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Testing Your Sump Pump

Testing Your Sump Pump and Determining Its Lifespan

Testing your sump pump is essential in households with basements or crawl space access. It is designed to remove excess water that may accumulate in these areas due to heavy rainfall, melting snow, or rising groundwater. However, like any mechanical device, a sump pump can fail at any time, and it is crucial to test and maintain it regularly to ensure its proper functioning.

Why Test Your Sump Pump?

Regularly testing your sump pump is vital as it gives you peace of mind, knowing it will work when needed. It also allows you to identify potential issues early on and address them before they become more costly problems. Moreover, if there is a power outage or a sudden increase in water level, you will be confident that your sump pump can handle it.

How to Test Your Sump Pump

Testing your sump pump is a simple process that should be done at least twice a year. Here’s how:

testing your sump pump
  1. Locate the outlet pipe: This will carry water from the sump pump to the outside of your home.
  2. Check the power source: Ensure the sump pump is connected and plugged into a properly working outlet and connected to a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for added safety.
  3. Fill the sump pit with water: Slowly pour enough into the sump pit until you reach your pump’s float switch or trigger point. This mimics how the sump pump would activate during a natural flood.
  4. Observe the sump pump: As the water level rises in the pit, your sump pump should automatically turn on and start pumping out water. Once it reaches the bottom of the pit, it should shut off.
  5. Check for any issues: While the sump pump is running, listen for any strange noises, vibrations, or leaks. If you notice anything unusual, it may be a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed.
  6. Repeat the test: After the sump pump has turned off, refill the sump pit and repeat the process to ensure it turns on and off correctly.

If your sump pump fails to turn on or off during the test, it could indicate a malfunction that requires professional attention.

How Long Will a Sump Pump Last?

Testing Your Sump Pump, a sump pump lifespan will vary depending on several factors, such as quality, usage, and maintenance. On average, a sump pump can last 5-10 years. However, some high-quality pumps can last up to 25 years with proper maintenance.

Determining the Size of Your Sump Pump

The size of your sump pump is crucial as it determines its ability to handle water flow in your basement or crawl space. Here are some factors to consider when determining the size you need:

  • The size and depth of your basement or crawl space: Larger spaces require a bigger sump pump to handle more water.
  • The average rainfall in your area: If you live in an area with heavy rain, you may need a larger sump pump to keep up with the water flow.
  • The soil type around your home: Clay and compact soils tend to hold onto water, requiring a more powerful sump pump to remove it.

We recommend consulting a professional plumber at Pooles Plumbing or a sump pump specialist to help determine the right size for your needs.


Testing your sump pump regularly and understanding its lifespan and size requirements are crucial steps in maintaining a functional and efficient sump pump. Following these guidelines protects your home and investment from potential water damage caused by floods or rising groundwater. Prevention is always better than dealing with the aftermath of a failed sump pump. So, make it a priority to test and maintain your sump pump to keep your home safe and dry all year round.

Water Filtration Systems Raleigh NC

The Ultimate Guide to Water Filtration Systems for Your Home

water filtration

Water is a basic necessity of life, and as homeowners, it’s important to ensure that the water we consume and use in our homes is safe and clean. While water filtration systems have been in use for decades, the latest technology and advancement have brought about newer and more efficient ways to filter water. Choosing the right water filtration system can seem like a daunting task as there are several options available on the market. In this blog, we’ll explore the different types of water filtration systems available for residential homes, compare the latest technology for water filtration and highlight the benefits and cons of each. We’ll also take a look at the most purchased or installed filtration system in the United States and what’s likely to be installed in the North Carolina region.

water filtration types

Reverse Osmosis Filtration System:

Reverse osmosis systems work by sending water through a semi-permeable membrane that filters out impurities. They are effective at removing particles like silt, rust, and chlorine while also removing harmful contaminants like bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals. However, these systems are slow and can waste a lot of water, as it uses about three to four times more water than it produces.

Carbon Filtration System activated carbon

Carbon Filtration System:

Carbon filtration systems work by using activated carbon to absorb impurities from the water. They are effective at removing chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and sediment from the water. These are the most common types of water filters used in homeowner’s refrigerators. However, they are less effective at removing minerals, fluoride, and other contaminants that aren’t easily absorbed by carbon.

UV (Ultraviolet) Disinfection System:

UV disinfection systems work by using ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and viruses found in the water. They work best in conjunction with another filtration system as they’re not effective in removing particulate matter or other contaminants. while they are effective at killing bacteria and viruses, the bulbs must be replaced periodically and are expensive.

Water Softener System:

Water softeners work by removing hard ions and minerals from the water, mainly magnesium and calcium. They basically replace the minerals with salt ions to make the water “softer”. Water softeners are effective at reducing the hard water spots caused by hard water, and it prevents damage done to clothes when using hard water to wash them. However, it can have a negative effect on people who have high blood pressure, and the excessive sodium content is harmful to the environment.

Ceramic Filtration System:

Ceramic filtration systems work by using a porous ceramic filter to trap bacteria and other microorganisms. These are typically promoted for outdoor use and areas without access to mains water. While they are easy to clean and maintain, they are less effective at treating other contaminants like sediment and minerals.

In conclusion, choosing the right water filtration system depends on the specific needs and concerns of your household. It’s important to take into account the types of contaminants present in your water, and the possible effects of the type of water you consume.

In the United States and North Carolina region, most water filtration systems in use are carbon-based and UV disinfection systems. Water filtration technology continues to evolve and improve, and we expect to see even more efficient and effective systems in the future. We encourage you to consult with a professional to determine which type of filtration system is best for your household and protect your family until some sort of universal filtration system can be enacted at a community level. Contact Poole’s Plumbing for a Water Filtration Consultation, we can help you select the right system for your home.

Choosing Your Plumbing Fixtures 

Choosing Your Plumbing Fixtures 

Choosing Your Plumbing Fixtures and the Benefits of Having a Professional Plumber when it comes to plumbing fixture selection, you must ensure that your choices are correct. Not only do they need to look good, but they also have to be installed correctly for the best results. That’s why working with a professional plumber when selecting them is so important. Here are some of the most significant benefits you get from getting a professional plumber on the job:

Professional Advice and Guidance 

A significant benefit of having a professional plumber choose your plumbing fixtures is that they will provide valuable advice and guidance. They know what works, what doesn’t, and what will ensure long-lasting results. Before purchasing anything, they can help you understand the various options and features of the products you’re considering. 

Access to Quality Products 

A professional plumber can give you access to quality products from trusted name brands that may not be available in regular stores. A plumber usually deals directly with manufacturers, providing them access to more materials and features. 

Getting the Job Done Right 

While installing plumbing fixtures yourself may seem easy, a professional plumber will know how to do the job efficiently and correctly – without any costly or dangerous mistakes. Plumbers are also better equipped with the right tools for the job, saving you time and money in the long run. 

Extended Warranty 

When you work with a professional plumber, they can provide an extended warranty on your plumbing fixtures. This can help protect against potential issues arising over time or improper installation. Knowing you’re covered if something goes wrong is also good peace of mind. 

Professional plumbing work is an investment that will pay for itself in the long run. Not only can you be sure that your fixtures are properly installed and functioning correctly, but you’ll also have access to quality products, professional advice, and extended warranties – all of which can help ensure that your home or office plumbing remains in great shape for years. Do your research and find a reputable, experienced plumber to work with – the results will be well worth it. 

