Outdoor Fall Plumbing Tips from Poole’s Plumbing

The warmth of Summer officially gives way to the new Autumn season on Monday, September 23. With this seasonal change, the air slowly becomes brisker. Likewise, the days get shorter, too. Our Outdoor Fall Plumbing Tips can help you be prepared for the change in season.

Following up our initial “Indoor Fall Plumbing Tips” post, here are more easy tips that anyone can do. Just by keeping on top of things like these heading into Fall, you can avoid costly “surprises” moving into the Winter months.

Outdoor-Fall-Plumbing-Tips-Pooles Plumbing

Simply making sure to disconnect any outdoor hoses can avoid many potential problems in the long run.

Water Hoses-Outdoor Fall Plumbing Tips

We can start our Outdoor Tips in a similar spot that we left off with our “Indoor Tips.” That would be around the area where our water hoses would be.

  • Disconnect…and avoid a deep freeze!– This is one of the simpler Outdoor Fall Plumbing Tips, as we just remind you to disconnect any outdoor hoses you may have. If these are left connected, the hoses could freeze. Obviously with a frozen and unconnected hose could come expansion. Thus, connected faucets or pipes that run indoors could freeze and break as a result of that expansion.

So, disconnecting all outdoor hoses can for sure be an easy way to avoid a not-so-easy situation.

Fall-Outdoor-Plumbing-Tips-Pooles Plumbing

Check to be sure no outdoor faucets are leaking or dripping. This could lead to avoiding a flood later on.

Outside Faucets- Outdoor Fall Plumbing Tips

Much like the indoor faucets we discussed last post, a simple check on those outside can likewise help avoid catastrophe.

  • Avoid the Flood…Double Check for Leaks and Drips- Just check to be sure no outdoor faucets are leaking or dripping. If you see they are, be sure to tend to these repairs as soon as possible. If it is not a repair you can personally make, you will want to contact the Raleigh Plumbing professionals at Poole’s Plumbing.

Again, if there are no leaks, that is fantastic, however, if there are, you will want to contact Poole’s prior to temperatures having a chance to drop too low. Above all, you want to avoid a frozen pipe at all costs in this situation. Whether steel, plastic, or whatever the material, the pipes will crack if frozen and this could have pricey repercussions and could even lead to a flood.

  • Better Take Cover…or Make Sure of Coverage!- It is worth the time to go to a hardware or home store to get some type of insulation kit to make sure the outside faucets around your house are properly insulated. This helps you to avoid the exact problems discussed with our past two Outdoor Fall Plumbing Tips above.

Your attention to keep downspouts clear can avoid them freezing up as temperatures sink.

Downspouts and Gutters-

  • Down with Debris…Keep Spouts and Gutters Clean!- What most consider one of the most obvious of our Outdoor Fall Plumbing Tips. Furthermore, just clear all leaves and any other debris from your downspouts and gutters. If left unattended and then water starts freezing, it could get real messy if these are not cleared by the time it thaws.

Removal of any debris for downspouts and gutters before thawing time will no question help to avoid a Fall Plumbing disaster.

Outdoors and Indoors…You’re Covered.

Between this and our previous post, we’ve offered up many Fall Plumbing Tips. If followed correctly, these should take almost no time at all. In addition, avoiding a major plumbing accident, that could be costly, is well worth that little time to invest.

If you do have further questions on any of our tips or need repairs done, contact us at poolesplumbing.com.