Hydro-Jett: How It’s Done

by raleigh plumbers on March 24, 2014


Our new Hydro-Jett Clear & Clean service blasts through built-up soap scum, sediment, sand, scale, grease, mineral, leaves, hair and roots in even the most troublesome commercial lines and grease drains. How do we do it?

1. Hose insertion. Our Poole’s Plumbing technicians insert the Hydro-Jett hose with its cleaning head into your clogged line. This cleaning head will be what provides the powerful blasts of water that will eliminate your problem.

2. Initial inspection. Our technicians use our video camera to inspect the initial state of the clogged line in question, allowing us to quickly take stock of the exact situation and the severity of the clog within your drain. This camera equipment is already attached to the end of the inserted Hydro-Jett hose, and as always with Poole’s, you’ll never pay extra for our camera services.

3.  Activation of the cleaning head. Once we feel initial inspection of your backed-up line has been sufficiently performed, we activate the Hydro-Jett system’s cleaning head. At the end of the hose is a cleaning head which delivers the power-packed cleaning punch desired: A 3500 PSI stream of water that attacks the build-up in your drain at a variety of angles.


4. Advancing the hose. We run the hose along the drain, taking extra care around areas with particular amounts of build-up. We may make several passes using the high-pressured streams of water in order to completely clear your clogged line. Unlike cable or “rooting” services in the past, use of the Hydro-Jett in this manner ensures that not only is the clog in your drain removed, but that the drain is completely cleared and the walls of the pipe are cleaned. It’s a full service that we’re so confident of we offer a 90 day warranty following the Hydro-Jetting process.

5. Final inspection and removal of the hose. We again use the attached video camera to perform a once-over of your drain following Hydro-Jett cleaning. Once we confirm that all build-up and debris have been removed and that your drain is operating at its highest possible capacity, we remove the Hydro-Jett hose from your line.


Hydro-Jett Clear & Clean versus Cabling-Clear & Flow Service

by raleigh plumbers on March 19, 2014


Poole’s Plumbing’s use of the innovative Hydro-Jett Clear & Clean service to annihilate stoppages in residential and commercial drains is a leap forward for the industry. The Hydro-Jett service blasts through built-up soap scum, sediment, sand, scale, grease, mineral, leaves, hair and roots via powerful, 3500 PSI streams of water directed at different angles. How exactly though does this procedure stack up against more traditional cabling/“rooting” services such as the Cabling-Clear & Flow Service offered by Poole’s, and what are the specific advantages?

With a traditional cable clear service, a rotating cable equipped with a cutting head is mechanically fed down into the drain pipe. The cable’s cutting head moves through the drain stoppage, cutting until the stoppage has been cleared. Poole’s uses our attached video camera equipment to ensure the stoppage is cleared; however, build-up does remain around the walls of the drain pipe in question, and a warranty on the rooter machine service is not provided.

Poole’s new Hydro-Jett Clear & Clean service harnesses the power of water to not only cut a hole in the build-up, but to forcefully blast the walls of the pipe clean, removing all of the gunk inside the drain pipe instead of just a portion. The Hydro-Jett doesn’t just remove the stoppage, it cleans the entire pipe, whether it’s located at an apartment complex or is a commercial grease drain at a restaurant.

The Hydro-Jett isn’t a short term fix. Instead, it’s a compete solution that leaves the pipe in a nearly new condition. Poole’s is so confident in the power of this solution that unlike the Cabling-Clear & Flow Service, we offer a 90 day warranty on your line, guaranteeing it’s clear from stoppages for at least three months.

Drain Cleaning… The Secret to a Clean Drain!

by raleigh plumbers on November 29, 2012

Drain Cleaning Raleigh NC Tips & Tricks

Why is it important to keep my drain clean?

Maintaining a clean sink or bathtub drain is important for many reasons and can be done with minimal effort to help avoid running into costly and possibly dangerous plumbing issues. One obvious reason to clean your drains on a consistent basis is to avoid unpleasant odors. A more serious problem that could result from a neglected drain is the risk of pesky drain gnats. Also, failure to keep your drains clean will lead to buildup that eventually will cause water in your sink or tub to empty at a much slower rate.

What can I do to maintain my drains at home?

As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, keeping your drains clean is a simple process that can be done at home as long as you are willing to take a few minutes every few days to do so. The simplest way of avoiding unwanted buildup is to run scalding hot water through your tub and sink drains every couple days to make sure that there is no clogging and to keep gunk from building up. There are also many products available for purchase at most stores, that can keep your drains smelling clean and fresh. If you do notice buildup starting or clogging in your pipes it is best to immediately address the issue as early as possible, as neglecting these things could prove an expensive and messy mistake.

Realizing that your drain (or drains) are clogged is not necessarily an immediate reason to fret, as there are many tried and true remedies that can be made to clear them, right in your home. Most of these solutions are made from items that you already have on hand. One of these tried and true methods is to pour one tablespoon of baking soda into the tub or sink drain. Immediately dump ¼ cup of either lemon juice or vinegar down the same drain and let it sit for 30 minutes. Finally, run hot water through the drain. Repeating this on a weekly basis will help clear buildup and prevent the clog from recurring. Additionally, this will help eliminate unwanted, foul odors. Another at home method is to pour a strong salt water mixture through your drains. This is a proven way to keep grease from building up and to reduce bad odors.

When Home Remedies Fail

If you have tried the at home remedies and found them not working, there are many popular and potent chemical solutions that can be purchased at nearly any store or supermarket. If these chemicals do not work, it is best to call a professional plumber, who will be able to remove any blockage and have your drains flowing freely in short order.

Where to find more tips on drain cleaning

There are many different websites that can offer up tips on keeping your drains clean through these and a variety of other methods in an eco-friendly manner. For further information on this topic, check cleaning or maintaining drains in the home improvement sections of www.doityourself.com , www.popularmechanics.com , or www.care2.com .

When it’s time to call a Professional Plumber

Poole’s Plumbing offers Professional Drain Cleaning and Sewer Services; No additional charge for making sure it’s completely cleared! “You will never pay extra for our camera” We use In-Line Video Pipe Inspection as an efficient way to pinpoint issues.