Considerations for Different Plumbing Fixtures 

When selecting plumbing fixtures, there are several things you need to take into consideration. For example, if you’re looking at faucets, ensure they fit your sink in size and style. Toilets come in various styles, sizes, and features – make sure the one you choose matches your bathroom’s decor. Regarding showers, you need to consider water pressure, drainage systems, and other factors like whether or not the house is heated or cooled. 

No matter what plumbing fixtures you’re considering, it’s always best to consult a professional plumber. They can offer valuable advice and guidance you may not get from any other source. So if you’re looking to upgrade, remodel or start fresh, bring a professional plumber in on the job!

An Experienced Professional Plumber Gives You Peace of Mind 

When it comes to your home or office plumbing, ensuring the job is done right is essential. An experienced professional plumber will know how to properly install and maintain all plumbing fixtures. From faucets, toilets, and showers to sinks and water heaters – they can help ensure everything is up to code and working efficiently. Knowing that your plumbing is in good hands gives you peace of mind. 

When working with a professional plumber, always ensure you get references and read reviews to ensure their quality of work is up to par. 

A professional, reliable plumber will be more than happy to provide this information. Investing in hiring a professional plumber for selecting and installing plumbing fixtures can help save you time, money, and headaches in the long run – so pay attention to quality! 

Investing in professional plumbing services is always a smart move. From getting the best products to avoiding costly mistakes, bring a professional plumber into your plumbing projects. With their knowledge, expertise, and access to quality materials – you can be sure that your fixtures will be installed correctly and look great for years to come. 

From selecting the right fixtures to getting the job done right, a professional plumber can provide invaluable services you won’t get anywhere else. So don’t settle for anything less – ensure your plumbing is in good hands with an experienced professional plumber! 

professional plumber

Plumbing Upgrades and Remodels 

A professional plumber is essential for remodeling or upgrading your plumbing fixtures. Not only can they help you select the best products for your needs, but they can also ensure that everything is installed correctly for optimal performance. From selecting suitable faucets and toilets to replacing water heaters, they can provide valuable advice, guidance, and access to quality materials. 

So, whether starting from scratch or upgrading your existing plumbing fixtures, bring a professional plumber into the process. Their experience and expertise can help take the guesswork out of selecting and installing plumbing fixtures in your home or office. Investing in professional plumbing services is an investment that can pay off in the long run – so don’t settle for anything less! 

By having a professional plumber involved in your plumbing projects, you can have peace of mind knowing that the job is done right and your fixtures will last for years. So don’t go it alone – bring a professional plumber into the process when choosing and installing plumbing fixtures! 

Whether you’re starting a new project or just looking to upgrade your existing fixtures, bring a professional plumber on the job. With professional expertise and access to quality materials, they can help ensure everything is done correctly and your plumbing looks great for many years. 

Don’t settle for anything less – bring a professional plumber into your plumbing projects!

Future of Plumbing

The Future of Plumbing

The future of plumbing is an exciting prospect. With technological advances, we can now create more intelligent systems that detect problems before they arise and provide more efficient solutions. Smart home automation is also revolutionizing how homeowners interact with their plumbing, allowing them to monitor and control their water usage from any device remotely.

We’re also seeing a shift towards sustainable plumbing solutions like greywater recycling systems, which reduce waste and conserve resources by reusing wastewater for irrigation and other non-potable uses. Different eco-friendly strategies include:

  • Using low-flow fixtures to conserve water.
  • Installing energy-saving devices such as solar hot water systems.
  • Replacing traditional piping materials with safer alternatives like PVC or PEX pipes.

At the same time, plumbing technology is becoming more affordable than ever before. Innovative products like tankless water heaters and combination boilers are now readily available and can significantly save energy costs over time.

The future of plumbing

is looking brighter every day as new technologies continue to make this essential service more efficient and cost-effective for all households. From innovative home automation systems to eco-friendly solutions, the possibilities for transforming our homes into greener living spaces are seemingly endless. With continued advancements in plumbing technology, homeowners can look forward to a future full of convenience and savings.

In addition to these exciting developments, the plumbing industry is beginning to embrace new working methods. For example, many plumbers now offer virtual consultations using video conferencing platforms so that homeowners can get advice from the comfort and safety of their homes. This provides a convenient way for people to get the help they need without leaving the house. Many companies also invest in cloud-based storage systems that allow plumbers to access data quickly and accurately, streamlining customer service and improving overall efficiency.

Sustainable plumbing solutions are becoming increasingly important as we move into the future. From greywater recycling systems that reduce waste and conserve resources to energy-saving devices like solar hot water systems, there are numerous ways in which homeowners can make their plumbing more eco-friendly. Low-flow fixtures also help save water while replacing traditional piping materials with safer alternatives such as PVC or PEX pipes, providing further environmental protection. By embracing these sustainable solutions, we can save money in the long run and play an active role in preserving our planet’s precious resources. The future of plumbing is looking brighter and greener every day. Innovative new technologies are making it easier to create more intelligent, more efficient systems that reduce waste and conserve resources while also providing homeowners with the necessary convenience. Sustainable solutions like greywater recycling systems, low-flow fixtures, energy-saving devices such as solar hot water systems, and safer piping materials can all help make our homes greener living spaces in the years to come. By embracing these eco-friendly strategies now, we can save money and play an active role in preserving our planet’s precious resources for generations to come.

The Future of Plumbing

Overall, it’s an exciting time for plumbing professionals and homeowners looking to upgrade their systems. With state-of-the-art technology at our fingertips, we can now create more innovative, efficient systems that save money and resources in the long run. With continued innovation and advancements, the future of plumbing is looking very bright!

Water Heater

Tankless Water Heaters in Older Homes

Tankless Water Heaters in Older Homes — Excellent Tankless water heaters, also known as on-demand water heaters, can be an energy-efficient upgrade for a home. However, installing a tankless water heater in an older home can present some unique challenges. Older homes may have smaller diameter water supply lines that cannot accommodate the higher flow rates of tankless heaters. They may also have electrical systems that cannot handle the power needs of the heater. However, with some planning and problem-solving, installing a tankless water heater in an older home is often possible.

Installing a tankless water heater in an older home can be tricky. However, not only do you need to make sure that the existing plumbing and electrical systems are up to code, but you also have to consider the age of the house itself. Older homes typically have smaller diameter water supply lines, which may need help to handle the higher flow rates of modern tankless heaters. In addition, electric tankless heaters require more power than most older electrical systems can provide. However, with proper planning and problem-solving, installing a new modern tankless water heater in an older home is still possible.

You can upgrade to an efficient tankless water heater even in an older home with some adjustments and the right tankless model choice. Doing your homework upfront will help ensure you choose the best option for your home’s needs and can address any challenges during installation. Installing a new modern tankless water heater in an older home can significantly upgrade energy efficiency and save money on utility bills. However, it’s essential to consider the age of the house and its existing plumbing and electrical systems before making any decisions. Older homes typically have smaller diameter water supply lines, which may need help to handle the higher flow rates of modern tankless heaters. In addition, electric tankless heaters require more power than most older electrical systems can provide. However, with some adjustments and careful planning, you can still install a new modern tankless water heater in an older home.

