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American Standard Toilets always seem to stay a step ahead of the competition. Using the latest innovations and technology, the brand has become synonymous with high-quality plumbing products. Poole’s Plumbing is a licensed, professional that installs all American Standard products. This includes the incredible new “Champion” line from American Standard. Likewise, the “VorMax” line of American Standard Toilets uses the latest technology for a cleaner flush as well.

The American Standard Toilets “Champion” is Virtually Clog-Free! Seriously!!!

American-Standard-Toilets-Champion Line

The sleek design of the new American Standard Champion line is as alluring as its efficiency.

According to their official website at, “Innovation” is what sets the Champion line of American Standard Toilets apart from all other brands and models. The site reads, “With superior flushing performance, the Champion is virtually clog-free.”

Though there are the obvious advantages of a “clog-free” toilet, the Champion line actually saves you in more ways than one. Again referring to their own description, these toilets bring efficiency too. “Water-saving, high-efficiency toilets are available to help save water and money.”

The “Champion”: Not Only Efficient But Stylish Too!

The Champion toilet collection from American Standard offers a variety of models. All of these have utilized the most recent, innovations in plumbing to result in a cleaner and more effective flush. The page dedicated to these toilets notes the high-quality standard of the units and more.

“Nothing compares to the Champion line of toilets,” The Champion page continues, reading, “This innovative line of toilets meet the industry’s highest standard for flushing performance, virtually eliminating clogs and providing a cleaner, more efficient flush every time. The Champion toilet is available in a variety of beautiful designs that coordinate perfectly with our complete bathroom product collections.”

The American Standard Toilets “Vor-Max” Technology,  The Cleanest, Germ-Free Flush!

American-Standard-Toilets-Poole's Plumbing

Toilets with “VorMax” flushing technology (pictured) give the most germ free flush you can get.

American Standard has also raised the bar in keeping your toilet bowl clean with the introduction of its “VorMax” Flush technology. Basically, the “VorMax” technology is reinventing the way that your toilet cleans. This is done by taking away the rim holes around the inside of the bowl on these American Standard Toilets. These holes are usually where water is produced when flushing.  

One high power jet stream of water that self scrubs your entire bowl from top to bottom replaces the holes. This is done without need for a brush or even touching a thing. The “VorMax” jet stream on these American Standard Toilets even cleans the difficult to reach spots in your bowl.

These technological advances can start working in your favor. Both a cleaner toilet and a more efficient toilet awaits with either line of these toilets. As noted in the intro, the professional Raleigh plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing can install these for you.  To see more on all the newest American Standard products, go to