen Faucets introduce “Power Clean” and “Power Boost” technology. Just as the case with our previous several articles, the experts at Poole’s Plumbing can help to educate on or install these and any Moen products.


The forceful spray of the Power Clean technology has many benefits.

Its “More Force, Less Splash” with Power Clean Moen Kitchen Faucets

At they introduce the Power Clean technology used in Moen Kitchen Faucets as follows. “Moen’s thoughtfully designed Power Clean technology provides an improved and powerfully concentrated spray for faster clean up.”

They continue to detail the advantages of Power Clean technology in Moen Kitchen Faucets. “With optimized cleaning force, Power Clean technology provides 50% more spray power* than most pulldown and pullout faucets, while containing splash and minimizing the mess.”

The Benefits of Power Clean technology with Moen Kitchen Faucets (The explanations following are from

  • Powerful, Fast Clean-Up- Tackle sticky, caked-on messes in half the time versus Moen pullout and pulldown faucets without Power Clean technology
  • Convenience and Efficiency- Greater force means faster clean-up with less water used 
Moen-Kitchen-Faucets-Power Boost

The Power Boost technology makes a perfect fill as easy as touching a button.

A “Faster Clean” and “Faster Fill” with Power Boost Technology

Just like with the “Power Clean” technology, Power Boost is another innovation with Moen Kitchen Faucets. The Moen official website also details the innovative features of Power Boost technology, reading as follows.

“Boost the performance of your kitchen faucet with the push of a button.” It continues, “Power Boost fills containers faster and provides 50 percent more spray power for quicker clean-up. Moen’s game-changing Power Boost innovation helps homeowners maximize their time at the sink, offering improved functionality at their fingertips.”

The Benefits of Power Boost technology with Moen Kitchen Faucets (The explanations following are from

  • Boosted Water Performance– With the push of a button, Boosted Spray cleans 50% faster, while Boosted Stream fills pots and pitchers faster.
  • Convenience and Efficiency- Now, filling coffee pots and lemonade pitchers doesn’t feel like forever.
  • Faster Clean-Up- Tackle sticky, caked-on messes in half the time of Moen faucets without Power Boost technology, with the push of a button

The Moen Kitchen Faucets featuring this technology are available in a variety of different models and finishes. Any of these models can be installed by the most trusted name in Raleigh professional plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing. For more on available faucets with Power Clean and Power Boost technology, visit To contact Poole’s Plumbing about installation or any questions on these and any other kitchen faucets, visit