Tankless Water Heaters in Older Homes

Here are some steps to take when working with Tankless Water Heaters in older homes:

  1. Check the size of your home’s water supply lines and electrical system. Tankless water heaters typically require a minimum of 3/4-inch water supply lines and a 200-amp electrical service. If your lines or service panel do not meet these requirements, you must upgrade before installing the tankless heater.
  2. Consider a lower flow model. If upgrading your plumbing or electrical system is not feasible, choose a tankless model with a lower flow rate requirement. These typically produce hot water more slowly but can function with smaller supply lines and less power.
  3. Install a circulation pump. If you have long plumbing runs with many fixtures, a circulation pump can help ensure hot water is delivered quickly to all outlets. The pump keeps water moving, so it produces hot water.
  4. Add insulation and heat traps. Insulating your water supply lines and installing heat traps or hot water recirculation valves on fixtures can also help improve the performance of a tankless water heater in an older home. Reducing heat loss means the water heater does not have to work as hard to keep water hot.

Considering these steps when upgrading to a modern tankless water heater in an older home, you’ll surely increase energy efficiency while saving money on utility bills.
For additional questions regarding tankless water heaters, contact us at

Who is your plumber?

When you think of plumbers, what comes to mind? Who is your plumber? Like most people, you probably think of someone who unclogs toilets and fixes leaks. But there’s more to plumbing than meets the eye. 

Did you know that some of the influential and most famous plumbers in history were responsible for some of the most remarkable engineering feats? Let us tell you about just a few of the most famous plumbers who impacted the world.

George Washington:

Before he was our nation’s first president, George Washington was a master plumber. He designed and built many of the original buildings at Mount Vernon, including the iconic mansion house. He also created and installed the plumbing system still in use today.

Washington was a pioneer in plumbing, and his work laid the foundation for modern plumbing systems.

William Shakespeare:

Before he was a world-renowned playwright, Shakespeare was a plumbing apprentice. He learned the trade from his father, who was also a plumber.

Abraham Lincoln:

Abraham Lincoln was not only known as the 16th president of the United States but also a licensed plumber. He worked as a journeyman plumber before becoming a lawyer and entering politics.

Winston Churchill:

Before becoming the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister, Winston Churchill was a plumbing apprentice. He left the trade after a few years to join the military, but his experience as a plumber would come in handy during his time as Prime Minister.

John F. Kennedy:

John F. Kennedy may have been one of the most famous presidents of the United States, but he was also a plumber. He worked as a journeyman plumber before entering politics and eventually becoming president.

Benjamin Franklin: 

Another famous plumber was Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin is best known for his work as an inventor, but he also made significant contributions to the plumbing field. Franklin invented the Franklin stove, a considerable improvement over traditional fireplaces. He also developed a new type of pipeless likely to leak. Franklin’s innovations helped make plumbing more efficient and reliable.

Lewis Howard Latimer:

Lewis Howard Latimer was another important figure in the history of plumbing. He invented the process of carbon filtration, which is still used today to purify water. He also designed and installed the first indoor plumbing system in a public building. Latimer’s work helped make indoor plumbing more accessible and safe.

George Westinghouse: 

George Westinghouse was a famous plumber who made significant contributions to the field of electricity. He invented the alternating current (AC) electrical system, which is still used today. He also developed the first practical incandescent light bulb. Westinghouse’s work helped make electricity more efficient and widely available.

John Roebling: 

John Roebling was another famous plumber who made significant contributions to engineering. He designed and built the Brooklyn Bridge, one of the most iconic structures in the United States. He also invented the suspension bridge, which is still used today. Roebling’s work helped make bridge construction more efficient and safe.

JUST FOR FUN! Who is your plumber?

I bet you didn’t know.

Some of the most famous plumbers in the world are Mario, Luigi, and Ozzy Osborne. These guys have unclogged some of the most challenging pipes and fought some of the nastiest bosses, so what else do they have in common?

Let’s take a closer look!

Mario is the quintessential Italian-American plumber. He’s got a strong work ethic, is always ready to help out his friends, and knows how to have a good time. Luigi is Mario’s slightly younger brother. He’s not quite as confident as Mario, but he’s as capable. And then there’s Ozzy Osborne, the heavy metal legend. He might not be a plumber by trade, but he’s unafraid of getting his hands dirty.

These three men have made a name for themselves by being tough, resourceful, and fearless. They’re also all incredibly talented musicians. Mario is known for his catchy theme song, Luigi has some serious pipes, and Ozzy Osborne is, well, Ozzy Osborne.

So there you have it. Three of the most famous plumbers in the world. What do they have in common? They’re all tough, resourceful, and incredibly talented. Oh, and they know how to have a good time. Thanks for reading!

These are just a few of the most famous plumbers in history. These men made significant contributions to the plumbing field and helped shape the modern world as we know it. If you need a plumbing technician, remember these names and their contributions to society.

Who knows, maybe one day you could be added to this list!


Faucets with Smart Technology are Washing us Into the Future

Smart. Something we all aspire to be. This  one word can cover a lot of area, but when it comes to the particular subject for Faucets with Smart Technology, smart takes on dual meanings.

Technology. One word that any person reading this can read and think of countless ways our lives are different because of it. The ways that our cars operate. How we protect our homes. What we are watching and how we are watching television. Obviously, the evolution of the wall phone to the smartphone.

The inside of our homes is no different in that the more advances we see in technology, the more convenient or “smart” our homes get. The bathroom is no exception, as one can attest by looking at the innovations to toilets and showers. Likewise, and where will be discussing in this post, Faucets with Smart Technology are the “next wave” to be looking for.

Bathrooms have been “growing up” in regard to technology for quite some time now. Everything from lighting to the temperature setting on all appliances and areas. But, in this piece on Faucets with Smart Technology, we are not going to focus so much on the “pampering” aspects of the innovations. Instead, we will look at exactly how you can use Faucets with Smart Technology to be …well, smarter.

Being “Smart” and Connecting to Your Faucets with Smart Technology

There have been many Faucets with Smart Technology whose features evolved greatly. Most of us have seen how water temperature can be preset through the usage of apps. Likewise, the “touch-free,” motion sensor faucets have continued to see improvements over the years. However, this latest innovation to Faucets with Smart Technology we will discuss can not only aid convenience, but help you conserve and consume with no worries, and very little effort.

The product we speak of was first developed by a North-Eastern United States startup company and is a combination a water filter and meter. Thus, it allows you to connect any of your own smart devices to these Faucets with Smart Technology. Once you connect, the technology not only filters and informs you of the water quality levels but also monitors exactly how much is used.

So, whereas most filters would run on a time-based module, this type is based on the amount of water you consume. So, it can actually produce real-time data and information for you. This innovation basically tells you how good your water filter is working, the level of the water quality you are consuming is, and how much water you actually consume.

Monitoring, Filtering and Helping You Save Money

There are multiple ways for Faucets with Smart Technology to save you from wasting water. Likewise, they can save you  from wasting money. How exactly you ask? Well, let us explain.

Having  Faucets with Smart Technology helps you be able to plan ahead. As a result, you can accordingly adjust your usage. This is not the only way your Faucets with Smart Technology help you save though.

This new module can help you save on your water bill in a variety of ways. For example, it could be set to remind you when brushing your teeth to turn off the faucet. Likewise, it can recognize a leak, which we all know can be costly. So, you are both avoiding wasting water. Likewise, you will save on your monthly bills as a result of this.

Faucets with Smart Technology, With No Need for a New Faucet?!?!

Let’s say this company is able to secure the funding and release this product. As a result, consumers will have more accurate water consumption information than ever previously thought possible. In addition to this item in regard to Faucets with Smart Technology, you don’t even need a new faucet, as it will attach directly to your existing plumbing feature.

