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Avoid Costly Blockages: Recognize Top Clogged Drain Causes

Following our two-part Fall Plumbing Tips series, the experts at Poole’s Plumbing have decided to continue in educating our loyal customers. There are many areas which will be covered in our upcoming blog posts. However, one that is very simple to address at home and if not monitored can prove costly. Likewise, it can also result in major damage or at very least a mess. Thus, this post will be the first of a three-part series where we begin by helping you recognize the Top Clogged Drain Causes.

Keeping all drains in the house flowing freely may seem an obvious priority. With just simple monitoring and very minimal or no maintenance, you can keep all drains unclogged, avoiding several possible issues. Depending on the Clogged Drain Causes which can occur, you could have a slight problem or an all-out disaster. Messy floor leaks, flooding, costly repairs, or just a terrible aroma developing all can come from many Clogged Drain Causes. We will look below at areas you will have a drain, and the top Clogged Drain Causes to look for in each.

Garbage and Other Disposals


Running your dishwasher only as necessary is one way to keep from causing a clogged drain.

It’s self-evident, but when it comes to Clogged Drain Causes garbage disposals can be a messy business. Bones and large chunks of greasy food can prove troublesome for your garbage disposal and lead to a clogged drain. You’ll want to toss most of these aforementioned offenders into your garbage and not directly into your disposal.

Laundry/Washing Machines

Remember, it is always best to be vigilant when taking care of those seemingly never-ending loads of laundry. Pay attention if and when your clogs tend to happen. If they seem to occur on days you’re running your washing machine then you’ve probably located the source of the problem. Multiple large loads in quick succession can cause the synthetic fabrics of your clothing to gather in drains and foil even your best efforts at keeping your drains free-flowing.



Being sure to keep a proper sized laundry load is yet another way to avoid drain issues.

Much like the washing machine, keeping a consistent watch for and quickly addressing and Clogged Drain Causes with the dishwasher can be very cost-effective. We all know, the dishwasher is a lifesaver after a long day and a painstakingly cooked meal, but every once in a while if it becomes a Clogged Drain Causes, it can create extra work for you. Repeated running of your dishwasher or failure to properly remove solid waste from its innards before running a cycle can cause backups in your drain.

Sewer Line

This one could be a “biggie.” It may come as a surprise to many, but your main sewer line may be behind all your drainage woes. No matter if a clog occurs in an area in the line right beside your house or near the edge of the street, there is the chance it’s the sewer line. Municipalities have different guidelines governing what is your responsibility and what is not regarding the sewer line and you may be on the hook for a repair before you can restore the health of your drains. Check with your municipality to determine how to handle a clogged sewer line.

So, as earlier stated, a lot of unnecessary expenses and headaches, in general, can be avoided or at least minimized by simply being aware of possible Clogged Drain Causes and staying on top of keeping them clean. In the case that you do have a clog or backup issue that has become a concern, the Raleigh professional plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing are always just a call away and waiting to help you nip the problem in the bud before it becomes a plumbing disaster.