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Poole’s Plumbing’s use of the innovative Hydro-Jett Clear & Clean service to annihilate stoppages in residential and commercial drains is a leap forward for the industry. The Hydro-Jett service blasts through built-up soap scum, sediment, sand, scale, grease, mineral, leaves, hair and roots via powerful, 3500 PSI streams of water directed at different angles. How exactly though does this procedure stack up against more traditional cabling/“rooting” services such as the Cabling-Clear & Flow Service offered by Poole’s, and what are the specific advantages?

With a traditional cable clear service, a rotating cable equipped with a cutting head is mechanically fed down into the drain pipe. The cable’s cutting head moves through the drain stoppage, cutting until the stoppage has been cleared. Poole’s uses our attached video camera equipment to ensure the stoppage is cleared; however, build-up does remain around the walls of the drain pipe in question, and a warranty on the rooter machine service is not provided.

Poole’s new Hydro-Jett Clear & Clean service harnesses the power of water to not only cut a hole in the build-up, but to forcefully blast the walls of the pipe clean, removing all of the gunk inside the drain pipe instead of just a portion. The Hydro-Jett doesn’t just remove the stoppage, it cleans the entire pipe, whether it’s located at an apartment complex or is a commercial grease drain at a restaurant.

The Hydro-Jett isn’t a short term fix. Instead, it’s a compete solution that leaves the pipe in a nearly new condition. Poole’s is so confident in the power of this solution that unlike the Cabling-Clear & Flow Service, we offer a 90 day warranty on your line, guaranteeing it’s clear from stoppages for at least three months.

commercial-plumbingPoole’s Plumbing has prided itself on its friendly, full-service drain cleaning and sewer clearing offerings for more than a decade, and we’re happy to announce the availability of our new Hydro-Jett Clear & Clean Service, a more thorough and complete fix for both residential garbage disposals and commercial drain stoppages.

Unlike conventional cable or “rooter” machines which only target the immediate stoppage in your drain, our Hydro-Jett system utilizes high pressure water jets at 3500 PSI to thoroughly clean the walls of the pipe, removing far more of the debris in your water and sewer lines and preventing leftover build-up from creating another stoppage by simply eliminating it altogether. This system doesn’t “poke” a hole in the stoppage like previous systems — it literally blasts away the problem.

How does the Hydro-Jett Clean & Clear Service offer such a complete, efficient solution? The jetting system’s spinning streams attack sediment, scale, soap scum, leaves, grease, hair and even roots at a variety of angles, and are so powerful they can cut through a 2×4 piece of wood in approximately 30 seconds! This power is used efficiently and responsibly, because unlike cable machines, your pavement and landscaping don’t need to be dug up or disturbed during the process. No more sewer cables and no more messy removal of clogged sewer pipes.

The Hydro-Jett system is so advanced that Poole’s recommends its use for everything from apartment complex clean-up to tearing through grease and oil in restaurant drains, and because of the manner in which the high-powered jets attack the gunk and build-up around the walls of the pipes, we’re offering a 90-day warranty with each cleaning. Oh, and as always, you’ll never pay extra for our camera. Interested in learning more about our innovative Hydro-Jett Clear & Clean Service? Visit our Hydro-Jett page to learn more.


Low-flow shower heads have been near the forefront of home water conservation efforts for some time now, and it’s no surprise as 20-25% of all household water usage comes from showering. Unlike earlier models of low-flow shower heads, newer models utilize a smarter design with smaller water apertures that allow these devices to provide adequate water volume while still fulfilling their purpose of using less water. These new low-flower shower heads provide clear benefits:

Water Usage. Low-flow shower heads provide the obvious benefit of water conservation, something the Environmental Protection Agency has near the top of its list (See: WaterSense program here: Regardless of one’s opinion of the environment, water conservation also helps homeowners directly. Low-flow shower heads have been found to drop overall household water usage by as much as 40% — if not more. Aside from the nobility of conserving so much water, the tangible benefits on your wallet will be felt with each monthly water bill. Newer, non-low-flow shower heads disperse at least 2.5 gallons of water a minute. Low-flow shower heads gently produce 2 gallons or less a minute, while older shower heads actually put out as much as 5 to 8 gallons per minute.

Energy Usage. Running your shower also consumes energy. Use of a low-flow shower head will also cut down on your monthly energy usage thanks to the decrease in monthly water usage, as water requires energy to be heated. Fewer gallons of heated water mean greater savings on energy costs.

Carbon-dioxide Emissions. Lower energy usage with low-flow shower heads also leads to lower CO2 (carbon-dioxide) emissions.