Your friends at Poole’s Plumbing are not only the most trusted name in Raleigh plumbers for the past two decades. They also are always staying on top of the latest innovations in all plumbing technology. As the innovations in Faucets with Smart Technology progress, we at Poole’s will keep you posted.  To contact us here at Poole’s for any and all of your plumbing needs, visit





Water Bill Savings Await with A Few Easy Checkpoints

During these times of having to spend a lot more time in our homes, many are thinking of ways or projects to upgrade. While on quarantine and thinking of this, you can certainly achieve Water Bill Savings if you keep better tabs on your plumbing system. In this article, your friends here at Poole’s Plumbing will offer up eight reminders/tips that if you stay on top of will keep your household budget lower. So, in addition to being the “upgrade” you were hoping for, you will also save yourself money.

1.) Inspecting and Pumping Your Septic System

On average, it is recommended to have a household’s septic system inspected every three years by a professional. Similarly, a home’s septic tank should be pumped every three to five years.

2.) Water Bill Savings From Replacing Out-Dated Faucets


Replacing older faucets with a newer, more efficient model can help conserve.

Getting back to the “upgrades” you are hoping to make while quarantined. Maybe your kitchen or bathroom faucets have become outdated? Well, the upgrade, in this case, could not only be more attractive in appearance. It more than likely will prove more attractive financially in the big picture too.

To explain, as faucets get older, they don’t just look as they’ve gotten older. Your faucet adjusts the amount of water passing through and in time can see your bill increase as they become less efficient. With more current designs always aiming to conserve and reduce flow, replacing old faucets is a sure way to help you save.

3.) Keep a Closer Eye on Your Water Meter

This should seem obvious once you read it. Water Bill Savings can stem from directly keeping a better eye on your water meter. By doing this, you can avoid or detect a possible leak, which will for sure lead to a higher bill.

The water meter in one’s home goes from the water mainline (outdoors) to a metered box also on the outside of your house.

4.) Recognizing Drips can Be Key in Water Bill Savings

Again, at the risk of pointing out the obvious comes the fourth entry on this list. That being said, when you notice puddles or standing water in your basement, this means you have a plumbing leak. 

A loose valve could be the cause of a leak. Likewise, it could be a cracked pipe, and either of these can cause mold and bacteria to form. If you see what you believe to be a leak, even if you can’t exactly identify where call the pros at Poole’s before things get out of hand.

5.) Water Heater Update = Water Bill Savings


By monitoring load size and avoiding unnecessary small loads, you can conserve and save when doing laundry.

When it comes to giving plumbing tips from Poole’s Plumbing, there is a reason why they are called the “water heater experts.” Thus, any questions or tips involving your water heater is in the best hands when being addressed by Poole’s. 

For the purpose of our article, Water Bill Savings, it would serve you best to replace your water heater every ten years. The innovations and technological advances in these units are so significant even annually to make a huge difference.

In a case that you don’t want to replace, have your water heater drained every six months. This flushes out any sediment and impurities. Likewise, it will improve the heater’s overall performance and as a result, keep bills lower. 

6) Washing Machines: Watch Your Usage and Load Sizes

These once again may seem like an obvious or common sense type thing when it comes to Water Bill Savings. However, a reminder is well worth mentioning if it leads to water conservation and Water Bill Savings.

To conserve and save in the “laundry room,” start by only running your machine when you have a full load. Likewise, making sure that you are keeping the load cycle on its appropriate setting helps save water and energy. It is also recommended to spread out your laundry throughout the week. While it may seem you are conserving time by getting all laundry done at once, this can actually cause septic tank issues.

7.) Water Bill Savings from Inspecting your Toilet


Poole’s Plumbing can help you save by conducting a thorough inspection of your plumbing system.

Another place that many may not think of that can lead to water conservation and savings is your toilet. By simply monitoring and being sure your toilet is running properly, can be quite a difference-maker actually.

Consequently, the toilet on average accounts for 25-30 percent of household water usage. Points to check and keep your eye on include the flapper valve in addition to just being sure of no leakage. An upgrade to a newer model toilet is another sure way to save. This especially can factor in if your current model is over ten years old. With the innovations and “eco-friendly” technological advances with newer toilets, the amount of water used by your toilet is reduced significantly through an upgrade.

8.) A Professional Inspection Now Leads to Important Savings Later

Calling a professional plumber from Raleigh’s most trusted name in plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing, can also lead to savings in the long run. 

Having a professional inspection of all of your home’s plumbing systems can improve performance and greatly reduce the risk of future plumbing disasters. This simple step can save you money on utilities and emergency plumbing calls in the long run.

 If you’re thinking about making some upgrades to your house this year, it’s important to put your home’s plumbing system on your list. Small leaks or malfunctioning appliances can quickly add to your monthly utility bills. Here are just a few simple plumbing tips that can help keep your household budget in check and help save you money.

To see all the services offered by the most trusted plumbers in the Raleigh area, Poole’s Plumbing, visit


Draining a Water Heater

It seems like an easy enough task. Draining a Water Heater. However, being the number one name in Raleigh water heater experts, Poole’s Plumbing would like to help make sure that the process is a safe and easy one for you. Thus, in this article, we will walk you through the entire process, which depending on what type of unit you have, is suggested to be drained every 6-12 months.  


You will be opening the valve up before draining the heater and always be sure to check it as your last step.

Why and When Should You be Draining a Water Heater?

To begin in our guiding you to safely begin Draining a Water Heater, we first start off by explaining why you even do this, to begin with. Experts, like the number one Raleigh plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing, recommend that you drain your water heater every 6-12 months. 

This is so any buildup or sediment that may gather is cleared out. If this is not done, the buildup can cause your water heater to have to work harder to heat the water. Thus, the water heater is forced to unnecessarily use more energy. Consequently, this leads to higher energy bills, as well as shortening the life span of your unit.

Preparation and What to Expect When Upon Draining


Open the faucets relieves pressure before you drain the water heater.

One thing that you should be prepared for when Draining a Water Heater is to have/create a leak. This is because there is a good chance that once you open up the drain valve to empty the contents, it will not close again.

This is common when draining a water heater. In actuality, the 6-12 month recommended period is also a good time frame to replace the drain valve. These parts are usually cheap plastic. Regardless, as the valves get older it becomes less likely to completely close anyhow. If the time has come and the valve will no longer shut, then put a cap over it and  replace it completely.

