Most Common Plumbing Issues: Four More to Look Out For

In our last post, we began a look at eight of the Most Common Plumbing Issues facing homeowners on an everyday basis. We gave a run-through of four of the eight and in this post will look at the remaining issues. Likewise, we will give you some help in regard to what to look for to find the source of these plumbing problems before they become plumbing disasters.

I the previous blog post, we looked at pipes, drains, toilets, and faucets. These are all very common units that we see and notice regularly. The “final four” of our Moist Common Plumbing Issues, though, are not necessarily in locations that we are looking at as often. Thus, your trusted friends at Poole’s Plumbing will run you through these items in great detail. Knowing exactly where to find them and what to look for will not only be helpful, but more than likely will also prove to save you big in the long run.

The Most Common Plumbing Issues: Hoses, Pumps, Pressure, and Heaters

The remaining four of our Most Common Plumbing Issues as we note above, are not all in plain everyday sight. But, whether in the basement, outside the house or wherever each of these is located, we remind you the same as we did in the last post. That is to contact the pros at Poole’s Plumbing if you recognize any of them to avoid a bigger than necessary situation.

1) Leaky Hose Bibb

The hose bibb can be found outside the home, as its use is to bring water in from outside to distribute throughout the home. Once again, not a place you necessarily see every day, but given the function, I think you can see how a leak here could be disastrous if unattended.

This is one of the Most Common Plumbing Issues that people deal with in the spring and summer months. The leakage occurs after a long, cold winter, as many hose bibbs are not insulated for freezing temperatures. Our advice, in this case, is to invest in some frost-proof hose bibbs. While not always a guarantee, the more insulated hoses can give you peace of mind that this issue is resolved.

2) Sump Pump Failure

The sump pump, for those not in the know, is located in the basement of your home. Its main function is to pump seepage water from the basement to avoid a flood. That being said, you can see given its function why this is a very important fix among our Most Common Plumbing Issues.

When there is a sump pump failure, there can be several places to look for the problem. Usually, the source of the failure can be found among the issues listed below.

  • An overwhelming amount of water following a heavy rain
  • Improper installation
  • Clogged discharge pipes
  • A switch or switches that are stuck
  • Aging, if you’re pump is 10 years old or older this may be the source of the failure

3) Low Water Pressure

Now, this is a spot on our Most Common Plumbing Issues list that you definitely know if you’ve been a victim of. No one likes low water pressure. It is always an inconvenience, but it also can lead to serious damage as well if not addressed.

Many times when you have low water pressure the issue is, unfortunately, a result of a larger plumbing problem. Bullet pointed below is a list of four of the most probable causes if you have low water pressure.

  • A cracked or blocked sewer line or lines
  • Clogged drains or sewer
  • Pipe corrosion
  • Hidden water leaks in your home.

4) Water Heater Problems

Luckily for you, the fourth and final entry of our Most Common Plumbing Issues is water heater problems. No, you aren’t lucky to have the problems. You are however lucky that Poole’s Plumbing is the number one water heater experts in the Raleigh and surrounding area.

Now, we all know hot water is a necessity for so many reasons in our homes. Thus, when you suddenly are faced with water heater problems it can truly become a crisis. There are several sources though, that we can recommend you check to find where the problem is with your heating unit. These are listed below.

  • Corrosion or sediment build up in systems
  • Loose or broken electrical connections
  • Improper initial installation of your water heater
  • Heating element failures
  • The wrong size or type of system to support a home’s needs

The Most Common Plumbing Issues Can Prove a Real Mess

Between our first blog entry on the Most Common Plumbing Issues, and these four areas discussed today, we have tried to explain where you can look to find the source of each problem. However, in most cases, these issues are not advisable to try and fix on your own.

That being said, anytime you are faced with one of the Most Common Plumbing Issues we have walked through or any others, Poole’s Plumbing is here to help. The number one name in Raleigh plumbers for over two decades, Poole’s is happy to advise and follow up and fix any and all of your plumbing problems.

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