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Specializing in many eco-friendly and water saving practice, the expert Raleigh NC plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing can install many different products and systems to help you save both at the faucet and in your wallet. The installation of Hot Water Recirculation Systems can help you make big savings in both of these areas, all the while cutting down the wait time that you experience as you wait for your hot water to turn on.


To begin, many people may be uncertain as to exactly what Hot Water Recirculation Systems do. Explained by one of the major manufacturers of these type systems’ Grundfos’ business specialist, Tom Phillips, “The system operates because the pump creates a small pressure differential between the hot and cold water sides.” He added, “A thin wax filament inside the valve enclosure expands and contracts predictably, contracting when it’s cold to open the valve and closing as the wax expands with the heat from the water.”

Hot-Water-Recirculation-Systems-The process of installing Hot Water Recirculation Systems such as the Grundfos brand model’s that are many times installed by the Raleigh professional plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing only takes about an hour or two total. Seeing that much of the heat is lost as the water travels through your pipes and that you have to wait for said water to initially heat up, installing Hot Water Recirculation Systems can save on both the energy used and water being wasted.

As explained at energstar.gov, the benefits you can see from installation of Hot Water Recirculation Systems are as follows:

  1. Recirculating pumps have the potential to solve the problem of a long wait for hot water at a distant fixture, while simultaneously saving energy, water and money.
  2. You no longer have to send cold water down the drain while waiting for warm water. Instead, recirculating pumps rapidly pull hot water from a water heater, while simultanously send cool water from the hot water lines back to the water heater to be reheated and reused. Demand systems can be controlled by the push of a button, a timer, or motion sensor.

To learn more about Hot Water Recirculation Systems you can read the entire article at the Energy Star website here, or visit the Grundfos website as well at us.grundfos.com.


Saving money, conserving water, and enjoying maximum comfort are all major factors to weigh out when deciding on a new showerhead, but by letting the most trusted name among Raleigh NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing, install any of the Kohler Showerheads or handshowers in their “Exhale” line, you can achieve all three of these.

Kohler Showerheads

Described at us.kohler.com as “The showering experience that will take your breath away,” the Exhale line of Kohler Showerheads offer unique and intense spray pressure to give you the ultimate in comfort in the shower, regardless of how much or little pressure you enjoy while rinsing off. There are actually four different spray options among the Inhale Kohler Showerheads, full-coverage, tense massage, and silk spray. Any of these choices gives you many options in spray pressure whether taking a relaxing shower at night or starting the day with an invigorating rinse to wake up.

Offering great convenience as well, the Kohler Showerheads in the Exhale line have a 360-degree continuous rotation feature that enables you to smoothly switch the pressure setting of the spray between the four choices above, changing every 30 degrees to the next setting. Helping to conserve water while you enjoy the unmatched comfort from a Kohler Showerhead, the popular “handshower” models in the Exhale line can also have a wall mount feature that has both an integrated water supply and allows you volume control while showering. Additionally, the soft silicone face on these Kohler showerheads and handshowers have no nozzles, making cleaning them far easier than a conventional showerhead.

Kohler Showerheads


On top of the easy cleaning, ultimate spray control, and convenient conservation features, the Exhale line of Kohler Showerheads also feature a water saving design that is sure to cut back on expensive water bills. The entire line is WaterSense certified and are engineered to utilize 20 percent less water than the common and standard 2.5 gpm showerhead models while still giving you all the quality features unique to the Kohler brand.

The Raleigh NC plumbers at Poole’s Plumbing are a certified distributor of Kohler Showerheads and all other plumbing products. To learn more about the Exhale line or all the other new and innovative plumbing products from Kohler, visit us.kohler.com.

Simple Household Spring Plumbing Tips Can Help to Save

by raleigh plumbers on March 22, 2016

As the changing of the season from Winter to Spring is even more apparent with the recent change in temperature, the second part of our Spring Plumbing Tips from the most trusted name in Raleigh NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing, has several more simple things that you can do around the house to help prepare and avoid major issues as the heavy rains of the season approach.

These basic check up and repair techniques are Spring Plumbing Tips that any home owner can follow and they not only get you ready for the changing of the season, but also is a safe way to avoid more significant damage in the case that you have actually developed some type of plumbing issue during the cold winter months.

To begin with these Spring Plumbing Tips, thoroughly check all faucets in both the kitchen and bathroom of your home. This can help you to conserve water and money, as can checking your toilets to be sure there aren’t any leaks. An easy way to do this would be to place a few drops of food coloring in the tank and if a leak has developed you will see the coloring in the bowl with in 30 minutes time. Checking for leaks or cracks in the toilet bowl also is a good idea when doing this.

Before moving along from checking your toilet, another of our suggested Spring Plumbing Tips is to be sure the units are flushing correctly. If by chance you need to shake or wiggle the handle, certain parts will need to be replaced. This can be done inexpensively and can not only fix the toilet but also save you money on water costs.

Spring Plumbing TipsChecking for clogs is next on the list of Spring Plumbing Tips. Beng certain that you have a filter on all of the drains in the house will prevent buildup such as soap, hair, or a variety of other substances from creating some type of blockage. Shower heads are another area that can easily become clogged due to mineral deposits. A simple solution to this is to fill a zip-lock bag with white vinegar and using are rubber band to secure it, wrap the full baggie around the head. Leaving this on the shower head for 24 hours will break the deposits down and have it completely clog-free and clean.

Lastly, you should check your water supply valve on occasion and turn them on and off. By doing this regularly, you can prevent the valve from sticking, which can lead to much more serious issues down the road.

By following these simple Spring Plumbing Tips and staying on top of these items around the house, in addition to checking each of the items detailed in Part One of our tips that can be seen here, you can with little effort have the plumbing in your home ready for the Spring and free and clear of any minor damage caused through the winter before it becomes more costly and a much bigger problem.

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