A Seven-Step Plan for Draining a Water Heater

  1. Start with a Quick Flush- It would seem the first thing to do before Draining a Water Heater would be to shut off the water. However, before doing that, try flushing the unit a bit while the water pressure is still on. To do this, simply connect a garden hose to the drain for flushing. The pressure will blow out sediment that has built up in the valve. Doing this will help your tank drain faster. It is worth noting that if a large amount of sediment comes out, you can repeat this method of flushing a few times.
  2. Turn the Water Heater Off – Our next step in Draining a Water Heater starts by shutting off the gas. In the case that you have an electric water heater, shut off the power instead. Then, you will want to shut the water off entirely. You can do this by either using the valve in the cold water pipe above the water heater or the houses’ main water supply valve. Before moving along to our next step, test the water faucets to make sure the pressure is off, by simply turning them all on and checking for hot water.
  3. Open the Drain Valve- With a hose attached, next, we open up the drain valve. You will not see much drain out until you release the vacuum in the tank. To do this you must allow air into the tank. Do this by removing one end of the hot water pipe above the water heater. Once removing that end, pull the pipe to the side just a bit and the water will begin to pour fastly from the drain.
  4. Use Water to Flush the Tank- Once you have fully drained the tank, you can flush it out using a few gallons of water at a time. To do this, turn the water on for a few seconds at a time and let the water drain out. During this process, leave the hot water side pipe disconnected until flushing is complete. Reconnect the “hot side” pipe before refilling.
  5. Refill the Water Heater- The obvious next step after Draining a Water Heater is to refill it. Before you begin doing this though, you must disconnect the drain hose and shut off the drain valve. Also, don’t forget to reconnect that hot water pipe and tighten it well. At this point, you can turn the water heater’s water back on. Be sure to open up the “hot side” of a fixture in your house. Then, just leave the fixture running until all of the air is out of the lines. At this point nothing but water should be coming through. Then, you can turn back off the water.
  6. Relight the Water Heater- The next step in Draining a Water Heater is to relight the pilot light. Again, if you have electric as opposed to gas, this is when its safe to turn the power back on. You should have hot water back with in an hour or so.
  7. Check the Drain Valve- The final step in our “Draining a Water Heater” tale. Check to see if your water heater drain closed correctly by looking for leaks at the spout.  If the valve does not close completely, you can put a cap on it or replace the valve entirely.

Draining-a-Water-Heater-Poole's Plumbing

After refilling the unit, you will then relight the pilot light.

The pros at Poole’s Plumbing became the most trusted name in Raleigh water heater installation through keeping ahead of the curve and staying on top of all the latest innovations. In their two decades of unmatched service to the Raleigh and Triangle area, they have earned the trust of the customer through offering advise such as this quick tutorial on Draining a Water Heater. Poole’s Plumbing work with the top names in water heaters and can installer service your unit, as needed. For more information on the Poole’s “Water Heater” guarantee, visit


Moen-Kitchen-Faucets-Power Boost

Moen Kitchen Faucets Truly Give You the “Boost” for “Power” to “Clean”

Always ahead of the field with the latest plumbing innovations, Moen Kitchen Faucets introduce “Power Clean” and “Power Boost” technology. Just as the case with our previous several articles, the experts at Poole’s Plumbing can help to educate on or install these and any Moen products.


The forceful spray of the Power Clean technology has many benefits.

Its “More Force, Less Splash” with Power Clean Moen Kitchen Faucets

At they introduce the Power Clean technology used in Moen Kitchen Faucets as follows. “Moen’s thoughtfully designed Power Clean technology provides an improved and powerfully concentrated spray for faster clean up.”

They continue to detail the advantages of Power Clean technology in Moen Kitchen Faucets. “With optimized cleaning force, Power Clean technology provides 50% more spray power* than most pulldown and pullout faucets, while containing splash and minimizing the mess.”

The Benefits of Power Clean technology with Moen Kitchen Faucets (The explanations following are from

  • Powerful, Fast Clean-Up- Tackle sticky, caked-on messes in half the time versus Moen pullout and pulldown faucets without Power Clean technology
  • Convenience and Efficiency- Greater force means faster clean-up with less water used 

Moen-Kitchen-Faucets-Power Boost

The Power Boost technology makes a perfect fill as easy as touching a button.

A “Faster Clean” and “Faster Fill” with Power Boost Technology

Just like with the “Power Clean” technology, Power Boost is another innovation with Moen Kitchen Faucets. The Moen official website also details the innovative features of Power Boost technology, reading as follows.

“Boost the performance of your kitchen faucet with the push of a button.” It continues, “Power Boost fills containers faster and provides 50 percent more spray power for quicker clean-up. Moen’s game-changing Power Boost innovation helps homeowners maximize their time at the sink, offering improved functionality at their fingertips.”

The Benefits of Power Boost technology with Moen Kitchen Faucets (The explanations following are from

  • Boosted Water Performance– With the push of a button, Boosted Spray cleans 50% faster, while Boosted Stream fills pots and pitchers faster.
  • Convenience and Efficiency- Now, filling coffee pots and lemonade pitchers doesn’t feel like forever.
  • Faster Clean-Up- Tackle sticky, caked-on messes in half the time of Moen faucets without Power Boost technology, with the push of a button

The Moen Kitchen Faucets featuring this technology are available in a variety of different models and finishes. Any of these models can be installed by the most trusted name in Raleigh professional plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing. For more on available faucets with Power Clean and Power Boost technology, visit To contact Poole’s Plumbing about installation or any questions on these and any other kitchen faucets, visit


Demand Duo is Latest of Innovations in Rinnai Commercial Water Heaters

Already the number one name and manufacturer of water heaters in North America, Rinnai has announced its Demand Duo series. These Rinnai Water Heaters give customers the best benefits of both tank and tankless models.

Rinnai-Water-Heaters-Demand Duo

This is the Rinnai Demand Duo Hybrid Commercial Water Heating System

Get the Best of Both Worlds! (In Water Heaters)

At, the company that has continuously set the standard for both tankless and conventional water heaters explains the system. “Rinnai’s Demand Duo Hybrid Water Heating System is the smart choice when it’s time to replace a standard tank.”

 It goes on to say the following. “Featuring a part-tank, part-tankless design, the Demand Duo offers the best of both technologies in a quick and easy upgrade that delivers an endless supply of hot water.”

How Do they Combine Tank and Tankless Models in These Rinnai Water Heaters?

On the same page at, they also explain exactly how and what benefits come from combining the two types of water heaters. Likewise, they explain the benefits of combining them to make these Rinnai Water Heaters.

“The Rinnai Demand Duo pairs a durable, energy-efficient 119-gallon storage tank with a Rinnai C199 tankless unit.” They explain further, “This creates a direct replacement solution with connections similar to most high-efficiency tanks that provides continuous hot water. The article concludes, “This means the Demand Duo is simple to install and keeps pace with an establishment’s hot water needs.”

Greater Capacity? Longer Lifespan? How About Both!

Going further into detail, the official Rinnai website gives more detail on the incredible innovation in these water heaters. It explains how they have more capacity and last longer.

“Because the Demand Duo’s heat source is placed outside the tank, it actually offers more water heating capacity than traditional units.” It continues, “Furthermore, the removal of the heating element from inside the tank eliminates thermal stress on the tank itself, lengthening the life of the unit and its ability to consistently output hot water.”

The piece on these Rinnai Water Heaters concludes with the following. “Rinnai’s warranty on the Demand Duo is twice that of traditional commercial tanks and it is backed with a No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee.”

Benefits of the Demand Duo Rinnai Water Heaters

  • Longer life vs. traditional tank
  • 2 times the warranty
  • 8-year heat exchanger and tank/ 6-year tank/ 5-year parts/ 2-year labor
  • Saves money with less energy cost vs. standard-efficiency water heater
  • Performs better by combining best of tank and tankless technologies
  • Ease of repair – all parts are replaceable

Other Key Features of Demand Duo Water Heaters

  • Built standard with 199,000 BTU C199 commercial tankless water heater
  • Ultra low NOx compliant
  • Commercial ENERGY STAR certified
  • Multiple venting options (PVC/CPVC, Room Air, Concentric, Common Vent)
  • System weight up to 250 lbs. lighter than competitive units

For more on the latest innovations in Rinnai Water Heaters and so much more, visit Also, to see all the products and vendors associated with the Raleigh water heater experts at Poole’s, visit

Delta-Plumbing-Products-Poole's Plumbing

Delta Plumbing Products Bring Conveinience and Style with a Tap

As we note on our “Plumbing Resources” page, as Raleigh’s most trusted plumbers, we work with the top vendors and products available. One such brand that is once again “re-inventing” the way we all look at plumbing products is Delta. The experts at Poole’s Plumbing can help you to install and get familiar with the latest Delta Plumbing Products. These include their innovative faucet line that allows you to use a simple touch to control water flow.


