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Delta Plumbing Products Bring Conveinience and Style with a Tap

As we note on our “Plumbing Resources” page, as Raleigh’s most trusted plumbers, we work with the top vendors and products available. One such brand that is once again “re-inventing” the way we all look at plumbing products is Delta. The experts at Poole’s Plumbing can help you to install and get familiar with the latest Delta Plumbing Products. These include their innovative faucet line that allows you to use a simple touch to control water flow.


The “Pivotal” is a kitchen faucet from Delta with Touch 2 O technology.

Get Your Water with Just a Tap, It’s Just the Start of Innovative Delta Plumbing Products

A press release from announces and details the innovative Touch 2 O technology that is “changing the faucet game.” In explaining how and why the innovations have come about in Delta Plumbing Products, the release reads as follows.

“To satisfy the needs of homeowners looking to enhance their kitchen’s functionality, Delta Faucet presents its complete line of beverage faucets, which now feature optional Touch 2 O Technology.” It continues, “Allowing users to turn the faucet on and off with a simple tap. “

The release then explains that the new technology is available in a variety of styles and finishes of Delta Plumbing Products. 


Pictured is the Champagne Bronze finish from the “Trinsic” Delta Kitchen collection.

Functionality with Style: Delta Plumbing Products Give You all Three

Delta brand product manager, Peggy Gallagher discusses several advantages to the innovations with these Delta Plumbing Products. Gallagher touches on getting the desired functionality without sacrificing your sense of style.

“With Delta beverage faucets, homeowners no longer need to sacrifice style in their kitchen by using an unflattering water tap.” Gallagher adds, “Our beverage faucets are offered in a variety of styles and finish colors.” She goes on,” They also include some of our most advanced kitchen technologies, including our intuitive touch-activated Touch 2 O Technology.” Peggy concludes, “This makes it possible to have a kitchen that is both functional and chic.”

The Mateo (shown) is yet another sleek faucet design from Delta with this technology.

Compatibility and Filtration? Check and Check!

It is also reads in the press release, that each of these Delta Plumbing Products features yet another innovation. This is the InnoFlex PEX supply line. According to the release these are “compatible with virtually any water filtration system.” This includes Reverse Osmosis water filtration systems. Likewise, they fit standard plumbing supply lines.

The Delta Kitchen Faucets featuring Touch 2 O  are Available in the Following Finishes.

  • Chrome
  • Arctic Stainless
  • Brilliance Stainless
  • Venetian Bronze

For more information on the latest in Delta Plumbing Products, visit To see all of the vendors and great products that are associated with Poole’s plumbing, visit the “Resources and Products” page at

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Superior Flushing Innovations Set American Standard Toilets Apart from the Pack

American Standard Toilets always seem to stay a step ahead of the competition. Using the latest innovations and technology, the brand has become synonymous with high-quality plumbing products. Poole’s Plumbing is a licensed, professional that installs all American Standard products. This includes the incredible new “Champion” line from American Standard. Likewise, the “VorMax” line of American Standard Toilets uses the latest technology for a cleaner flush as well.

The American Standard Toilets “Champion” is Virtually Clog-Free! Seriously!!!

American-Standard-Toilets-Champion Line

The sleek design of the new American Standard Champion line is as alluring as its efficiency.

According to their official website at, “Innovation” is what sets the Champion line of American Standard Toilets apart from all other brands and models. The site reads, “With superior flushing performance, the Champion is virtually clog-free.”

Though there are the obvious advantages of a “clog-free” toilet, the Champion line actually saves you in more ways than one. Again referring to their own description, these toilets bring efficiency too. “Water-saving, high-efficiency toilets are available to help save water and money.”

The “Champion”: Not Only Efficient But Stylish Too!

The Champion toilet collection from American Standard offers a variety of models. All of these have utilized the most recent, innovations in plumbing to result in a cleaner and more effective flush. The page dedicated to these toilets notes the high-quality standard of the units and more.

“Nothing compares to the Champion line of toilets,” The Champion page continues, reading, “This innovative line of toilets meet the industry’s highest standard for flushing performance, virtually eliminating clogs and providing a cleaner, more efficient flush every time. The Champion toilet is available in a variety of beautiful designs that coordinate perfectly with our complete bathroom product collections.”

The American Standard Toilets “Vor-Max” Technology,  The Cleanest, Germ-Free Flush!

American-Standard-Toilets-Poole's Plumbing

Toilets with “VorMax” flushing technology (pictured) give the most germ free flush you can get.

American Standard has also raised the bar in keeping your toilet bowl clean with the introduction of its “VorMax” Flush technology. Basically, the “VorMax” technology is reinventing the way that your toilet cleans. This is done by taking away the rim holes around the inside of the bowl on these American Standard Toilets. These holes are usually where water is produced when flushing.  

