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10 Things You Should Never Rinse Down Your Sink

10 Things You Should Never Rinse Down Your Sink

  1. Fats, oils, and greases
  2. Coffee grounds
  3. Eggshells
  4. Fruit pits and seeds
  5. Meat scraps
  6. Dairy products
  7. Disposable diapers
  8. Cigarette butts
  9. Medications
  10. Petroleum products

So, when it comes to your kitchen sink, there are a few things you should never put down the drain. Grease, coffee grounds, and eggshells can all cause serious problems for your plumbing.

Grease may seem like it will wash down the drain, but it can solidify once it hits any cold water in your pipes. This can create a clog that will be very difficult to remove. Coffee grounds can also clog your drains, and eggshells can break up and cause blockages.

So what should you do with all of this waste instead? Grease can be thrown in the trash, coffee grounds can be composted, and eggshells can be added to your compost pile. Following these simple and careful tips, you can keep your drains clear and your plumbing in good working order.

Most people know that certain items, such as grease or food scraps, should not be put down the drain. However, there are other items that many people don’t realize can cause problems when disposed of in this way.

Meat Scraps

When cooking meat, it’s essential to dispose of the scraps properly. Putting them down the sink drain can cause problems in two ways. First, the fat from the meat can solidify and clog your pipes. Second, as the meat decomposes, it can attract pests like flies and rats.


10 Things You Should Never Rinse Down Your Sink

Never flush medication down the sink or toilet. This can contaminate the water supply and make it difficult for sewage treatment plants to do their job. Instead, dispose of medications safely, such as taking them to a drug take-back program.


Products like gasoline, kerosene and motor oil should never be put down the drain. They can contaminate the water supply and cause fires or explosions. Instead, dispose of them at a hazardous waste facility.

Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts may seem small, but they can clog up your pipes. Additionally, the chemicals in cigarettes can pollute the water supply. If you’re a smoker, dispose of your cigarette butts in the trash, not the sink.

Following these simple tips can help keep your pipes clean and your water supply safe.

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From Exotic to Energizing : The Kohler Konnect Bathroom Line

On the heels of our first article in this series, we move along from the kitchen and top the Kohler Konnect Bathroom line of plumbing products. As explained in our previous article on this new, innovative line of products that can be installed by your most trusted Raleigh professional plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing, the Kohler Konnect Bathroom line utilizes the latest in modern technology for the ultimate in comfort and convenience, which is all attained by simply using the app coinciding with the products.

Much like the kitchen products detailed last article, The Kohler Konnect Bathroom plumbing products is like no other you have seen before, and as stated at us.kohler.com , can help you to turn your bathroom experience into an “experience as unique as you.” The website goes on to promote the products saying, “ Kohler Konnect smart products have the ability to transform your bathroom using light, sound, color, and water…with built-in voice control, it all happens seamlessly.” It concludes, “From Exotic and Energizing and every feeling in between, your bathroom can finally do what no other can.”

An App to Control Everything

Just as we explained in the first installment covering the kitchen products in the line,  almost everything else we deal with in today’s technologically advanced world, the app for the Kohler Konnect Bathroom products allows you control of everything right at your fingertips from your phone or device of preference. All of your personal settings can be set by you to your own personal preference, from shower settings, lighting levels, and all points in between.

PureWarmth Heated Toilet Seat

The PureWarmth heated toilet seat is changing your restroom experience with three temperature settings for ultimate comfort and task lighting as well so you can customize the illumination using this Kohler Konnect Bathroom product.

PerfectFill Technology

Much like the kitchen faucet detailed in our first article, the Kohler Konnect Bathroom line uses PerfectFill technology in this bathtub faucet so you can draw a bath, much like you did above with the shower, exactly to your preferences. Set the temperature and depth that you fill your tub too and all that is left to do is sit back, relax, and soak.

No matter what room in your home you utilize the incredible technology that is at the tip of your fingers or sound of your voice the Kohler Konnect Bathroom line and all other plumbing products can indeed help you to “create an experienced as unique as you. To find out more about this incredible line of Kohler products, visit us.kohler.com or contact the Raleigh plumbing professionals at Poole’s Plumbing. 


Be on the Look Out for Winter Plumbing Problems Before They Prove Costly or Disastrous

Moving along from one helpful two-part series courtesy of the Raleigh plumbing professionals at Poole’s Plumbing, and right into another three-part tutorial of sorts, over the course of the next month, as the temperatures will no doubt be dropping, we will be offering up some important reminders covering how you can avoid plumbing issues, both large and small throughout the winter months. When said temperatures begin to dip below freezing, your home’s plumbing is susceptible to a variety of Winter Plumbing Problems and awareness of these potential issues detailed below can help not only to save money, but can actually prevent potentially serious home damage.

Failing hot water systems are common among Winter Plumbing Problems due to pervasive cold weather, and water heating issues, in general, are one of the most common reasons plumbers are called into action at any point of the year. You’ll want to ensure the temperature setting on your water heater is set high enough. Additionally, if you possess a gas water heater with a pilot light, this light needs to be lit. If adequate hot water is still not attainable, you’ll want to contact your plumber, although it is always best to have your water heater serviced ahead of the winter season when it is not being pushed to its limit.

Frozen pipes are another issue common among Winter Plumbing Problems during these cold weather months and are caused by high water pressure from the main combined with below freezing temperatures. The most obvious giveaway of a frozen pipe is restricted water flow, so keep an eye out for changes in flow during the winter months. If you suspect a pipe is frozen, consider leaving your tap open slightly in order to allow water to flow. This water movement can prevent freezing, although it will affect your water bill over extended periods of time. If leaving the tap open isn’t an option or freezing persists, you’ll want to cut the water main switch and contact professional assistance as soon as possible.

A water line leak or break is maybe the most catastrophic of all Winter Plumbing Problems and will cause severe damage to your home. Perhaps surprisingly, frozen garden hoses can lead to this damaging occurrence. When a garden house is left connected following a freeze, the ice within the hose will gradually build up pressure in your home’s water lines, eventually leading to a leak or break if it is not attended to. Ensure that your garden hoses are drained and disconnected prior to a cold snap, and drain all outdoor pipes during this maintenance. Also, the installation of insulated faucet jackets on your outdoor faucets is recommended to shield against freezing winter temperatures. Finally, use shut-off valves within your home, if available, to drain water from your pipes. These valves are often located under sinks and alongside water heaters.

Restricted water drainage can be caused by snow on the ground in the area surrounding your sump pump discharge line. Snow blocking this drainage area can cause water back-up and freezing.

Any or all of these common winter plumbing problems can prove to be very pricey and eventual have disastrous results if not monitored and taken care of. If you do notice any of these starting to become a problem, don’t hesitate, call the Raleigh Plumbing professionals at Poole’s Plumbing to put the “freeze” on your problems.