The “Pivotal” is a kitchen faucet from Delta with Touch 2 O technology.

Get Your Water with Just a Tap, It’s Just the Start of Innovative Delta Plumbing Products

A press release from announces and details the innovative Touch 2 O technology that is “changing the faucet game.” In explaining how and why the innovations have come about in Delta Plumbing Products, the release reads as follows.

“To satisfy the needs of homeowners looking to enhance their kitchen’s functionality, Delta Faucet presents its complete line of beverage faucets, which now feature optional Touch 2 O Technology.” It continues, “Allowing users to turn the faucet on and off with a simple tap. “

The release then explains that the new technology is available in a variety of styles and finishes of Delta Plumbing Products. 


Pictured is the Champagne Bronze finish from the “Trinsic” Delta Kitchen collection.

Functionality with Style: Delta Plumbing Products Give You all Three

Delta brand product manager, Peggy Gallagher discusses several advantages to the innovations with these Delta Plumbing Products. Gallagher touches on getting the desired functionality without sacrificing your sense of style.

“With Delta beverage faucets, homeowners no longer need to sacrifice style in their kitchen by using an unflattering water tap.” Gallagher adds, “Our beverage faucets are offered in a variety of styles and finish colors.” She goes on,” They also include some of our most advanced kitchen technologies, including our intuitive touch-activated Touch 2 O Technology.” Peggy concludes, “This makes it possible to have a kitchen that is both functional and chic.”

The Mateo (shown) is yet another sleek faucet design from Delta with this technology.

Compatibility and Filtration? Check and Check!

It is also reads in the press release, that each of these Delta Plumbing Products features yet another innovation. This is the InnoFlex PEX supply line. According to the release these are “compatible with virtually any water filtration system.” This includes Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems. Likewise, they fit standard plumbing supply lines.

The Delta Kitchen Faucets featuring Touch 2 O  are Available in the Following Finishes.

  • Chrome
  • Arctic Stainless
  • Brilliance Stainless
  • Venetian Bronze

For more information on the latest in Delta Plumbing Products, visit To see all of the vendors and great products that are associated with Poole’s plumbing, visit the “Resources and Products” page at

American-Standard-Toilets-Poole's Plumbing

Superior Flushing Innovations Set American Standard Toilets Apart from the Pack

American Standard Toilets always seem to stay a step ahead of the competition. Using the latest innovations and technology, the brand has become synonymous with high-quality plumbing products. Poole’s Plumbing is a licensed, professional that installs all American Standard products. This includes the incredible new “Champion” line from American Standard. Likewise, the “VorMax” line of American Standard Toilets uses the latest technology for a cleaner flush as well.

The American Standard Toilets “Champion” is Virtually Clog-Free! Seriously!!!

American-Standard-Toilets-Champion Line

The sleek design of the new American Standard Champion line is as alluring as its efficiency.

According to their official website at, “Innovation” is what sets the Champion line of American Standard Toilets apart from all other brands and models. The site reads, “With superior flushing performance, the Champion is virtually clog-free.”

Though there are the obvious advantages of a “clog-free” toilet, the Champion line actually saves you in more ways than one. Again referring to their own description, these toilets bring efficiency too. “Water-saving, high-efficiency toilets are available to help save water and money.”

The “Champion”: Not Only Efficient But Stylish Too!

The Champion toilet collection from American Standard offers a variety of models. All of these have utilized the most recent, innovations in plumbing to result in a cleaner and more effective flush. The page dedicated to these toilets notes the high-quality standard of the units and more.

“Nothing compares to the Champion line of toilets,” The Champion page continues, reading, “This innovative line of toilets meet the industry’s highest standard for flushing performance, virtually eliminating clogs and providing a cleaner, more efficient flush every time. The Champion toilet is available in a variety of beautiful designs that coordinate perfectly with our complete bathroom product collections.”

The American Standard Toilets “Vor-Max” Technology,  The Cleanest, Germ-Free Flush!

American-Standard-Toilets-Poole's Plumbing

Toilets with “VorMax” flushing technology (pictured) give the most germ free flush you can get.

American Standard has also raised the bar in keeping your toilet bowl clean with the introduction of its “VorMax” Flush technology. Basically, the “VorMax” technology is reinventing the way that your toilet cleans. This is done by taking away the rim holes around the inside of the bowl on these American Standard Toilets. These holes are usually where water is produced when flushing.  

One high power jet stream of water that self scrubs your entire bowl from top to bottom replaces the holes. This is done without need for a brush or even touching a thing. The “VorMax” jet stream on these American Standard Toilets even cleans the difficult to reach spots in your bowl.

These technological advances can start working in your favor. Both a cleaner toilet and a more efficient toilet awaits with either line of these toilets. As noted in the intro, the professional Raleigh plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing can install these for you.  To see more on all the newest American Standard products, go to


Poole’s Plumbing : The Most Trusted Raleigh NC Plumbers for 20 Years

From a small, humble start to becoming the most trusted name in Raleigh NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing celebrates its 20th year of “plumbing done right!”

This post celebrates the 20 years of Poole’s Plumbing service in the Raleigh and Triangle area. As you will see, in our two decades of service and becoming the most trusted name in Raleigh NC plumbers our overall goal and focus is to please you…our loyal customers. Over the course of this summer, our blog will continue with this “celebration” and the great 20-year bond built between our customer and the Raleigh NC plumbers at Poole’s. While this first article in this series looks back over our history, the stories to follow will come from the customer’s perspective and tell the story of their recollections of the Poole’s Plumbing experience they had.

Two Men, A Truck, and a Dream

They are the 24/7 emergency Raleigh NC plumbers that you can always count on. However, Poole’s Plumbing began in 1999, the brainchild of company founder, Robert K. Poole,  with only two men, a truck, and a dream. In the company’s 20-year existence, Poole’s offers several programs and initiatives that “change the game” for Raleigh NC plumbers.

Over the course of twenty years, Poole’s has an unmatched relationship with its employees and customers alike. Way back in 1999, Robert aspired that one day his company will be one of the top plumbing contractors in the area. Through unparalleled work ethic and the earning trust of their clients, Robert’s initial dream has become a reality.

To date, in April 2019, 20 years after the company’s inception, Poole’s has grown to have nearly 100 employees and plumbs an estimated 1,000 new homes annually.

The Most Trusted Name 24/7

raleigh-emergency-plumber- Poole's Plumbing

Members of the Poole’s Plumbing team are available in the case of an emergency, 24/7, doing emergency work like hydro-jetting to avoid a possible more serious sewage issue

One title earned by Poole’s Plumbing over the past 20 years is the Most Trusted Name in Raleigh emergency plumbers. As we all know, some plumbing issues just can not wait. Thus Poole’s Plumbing has prided themselves on being the number one name among all Raleigh NC plumbers to call on in an emergency.

Poole’s classifies an emergency plumbing situation as one of the following.

