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Innovative Plumbing Products from Poole’s Plumbing

by raleigh plumbers on February 20, 2015

Specializing in bringing you the latest and most innovative designs to help you find the look you desire and to help you cut costs,  Poole’s Plumbing, the most trusted name in Wake County NC plumbers, can offer you the finest new Innovative Plumbing Products from Moen for your kitchen, bathroom, and any spot in your home at a great price.

Innovative Plumbing Products

The Moen brand is one of the most well-known and trusted manufacturers in the industry, and using the latest in plumbing technology, their Innovative Plumbing Products in the kitchen, such as the “Motion Sense” and “Reflex” faucets can bring you added convenience with a great look. With the “Motion Sense” model, turning on the faucet is made easy, as it detects the movement of your hand, while the “Reflex” unit increases your range of motion while also offering a great self retracting feature as well.

Adding to making life around the house a bit easier, are Moen’s latest finishes on their Innovative Plumbing Products, such as the “Spot Resistant Stainless Finish” on its faucets. This finish resists both water spots and fingerprints, and the “Microban” models feature antimicrobial protection, with both of these faucet types giving you less of a need to clean and this more time to do the things that are important to you.

Shower innovation is another Moen specialty, as the popular “ioDIGITAL” unit, will find you using a remote to turn your shower and bath into a personal spa. The “Halo” shower head design offers the ultimate in both comfort and coverage, while the “Immersion” head is untouched when it comes to a full body shower experience.

These latest products and others that can be seen at are just a few of the new and Innovative Plumbing Products that Wake County NC plumbers, Poole’s Plumbing specialize in installing that can make your life a bit easier and more relaxing in any room across your home.

Protect Your Pipes from Freezing Conditions

by raleigh plumbers on February 6, 2013


Even if you live in an area in which freezing temperatures are rare, freezing pipes can be a big concern when cold weather arrives.

Freezing weather can cause ice to form in a pipe, which leads to an increase in water pressure downstream from the ice blockage. This surge in water pressure leads to pipe failure, which often results in the pipe bursting at a different location from the ice blockage. For this reason, homeowners should be sure that the entire length of their pipe is sufficiently protected.

Experts have determined that homes in southern states and warmer climates are particularly susceptible to pipe failure when temperatures reach 20 degrees Fahrenheit, although pipes can freeze and burst at warmer temperatures as well.

As a homeowner, there are a number of precautions you can take to protect your pipes from freezing conditions.

If a pipe feels warm to your touch, it is a candidate to be insulated to protect it from freezing. Use pre-fit foam rubber cut to size to insulate your pipes, using duct tape to fasten it. Be sure that the pipes are clean and dry before covering them with the insulation. Call a plumber to perform this task if you would rather not do it yourself.

Another tip is to allow the taps of your outside faucets to drip during abnormally cold weather. It is fine if the water freezes, because this action will still relieve water pressure in the pipes and prevent them from bursting.

You should also leave the cabinet doors open under the sinks in your bathrooms and kitchen. This permits warmer air to circulate around the pipes, which helps provide protection for them.

It is important to use caulk to seal any gaps or cracks in your home’s foundation or the outside walls of your house. This will prevent cold air from reaching your pipes.

If you are going to be away from your home, you can drain your pipes to prevent them from bursting. Close the main valve, turn on the taps and let them run until the pipes are empty of water.

Remodeling your Bathroom: What is it going to cost?

by raleigh plumbers on December 31, 2012


When looking at remodeling your bathroom, there are many factors to take into consideration, with the cost being a major part of your decision making process. Depending on the size of your bathroom, what types of products you plan to have installed, and the costs of labor for getting the job done right, the overall price to do these renovations can vary greatly.

Bathroom Remodel Plumbers RaleighTo get a good idea of how much you may be spending to remodel your bathroom, the first thing to look at is the size of the room you will be redoing. According to Remodeling magazine’s 2005 Cost vs. Value Report, a mid-range bathroom remodel is approximately $10,499, higher or lower depending on where you live and how you define “mid-range”. The same Remodeling magazine study estimates that redoing your mid-range bathroom at this price would prove very cost effective in the long run, as you would actually recoup 102 percent of its cost at resale. A higher end or “up-scale” bathroom remodel job is estimated on average to run in the $25,000 to $26,000 range, again depending on the items you select to have installed, home location, and actual size of the room. While quite a jump from the mid-range figure, you would also recoup an estimated 93 percent of these costs on resale. *

Remodeling Plumber RaleighWhile these figures can give you a ballpark idea of what you will spend, there are several main points to consider when figuring your budget for a new bathroom. First, you must figure in any construction costs. This would include your choice of a general contractor to do the work. Getting estimates from several contractors and checking the references of each, is a good idea when taking this step. Assuming you are not doing the work yourself, there are price saving measures that can be taken when hiring a professional. For example, if you are able and knowledgeable, you could do the demolition work on your old bathroom yourself. Labor costs must come into consideration, as your budget can vary greatly depending on if you are staying with the original layout of the room or if you plan to make many major changes to it such as adding a new window or moving lights and fixtures. Styles of fixtures (toilets, sinks, tubs, etc.), will factor into your overall price as well, as do flooring and countertops.

To get a good idea on what you will actually be spending, there are many on line tools that can help to serve as a “calculator” of sorts in your planning process. One such tool is the “Bath Estimator”, and can be found at This allows you to enter things such as the type and size of your bathroom, what type of price range you are hoping to stay within, whether you are planning a complete overhaul or just a partial one, and your home location. The tool will provide a good idea of what your overall cost will be.

Which ever direction you decide to go, it’s best to get a plumber involved early in the project so they can help determine the best option for your remodel, as well as look for unseen issues that might arise later in the project that could become costly.

*The information and figures gathered in reference to the 2005 Remodeling magazine study is detailed further at , under the home improvements section.

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