One high power jet stream of water that self scrubs your entire bowl from top to bottom replaces the holes. This is done without need for a brush or even touching a thing. The “VorMax” jet stream on these American Standard Toilets even cleans the difficult to reach spots in your bowl.

These technological advances can start working in your favor. Both a cleaner toilet and a more efficient toilet awaits with either line of these toilets. As noted in the intro, the professional Raleigh plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing can install these for you.  To see more on all the newest American Standard products, go to


Poole’s Plumbing : The Most Trusted Raleigh NC Plumbers for 20 Years

From a small, humble start to becoming the most trusted name in Raleigh NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing celebrates its 20th year of “plumbing done right!”

This post celebrates the 20 years of Poole’s Plumbing service in the Raleigh and Triangle area. As you will see, in our two decades of service and becoming the most trusted name in Raleigh NC plumbers our overall goal and focus is to please you…our loyal customers. Over the course of this summer, our blog will continue with this “celebration” and the great 20-year bond built between our customer and the Raleigh NC plumbers at Poole’s. While this first article in this series looks back over our history, the stories to follow will come from the customer’s perspective and tell the story of their recollections of the Poole’s Plumbing experience they had.

Two Men, A Truck, and a Dream

They are the 24/7 emergency Raleigh NC plumbers that you can always count on. However, Poole’s Plumbing began in 1999, the brainchild of company founder, Robert K. Poole,  with only two men, a truck, and a dream. In the company’s 20-year existence, Poole’s offers several programs and initiatives that “change the game” for Raleigh NC plumbers.

Over the course of twenty years, Poole’s has an unmatched relationship with its employees and customers alike. Way back in 1999, Robert aspired that one day his company will be one of the top plumbing contractors in the area. Through unparalleled work ethic and the earning trust of their clients, Robert’s initial dream has become a reality.

To date, in April 2019, 20 years after the company’s inception, Poole’s has grown to have nearly 100 employees and plumbs an estimated 1,000 new homes annually.

The Most Trusted Name 24/7

raleigh-emergency-plumber- Poole's Plumbing

Members of the Poole’s Plumbing team are available in the case of an emergency, 24/7, doing emergency work like hydro-jetting to avoid a possible more serious sewage issue

One title earned by Poole’s Plumbing over the past 20 years is the Most Trusted Name in Raleigh emergency plumbers. As we all know, some plumbing issues just can not wait. Thus Poole’s Plumbing has prided themselves on being the number one name among all Raleigh NC plumbers to call on in an emergency.

Poole’s classifies an emergency plumbing situation as one of the following.

  • A leak on a fixture that could possibly damage cabinets, flooring or ceiling
  • Water leaking in such a manner that it will cause damage to the home
  • A sewage backup that affects the entire house
  • No hot water at residence

Guarantee of ‘Best Price in Town’ for Raleigh NC plumbers

raleigh-nc-plumbers-Poole's Plumbing

The Poole’s Plumbing “Best Price Guarantee” says that they will  beat the price of any Raleigh NC plumbers on all water heater installation and replacements

Another program synonymous with Poole’s Plumbing is their “Best Price in Town” guarantee. Basically, this is just as it sounds, as Poole’s is the Raleigh area water heater experts. Hence, Poole’s guarantees they will beat any Raleigh NC plumbers prices on all new and replacement water heaters.

The Best Customer Service among Raleigh NC plumbers

There are numerous reasons how Poole’s upholds the great reputation they have in their 20 years in business. Honesty, timeliness, top quality work, affordability, and a family-like atmosphere between them and the customer. These all play into Poole’s rise to the number one Raleigh NC plumbers. However, to understand the “Poole’s way,” and their dedication to great customer relationships see their Customer Service Code of Ethics.

Poole’s Plumbing Customer Service Code of Ethics

  • The customer is the most important aspect of our company.
  • Listen to the customer and identify as well as anticipate their needs.
  • Clearly, communicate all options available to the customer.
  • Accurately document all aspects of the work
  • Strive to go above and beyond the customers’ expectations.
  • Handle complaints and follow up to make sure they will get resolved.
  • Never let a customer go to voicemail (during normal business hours).
  • When required, transfer customers to the proper person and make sure that person is aware they are being transferred.
  • Do the work we say we will do, for the price we say we will do it for, in the time frame we said we will do it in.
Raleigh-water-heater-experts-Poole's Plumbing

As the foremost authority on water heaters in the Triangle area, Poole’s can assist you with selecting ad installing whichever type works best for you

Two Decades and “Just Getting Started”

As the Triangle area’s top plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing will adhere to its motto of “plumbing done right the first time.”Poole’s is a fully licensed and insured plumbing company approaching all projects with honesty and integrity.  Consequently, we will serve you and deliver as the most trusted among all Raleigh NC plumbers for 20 more years and beyond.

To reach the number one name in Raleigh NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing, visit the “Contact Us” page here.