  • A leak on a fixture that could possibly damage cabinets, flooring or ceiling
  • Water leaking in such a manner that it will cause damage to the home
  • A sewage backup that affects the entire house
  • No hot water at residence

Guarantee of ‘Best Price in Town’ for Raleigh NC plumbers

raleigh-nc-plumbers-Poole's Plumbing

The Poole’s Plumbing “Best Price Guarantee” says that they will  beat the price of any Raleigh NC plumbers on all water heater installation and replacements

Another program synonymous with Poole’s Plumbing is their “Best Price in Town” guarantee. Basically, this is just as it sounds, as Poole’s is the Raleigh area water heater experts. Hence, Poole’s guarantees they will beat any Raleigh NC plumbers prices on all new and replacement water heaters.

The Best Customer Service among Raleigh NC plumbers

There are numerous reasons how Poole’s upholds the great reputation they have in their 20 years in business. Honesty, timeliness, top quality work, affordability, and a family-like atmosphere between them and the customer. These all play into Poole’s rise to the number one Raleigh NC plumbers. However, to understand the “Poole’s way,” and their dedication to great customer relationships see their Customer Service Code of Ethics.

Poole’s Plumbing Customer Service Code of Ethics

  • The customer is the most important aspect of our company.
  • Listen to the customer and identify as well as anticipate their needs.
  • Clearly, communicate all options available to the customer.
  • Accurately document all aspects of the work
  • Strive to go above and beyond the customers’ expectations.
  • Handle complaints and follow up to make sure they will get resolved.
  • Never let a customer go to voicemail (during normal business hours).
  • When required, transfer customers to the proper person and make sure that person is aware they are being transferred.
  • Do the work we say we will do, for the price we say we will do it for, in the time frame we said we will do it in.

Raleigh-water-heater-experts-Poole's Plumbing

As the foremost authority on water heaters in the Triangle area, Poole’s can assist you with selecting ad installing whichever type works best for you

Two Decades and “Just Getting Started”

As the Triangle area’s top plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing will adhere to its motto of “plumbing done right the first time.”Poole’s is a fully licensed and insured plumbing company approaching all projects with honesty and integrity.  Consequently, we will serve you and deliver as the most trusted among all Raleigh NC plumbers for 20 more years and beyond.

To reach the number one name in Raleigh NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing, visit the “Contact Us” page here.

American Standard Kitchen Faucets

Style and Savings: Introducing the Next Generation of American Standard Kitchen Faucets

American Standard Kitchen Faucets have debuted several new, stylish and cost-effective models. One of the most trusted names in Raleigh NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing can advise and install these for you today.

The Edgewater Collection of American Standard Kitchen Faucets


The pull-down feature seen on this model of American standard Kitchen Faucet is part of the Edgewater Collection and will help you save time, water, and money

According to a post at their own official website ( the new line of American Standard Kitchen Faucets includes the Edgewater Collection (pictured above), described as, “an intriguing blend of sleek, geometric styling and impressive functionality.”

These “pull-down” style of faucet offers much more than just a sleek and attractive look. They also help accomplish any kitchen clean up tasks with a 4-function sprayer and “plus-pause” feature.

Utilizing these new American Standard Kitchen Faucets in a cleanup effort after cooking and preparation is a snap. This is due to the brand’s exclusive “SelectFlo patented spray technology.” According to the American Standard website, this makes so “users can efficiently manage any kitchen sink task by simply toggling down into spray mode and rotating the dial to select the desired spray pattern.”

“Spray Away” However You Like

The following are the different spray patterns offered on each of the Edgewater American Standard Kitchen Faucets:

  • Jet spray to power through tough cleaning jobs
  • Mist for gentle soaking and rinsing
  • Stream to fill large pots quickly
  • Spray for everyday rinsing
  • Plus a Pause feature that is useful when filling a container not in the sink.

american-standard-kitchen-faucets-Poole's Plumbing

The Edgewater Collection of American Standard Kitchen Faucets feature a unique “two-brand” docking system and, “Re-Trax,” for spray head retraction and easier operation.

There is also a scrub brush attachment for each faucet. Plus, the unique “two-brand” docking system features, “Re-Trax,” for spray head retraction and easier operation. Likewise, the “Dock-Tite” feature keeps the pull-down spray head secured to the spout.

Conservation and Convenience

In addition to the stylish look, and these great features, the Edgewater collection also helps you conserve water as well. Explaining this on their website, it is noted, “They deliver a water-saving 1.5 gallon per minute (GPM) flow rate, which is more than a 30 percent reduction over the volume used by industry-standard 2.2 GPM kitchen faucets.”

The most trusted name in Raleigh NC plumbing, Poole’s Plumbing can install these and any of the other great American Standard products. To contact Poole’s go to

Kohler-Kitchen-Bathroom-Poole's Plumbing

From Exotic to Energizing : The Kohler Konnect Bathroom Line

On the heels of our first article in this series, we move along from the kitchen and top the Kohler Konnect Bathroom line of plumbing products. As explained in our previous article on this new, innovative line of products that can be installed by your most trusted Raleigh professional plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing, the Kohler Konnect Bathroom line utilizes the latest in modern technology for the ultimate in comfort and convenience, which is all attained by simply using the app coinciding with the products.

Much like the kitchen products detailed last article, The Kohler Konnect Bathroom plumbing products is like no other you have seen before, and as stated at , can help you to turn your bathroom experience into an “experience as unique as you.” The website goes on to promote the products saying, “ Kohler Konnect smart products have the ability to transform your bathroom using light, sound, color, and water…with built-in voice control, it all happens seamlessly.” It concludes, “From Exotic and Energizing and every feeling in between, your bathroom can finally do what no other can.”

An App to Control Everything

Just as we explained in the first installment covering the kitchen products in the line,  almost everything else we deal with in today’s technologically advanced world, the app for the Kohler Konnect Bathroom products allows you control of everything right at your fingertips from your phone or device of preference. All of your personal settings can be set by you to your own personal preference, from shower settings, lighting levels, and all points in between.

PureWarmth Heated Toilet Seat

The PureWarmth heated toilet seat is changing your restroom experience with three temperature settings for ultimate comfort and task lighting as well so you can customize the illumination using this Kohler Konnect Bathroom product.

PerfectFill Technology

Much like the kitchen faucet detailed in our first article, the Kohler Konnect Bathroom line uses PerfectFill technology in this bathtub faucet so you can draw a bath, much like you did above with the shower, exactly to your preferences. Set the temperature and depth that you fill your tub too and all that is left to do is sit back, relax, and soak.

No matter what room in your home you utilize the incredible technology that is at the tip of your fingers or sound of your voice the Kohler Konnect Bathroom line and all other plumbing products can indeed help you to “create an experienced as unique as you. To find out more about this incredible line of Kohler products, visit or contact the Raleigh plumbing professionals at Poole’s Plumbing. 

Kohler-Konnect-Kitchen- Poole's Plumbing

Kohler Konnect Kitchen: Introducing You to ‘Smart’ Plumbing Products

Always at the forefront of introducing the most innovative ideas in the industry, and now leading the charge by using the latest and most interactive technology available is the Kohler Konnect Kitchen line of plumbing products. The Raleigh plumbing professionals at Poole’s Plumbing are very experienced and knowledgeable about the Kohler Konnect Kitchen line and all other products from the brand and ready to help you take your plumbing experience to the “next level.”

The Kohler Konnect Kitchen line of plumbing products is like no other you have seen before, and as stated at , can help you to turn your at home plumbing experience into an “experience as unique as you.” The kitchen is not the only room in your house to be “brought into the modern day,” as these life changing products also branch out to your bathroom, as well. Explaining the experiences afforded to you through the Kohler Konnect line, the official Kohler website says, “ Reimagine your personal space… Kohler Konnect smart products have the ability to transform…using light, sound, color, and water.”

In this first of our two installments of introducing you to the Kohler Konnect line, we will focus on the “smartest” kitchen sink/faucet you can find, the Sensate model.

An App to Control Everything

Just like almost everything else we deal with in today’s technologically advanced world, the app for the Kohler Konnect Kitchen (and all other products in the line) products allows you control of everything right at your fingertips from your phone or device of preference. All of your person settings can be set by you to your own personal preference, from shower settings, lighting levels, and all points in between.

Sensate Faucet : Your New Kitchen Assistant

Two different powered spray levels are just the beginning with this Kohler Konnect Kitchen product. This includes your regular powered water stream in addition to the “sweep spray setting,” which steps up the power level to help with stubborn and more “caked on messes” from the helpful, pull down spray head. 

The Sensate faucet features voice activated technology and can dispense measured amounts of water based on the instructions you give. Whether you want the faucet to turn on or off, fill a specific item, or have an exact amount of water dispensed, you can use your voice or the convenient “touchless” feature due to the state-of-the-art sensor featured on this product. The main features of the Sensate Kitchen Faucet are detailed at the official Kohler website as follows:

  • Voice control allows you to operate your faucet and dispense measured amounts of water hands-free. 
  • A two-function pull-down spray head allows you to switch from stream to Sweep® spray.
  • A sensor on the faucet monitors water usage and leaks and displays that information on the KOHLER Konnect app.

The Kohler site goes further in promoting these new “smart” products, reminding you that, “…With built-in voice control, it all happens seamlessly.” To make your kitchen the “smartest” one around or to find out more about the incredible line of Kohler Konnect Kitchen products (or the bathroom line that will be detailed in part two of this post), visit or contact the Raleigh plumbing professionals at Poole’s Plumbing

Energy-Efficient-Technology-Poole's Plumbing

Save with Energy Efficient Technology from Kohler

Raleigh NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing specializes in bringing you the latest Energy Efficient Technology innovations for all of your plumbing needs, using the newest product from the most trusted names in the industry, including Kohler, which has introduced many convenient and efficient advances in their huge line of faucet choices for your home.

A great kitchen faucet can help you to get the small things you need done and move on to the things that really matter, and with some of the new Energy Efficient Technology features on a variety of the latest offerings from Kohler can get you on your way to an easier time in the kitchen. On new feature is Kohler’s “Sweep Spray.” According to, this features “specially angled nozzles that create a forceful blade of water designed to sweep away stuck-on food from your dishes. With the push of a button, your faucet’s standard stream spray transforms to a powerful stream that makes kitchen clean up a breeze.”

Another great new Energy Efficient Technology feature on many Kohler model faucets, available through the most trusted name in Raleigh NC Plumbers,  is the “DockNetik Magnetic Docking System.” This is described at their website as “pull-down kitchen faucets that have specially positioned magnets within the faucet body. These magnets securely lock the spray head into place when you are not using it, preventing the spray head from dropping.”

The Raleigh NC plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing are a licensed dealer of all Kohler faucets and products in addition to the latest innovative Energy Efficient Technology  items from many other of the most trusted names in plumbing. For more information on faucets featuring the “Sweep Spray” and “DockNetik Magnetic Docking System,” as well as the models that these features are available on check out their website at under “Faucet Innovations.”




Safe and Accessible: American Standard Plumbing Products that make Independent Living Easier

As you or your loved ones increase in age, there are inevitably certain aspects of every day living that can become more challenging. Vision, strength, and mobility are all things that over time can deteriorate, making certain products, especially in your bathroom, that were once an afterthought more difficult to use, and even dangerous. With the “Safe and Accessible” line of American Standard Plumbing Products, that can be installed by the Raleigh plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing, you can take a major step toward achieving the piece of mind that you or your loved ones deserve and eliminate any possible safety concerns, allowing independent living for both young and old at a reasonable cost.

With their “Versatile Design Solutions,”American Standard Plumbing Products that can be installed by your most trusted Raleigh plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing create a comforting, user-friendly bathroom, without compromising style or safety. Among the American Standard Plumbing Products to allow worry-free independence in the bathroom are the many safe and easy faucet options, that allow easy operation without the need to grip, “Right Height” toilets with a rim height closer to that of a regular chair that allows for safer and more comfortable use, or their walk-in baths with great accessibility for those with limited mobility and easy turn lever handles and a handshower making accidents less likely whether the user has arthritis or just slippery soaped up hands.

American Standard Plumbing Products

American Standard 31X51 Gelcoat Walk-In-Tub

For “Multi-Generational Living Solutions”in the bathroom, there are also numerous American Standard Plumbing Products that can make life easier on both the little ones and the older family members you worry about having some type of accident in the bathroom. The “pull-out” step feature for the kids on their “Portsmouth Vanity” for example allows children to better reach the sink when using and conveniently slides away when not in use. Both young and old can also benefit from ADA Compliant tub, featuring a much lower step over height to get into the tub and a seat installed as well.

Accessible Living is yet another goal in the creation of the “Safe and Accessible” American Standard Plumbing Products line. On top of the other easier options listed above, the “seated safety” shower models, give you a unit that is fully open on one side, with a low threshold and built-in side “grab bars” to ensure safety and security in the shower.

To learn more about all of the American Standard Plumbing Products that the Raliegh plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing can install that can help to aid in the independent living for all ages in the bathroom, visit there official site at

How Will I Save with a High Efficiency Washing Machine?

In the ongoing quest of the most trusted name in Raleigh plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing to help you better learn and in turn save and conserve water, we will answer a few questions that many consumers have, based upon one main uncertainty these same people may have, What exactly is a High Efficiency Washing Machine and what exactly are the savings that I can enjoy in purchasing one?

High Efficiency Washing Machine

Basically, to answer the main question on High Efficiency Washing Machines, they are a washer which uses different technological features to simply help reduce not only the amount of water needed per load of laundry you do, but in addition they also cut down on the amount of energy used as well. Thus, through the Poole’s Plumbing tips and suggestions that we have continued to talk about through our blog posts, a High Efficiency Washing Machine does exactly what we have been trying to help you (the consumer) to do, and that is conserve and save.

Following up the first question with another question, the obvious next thing that a customer would want to know is, how much is conserved or saved through the usage of a High Efficiency Washing Machine? This answer is actually pretty staggering, as on average, a High Efficiency Washing Machine uses up to 80 percent less water than traditional top-loading units. Not only is that a huge figure when you think about how much water would actually be conserved, but in the savings department, a High Efficiency Washing Machine also comes in at about a 65 percent average energy savings.

On top of these two facts, which basically equals less water usage, less energy usage, and as a direct result you saving money, the energy savings allows for you to be able to wash more laundry per load and these type units are about 40 percent larger and old up to 40 percent more clothes than a standard washing machine unit would.

So, basically, to answer the initial question of ,what is a High Efficiency Washing Machine? It is an item that can do the exact two things that the Raleigh plumbing experts at Poole’s Plumbing have been trying to help and educate you to do through their tips and advise, conserve and save.